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Will She Judge Me For Lying

If my wife get caught lying in child support court in pa and i can prove that shes lying can i ask the judge?

I went thru some thing similar to this. I am from PA also. My ex was getting child support from me, which I did not mind paying. When the child turned 18 he dropped out of school, and under the law he was to recive no more support. By the time I found out it was six months. She was not charged with anything they just dropped it. Also she lied about expenses like her share in a ouse she bought, I do not believe purjury charges will be brought, especsially if a solution can be done, that the child is consudered.

Does this Filipino girl really like me? Or lying?

You are a real piece of work! We already tried to warn you....

She lied to you already.....if she lied that fast then she would have no problem lying about other things later and then trying to make YOU feel bad about accusing her....(Filipinas DO NOT like being caught in a lie and will turn on you and make it your fault every time-she doesn't care if you don't contact her again, I promise you she has at least 12 other foreigners on line that is probably already sending her money and promising to marry her)

1. She likes to hear you sing (even thought you can't) because odds are others are in the background laughing their a$$ off....All so it is a control technique, even something as small as singing, she has you doing what she wants you to.

2. Don't have any idea where you got the idea she "invited" you! There is nothing there to suggest that....what she was looking for was YOU to say "oh yea-I want to come and see you" then she knows she has control of you.

3. This one is like #2, she ASKED you if you want to learn...she wants to see if she has you interested. (Control)

4. Again "CONTROL"---how much of what she tells you to do, will you actually do, she wants to see what kind of control she has on you.

5. She wants YOU to do the talking that way she doesn't say something that she might not want you to know or that you will bring up later in the conversation to use against is easier to remember the answer to a question then it is to remember what she might have said if she is just talking.....

95% of ALL FILIPINAS who have foreigner "Male" Friends on the internet are getting money from more than half of them....and using it for her, her boyfriend and other friends to have a ball...while they laugh at poor snooks like you who is being put on the line as the next source of income.....

I have lived in the Philippines for almost ten years and believe me I KNOW WHAT THEY DO AND HAVE MEET MANY a lot of them are not whores, they are just regular girls that have no guilt about taking your money. (After are rich)

Should I for give my husband for lying about going to a Strip club?

First off - how does he treat you & does he make you happy?

2nd: Look at the situation he was in. He was hurt, angry, & drunk. He probably didn't have anywhere else to go, & was just passing time.

A dancer's main job is to boost a guy's confidence, make him feel like 'the man.'

Also, your relationship with him is based a lot more on sex.
The most important quality men look for is a warm, loving personality, and then at least decent looks. (women first look for social status than looks. . .)

Don't fight with him over this, have a discussion.
Explain you feel hurt. (you should really write out a list, or a letter to him that you won't mail, about how you're feeling. It really helps clear your head & organize your thoughts to make you more prepared to talk to him)

I know you're hurt & mad, but do you want to throw away this relationship?

Tell him you're hurt & you don't know if you can forgive him, but you can still move on.

Most ppl today don't realize that relationships are hard, that they take work. . .

Talk to him. Ask him what his motivation was behind going (don't sound mad/accusatory, he'll get on the defensive & then won't be able to listen or have a conversation)

My boyfriend doesn't forgive me for lying about my past relationships. What should I do?

“My boyfriend doesn't forgive me for lying about my past relationships. What should I do?”He asked me early in our relationship about my past and I lied about those experiences I'm not proud of. He found out after we dated for 5 months and he thinks its the same a cheating. I gave him open access to everything in my life but even after 6 months he asks almost everyday if i'm cheating.When I was young and impressionable, I used to ask people why it was wrong to lie. When I was about 20 years old, I found someone who had an answer to that question that completely satisfied me, one that explained how and when dishonesty can be completely ethical. Push most people, and you will find that their personal moral code almost always makes room for such exceptions, which is essentially the situation that you now find yourself in with your boyfriend.Your boyfriend purports to judge your ethical code, which is ultimately a form of manipulation that he is using to assert the high moral ground. Ultimately, this will be the undoing of your relationship with your boyfriend, as you will probably find yourself driven into the arms of someone who you feel is more understanding. Even if you remain completely faithful to your boyfriend, your love for him will eventually diminish into a begrudging sense of obligation.Holden and Banky are best friends and authors of a popular comic book. Holden falls in love with Alyssa, who happens to be a lesbian. Holden's relationship with Alyssa strains his life-long friendship with Banky, and soon the relationship between Holden and Alyssa has problems when he cannot deal with her past.Chasing Amy (1997)Why wait for this process to play itself out? The next time your boyfriend accuses you of cheating on him, just say, "You know, I get that you don't trust me, and I understand why, so maybe it would be better if we both started seeing other people." Say this whether or not you have an active interest in someone else. This will allow you to retake the high moral ground and end the relationship with your boyfriend on your own terms rather than wait for the Sword of Damocles to fall on its own.

Should I tell a girl I'm a virgin before having sex? I'm 27 so it's bound to be creepy. Or should I lie and pretend that I know what I’m doing?

I have been a virgin at age 27, so I have a bit of real life experience about this thorny issue. First thing upfront:My “First Time” was not creepy at all!We had been Long Distance for some 10 months after having met for a weekend the previous year. Then the reunification at her home town. We were together every evening for a few hours; during the day she was at work. One afternoon, we were making out in the park, when she suddenly invited herself to my motel room. She had asked “Do you want to do it?”The point of no return!She did not ask if I was a virgin. She assumed me to have experience, and we never talked about “virgin-dom” neither hers nor mine. It never came up. So it would be pointless to bring it up now!I pretended that I knew what I was doing. I really, really wanted to know, finally. And I wanted it to do with her, right from the first time I had met her. I was ready for her, no matter what. And to my own surprise, I sort of knew. It is actually quite straightforward, a bit like assembling a male connector to a female outlet... She could have guessed my inexperience from my troubles getting her bra open, but she was far too excited herself to worry about that.But that was not how it ended up going. She objected my appoaching technique with a slow, knowing smile - and did it her way.Afterwards, nobody was a virgin anymore in that room, that much was clear.So I essentially practiced the “Don’t ask and don’t tell” approach. That is not lying. There was no point telling her a worthless truth! If she had asked, like “How many women have you had sex with?” I would have told her.“NONE!”She probably would not have believed me. To her, I was the confident, good-looking guy who could have had any girl. She certainly did not ask afterwards. From the way it went, she assumed that there must have been quite a few - or one who really knew her ways.But it does not matter if you were the first. What matters is being the LAST! For us, it was all going forward from here - and we would get married within 3 weeks.