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Will Sony Ever Shut Down The Online Services Fir Call Of Duty For Ps3 Sence To Many Peaple Like

What was life like in 2000 compared to 2017?

Friend: Hey, can I have your phone number?Me: Sure. It's 221117Friend: Hey which song you have chosen for dance in culturals?Me: I am thinking of dancing for Fusion song(Mix of many songs)Friend: Woah! Then you will be the talk of the town.Friend: Let's eat some chocolate.Me: Let us buy Rs.5 Diary milk and share it among 5 of us.In 2017, when you divide 5 Rs. Diary milk into 5 part, the divided part will be finished even before you put it in your mouth.Me: Guess what? Today I went to the computer lab and Mam has allowed me to type.Friend: Woah, you must be so lucky.Me: I am :DTeacher: Good news! Tomorrow, boost and Maggi van is coming to school.Students: Ohhooo!!! ( For those who don't know what this is, Boost and Maggi suppliers come to school once in a while for advertising their products)Teacher: Students! Tomorrow we are going to take group photo.Me to Mom: Mom, I have to take a hair bath tomorrow, and let me iron my clothes neatly. After all, this group photo is the only memory I can have.Me to Friend: Hey, that 12 standard Anna and akka are doing “That”. (Anna - Brother, Akka- Sister).Friend: Whaaaaat! Really? Are they really doing “ That”Me: Yeah! Priya's sister is in 12th standard na. She told me.Friend to Friend1: Hey, that 12th standard Anna and akka are doing “That”.Friend 1: Omg really! I am scared that now I know this and somebody may think bad of me.“That” is Love.