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Will Ted Cruz Run For President

How is Ted Cruz eligible to run for President?

His mother is a U.S. citizen, but he was born on Canadian soil. I always thought you had to be born on U.S. soil to run for President. Is there a loophole I'm missing?

Is ted cruz eligible to run for president?

from what i have read, the statute of jus soli (look it up if you dont know it) only covers persons born to us CITIZENS (plural, meaning both parents are citizens) abroad. being that only one of his parents was a US citizen, would he qualify? some people refer to mccain, but mccain was born in panama on a US territory in the form of a military base. republicans questioned obamas eligibility based on speculation that he was born in kenya. Ted Cruz was born in Canada as a fact, so shouldnt this be a problem for him?

Is Ted Cruz eligible to run for President?

Chuck Todd is right; a court (and probably SCOTUS) would have to rule on this. Not that it matters--Cruz won't make it beyond the Iowa caucuses.

Cruz's father's citizenship is irrelevent--not only was he a U.S. citizen at the time of Cruz's birth, but also citizenship can be passed through just one parent.

John McCain was born of military parents on a military base. That was American territory, so there was never any question.

Barry Goldwater was born in Arizona while it was still a territory; again there was no real question about his eligibility.

A more interesting example is that of George Romney, born in Mexico. He ran for president in 1968, but he didn't stay in the race long enough for the issue of his eligibility to be resolved. According to this ABC article, the consensus is that Romney was eligible (and Cruz would be too).

If that is the case, all the nonsense about Obama's birth certificate and his being born in Kenya is just that--it wouldn't have mattered.

Ironically, a Cruz candidacy won't resolve the issue, as I note in my first paragraph.

Do you think Ted Cruz would be a good president?

I think any first term Senator or Congressman who has no previous experience in government should be prohibited from running for anything else. That would have included Barack Obama, by the way. His mediocrity has proven my point, because a Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton would have at least known how to get things done and not wasted their first term trying to achieve consensus with people who were not interested in negotiating.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are both proving what fools they are. Neither one of them has a clue how Washington operates and they would simply break systems we have in place for a reason. The majority of Republicans will agree with this and look for a more capable candidate. Are we really headed for another Bush v. Clinton? Does history mock us?

How Can Canadian Sen. Ted Cruz run for president?

I've read many comments pertaining to my question. Honestly, I didn't think it would get that much That's politics though. :)...Yes, I remember all that talk about Romney, McCain, and Obama. McCain was born on an American ship, so I can see the rationale behind his legitimacy. Obama's father was of course was Kenyan, but he was born in Hawaii. Thus, a natural-born citizen. I just don't see how this link from parent's citizenship gives the child NATURAL BORN citizenship. It should be declared by WHERE you are born, not WHO you are born to...who agrees?