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Will Obama Go Down As The President That Saved The Usa

Will OBAMA go down in history as America's thickest president?

No he wont because alot of people are stupid and think hes brilliant because he is black not been racist . he was elected because he was black not because of his policies and the healthcare reform that will cost america alot of money that they dont have he should of looked across the pond and seen how well the UK was doing with the NHS , and the peace prize makes me laugh , been award the peace prize whilst still at war with afghan lol

Your spot on but alot of people wont see that

Why does the stock market go down every time President Obama talks about the economy?

Investors are very leery of him and his policies. He does the markets no favors by opening his mouth. Silence is golden, B.O.!!

Will the White House allow doctors to examine the president?

If BO was safe after kissing Oprah, he should be fine. He has built up a strong immunity after being with Michelle for so long...

How can you convince me that Barack Obama was a good president?

Barack Obama failed to restore the US back to its golden age—which as we know, was the Age of Reagan where St. Ronnie came in with a magic tax cutting wand and instantly restored prosperity, drove the Soviet evil empire into oblivion, eliminated welfare, crushed the Japanese economy, and drove terrorists into caves screaming into the night.And how could anyone expect a black man to do anything near what Ronnie did?People forget that the tail end of the Reagan administration resulted in a massive stock market crash, and huge budget and trade deficits. The manufacturing sector took massive hits during this era. In this myth, the pent up consumer demand and rot of the Soviet system, along with Solidarity and other Eastern European democratic movements did not end the USSR—Ronnie simply said tear down the wall, and it was done.By any objective measure, . . . clearly the Ronald Reagan test, were you better off 4 years after Obama took office, he was an extremely good President—arguably top ten. But subjectively, he created a great deal of anxiety in key voting demographics. To white working class males, particularly in rural areas, he represented the changing demographics of the country and their relative decline in importance as economic drivers in this country. To evangelicals, he represented the further secularization of their culture as the younger and urban embraced gay marriage and diversity—and the courts appeared to disrespect their religious values. To GOP suburban voters, his health care policy meant that their premiums rose to help the uninsured and poor. To the military and their families, his movement towards diplomacy and practical disengagement from military operations was an affront to their culture and disrespect of what they had sacrificed in the war on terror. And running through these subjective anxieties was our country’s two hundred years of problems surrounding race; and the fact that a significant percentage of the country feels that this is a white country for people of European descent.If you are infected with some of those anxieties, then there is nothing I can do to convince you that Obama was a great President who arguably saved the US (and the world) from what should have been an even more devastating depression. He doesn’t look like your vision of a great leader and doesn’t pander to your anxieties.

Are all American presidents (save one) related to one King?

Most every single person on the planet is related to a king, living or dead.   most people are six degrees of separation  apart by friend to friend or else.Six degrees of separation By birth, the layers of separation are higher.  No one has an exact count but I doubt it is more then 40 for anyone born after 1500.  Which means, that every person on earth is related to every other person on earth by some weird coincidence by 40 degrees of separation.  So, yes, everyone is related to a king.  The question is, how far do you want to go back to prove that you are?

Has President Trump saved our economy with his new NAFTA agreement now that Canada has come aboard?

Canada is still not on board from last i heard.But has Trump done good for the American economy so far? Yes. Yes indeed. The numbers are very very good. And those numbers are the direct result of his get-er-done aggressive policies and business practices; and have nothing to do with his predecessor.That is not up for debate. It would be down right delusional to pretend that Trump hasn’t has a positive affect.However, people are debating this. They ignore the numbers, the comparisons between Trumps economy and Obama’s economy; they ignore the obvious cause and effect of Trumps policies; and chose to believe that Obama’s economy was just as good. It wasn’t that good at all in comparison.Love him or hate him, the graphs and numbers can not lie. America is truly getting richer than it ever was under Obama.And as far as Nafta goes, we should agree to it. It would be great for us. We need to shut down fascist boards. They are keeping our milk industry small and expensive for producers. I know this from a local producer, who was forced to get out of organic milk production, even when there was a hungry market for it. The government decided that despite the market demand, it wasn’t allowable. That’s just madness. People wanted his milk, and were willing to pay for it. But the Socialist board said no. Effectively reducing a budding industry that wants to grow big.