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Will Obama Play The Race Card When The Republicans Take Over The Senate And Cut Off His Limited

If you could erase one President from history, who would it be and why?

In my lifetime (54 years), it would be Obama hands down. Had he been put under 1/4th the scrutiny of any other President, he wouldnt have even made it out of the primaries. Here is a man that was elected on the color of his skin (not even his “genetics” which were at least half white) alone. He came from nowhere, and had no real qualifications for the Presidency.He set race relations back 30 years. He single handedly set almost the entire Middle East ablaze. He was instrumental in gutting the US healthcare system to the point where the only real option is government run healthcare. He gutted the economy to the point where many turned to opioids to escape the despair created in its wake. The State of West Virginia is basically a 3rd world country thanks to his “war on coal”.If you dont happen to like Donald Trump, then you can thank Obama for him being elected in to office. Without Obama we would not have had Trump, in exactly the same way as without Carter we wouldnt have had Reagan. The only REAL reason he was a two term President had more to do with the color of his skin and who ran against him than his own merits or policy. Quite frankly, if the 2012 election had been him versus Jimmy Carter, I would have voted for Carter (and that saying something BIG having lived through the Carter years).Other Presidents may have done more more overall damage. On the same token however most of that (excepting FDR who also did do positive also) was relatively minor and short term and not necessarily a direct result of his policies. I challenge anyone to find one major policy initiative of the Obama Presidency that has had a lasting positive effect on 66% of Americans (66% because that is the margin to overcome a veto hence representing the majority of Americans).In the sum of it all, even Carter was the better President and more so man thanks to his post Presidency work (even though I may not agree with some of it).