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Will The Comfort The Socialism Come Back To Haunt Liberals

When Democrats are back in power, will Trump supporters be deported?

Of course they will! Then they’ll suspend the constitution and invite Hillary Clinton to become Czarina Autocrat of all America. She will of course accept and pursue the liberal agenda of enforced homosexual marriage, mandatory veganism, and a dress code that includes no less then three facial piercings and dyed hair.On a serious note, no they will not. First off Democrats don’t want to deport Trump supporters. They may disagree on things (sometimes on a very fundamental level) but Democrats, on the whole, don’t want to deprive Trump supporters of their basic human rights.Secondly even if you can’t/won’t accept that Democrats aren’t the devil incarnate and seek to punish everyone not part their group, you can take comfort in the fact when they get back in power again they couldn’t deport Trump supporters even if they wanted to. The US government can only deport non US citizens back to their country of origin, and even then they have to be suspected of a crime and are entitled to due process. So unless there’s a huge cadre of undocumented immigrants that voted for Trump no Trump supporters will be deported.

What party is closest to my views? I'm socially conservative and fiscally liberal.

You’re member of the American Solidarity Party. We’re center-right on social issues and center-left on economic affairs. We follow an ideology called Christian Democracy which is heavily influenced by catholic social teaching and Distributism (a crossroad of Socialism and Capitalism). We believe in a fair economy in which all Americans can prosper but we also understand the importance of traditional moral values in a functioning society. For instance we support progressive taxation, universal healthcare, small business incentives and finance regulation while being pro-life (in all instances), pro traditional marriage, anti-war, and for police accountability. Yes this political alignment is possible here in the United States and with your help we can expand it on a whole new scale. As the Secretary for the NY State Chapter I invite you to join our growing organization. If you’re young and have time on your hands I encourage you to join the world of politics, it’s a remarkable eye opener.Register - American Solidarity Party

Is it weird to hate socialism but be okay with democratic socialism?

Socialism is a defunct political and economic system. There is no reason to „hate“ it, but it is not very smart to propagte its tenets.Social democracy is a viable political system which gives priority to the needs of people in addition to those of capital and markets. It is an imperfect system, but better than raw capitalism in fulfilling basic needs for the majority of a country‘s citizens. To be „somewhat ok“ with its tenets seems a shame for something that works so well. Given the alternative of a system of a small, wealthy minority and a disenfranchised majority, passionate defense might be more appropriate.Edit: Reading some of the other answers, I am reminded that there is a younger generation that once again feels inspired by socialist ideals. Against the backdrop of an expanding predatory capitalism, that is understandable. For my generation, which had direct experience of the tragedy of real existing socialism, e.g. in East Germany, there was only relief when it finally collapsed and its people were liberated. Most of my generation concluded that socialism is incompatible with human nature. However, the future belongs to the next generations. I am curious to see whether they manage to invent a socialism which works, and which avoids the descent into authoritarianism which in the past it inevitably entailed.

Why do Americans overvalue STEM degrees when most things in life involve liberal arts?

STEM degrees in many fields essentially guarantee a jobI have never met an unemployed mechanical engineerI have met unemployed software engineers -But generally the job openings spell out the required STEM degree - so this is an easier processI work in tech and know former CEOs who tried to start tech companiesMy company hires 85% foreign educated tech people due to the fact that there are not enough US educated tech peopleMy friends who tried to start tech companies and could not even fill the positions - they could not afford to “import” workersWhile I agree that liberal arts teaches creativity and critical thinking that enhance a pure technical degree (I was very close to a triple major Chemistry, Mathematics, and Histoty), the higher paying jobs are clearly there and available from day 1 for most tech majors -A liberal arts degree- which I have (I went to the college of Arts and Sciences- not the Engineering School) must include BOTH humanities and science-technologyAnyone who studies only humanities and avoids science and technology is really not getting a well rounded educationEngineering is a professional degree which requires focus from day 1- the lack of liberal arts shows with engineers in the corporate worldThe most worthless degree - and this was even true 40 years ago- is the undergraduate business degree - I know a lot of people with MBAs - who studied something else as an undergraduate - all say the same thing - do NOT focus on business as an undergraduate - the numbers confirm this