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Will The Police Find The Vandals Here Or Should We Sue Neighbour

Can I sue my neighbor for making false allegations to the police?

While the law may vary from state to state, generally speaking, you cannot successfully sue someone for providing inaccurate information to the police about you. Usually reports to the police enjoy a qualified immunity from claims arising out of their inaccuracy. The law does not want to inhibit the reporting of crime by the fear of being sued. However, if someone maliciously reports facts they no not to be true for the purpose of harming you and you are actually harmed, you may have a claim for slander, and if charged based on the false information, for malicious prosecution .

What can I do when I suspect a neighbor is vandalizing my home and car but do not have proof?

Marshall, I don’t know what country you are in which does help in answering the question.It is a difficult one to answer. I suspect you have contacted your local Police who have said that without proof there is little they can do and have not got the resources to investigate the matter further. Also you don’t say why you suspect your neighbor, how many times it has happened, if it is during the day or night or what they have done to your home and car.Without this information it makes it more difficult to help.I would certainly consider preventative measures and suggest you add things that would help deter the offender. This could be as simple as a flood light that comes on at night if it detects movement or heat. It may be that you simply tell or write a letter all your neighbors saying that you have reported the damage to the Police who are taking a keen interest and would be grateful if they have seen anything to contact you or the Police station. Also tell the same neighbor you suspect. It may deter them. You could set up an easy to be seen video camera which may deter the offender or discretely place one that cannot be seen that will capture the suspect. With the cheap and small cameras you can get now to protect your property these can be placed almost anywhere including in your car.As I say, it is difficult with the lack of information to advise you properly but the local Police should be able to do this. Certainly when we had a victim who was getting repeated damage to his property we would set up and leave a video camera to try and catch the suspect and pay more attention to your street. A visible presence is a deterrent.Hopefully I have said something that may help.Just make sure you report every single occurrence to the Police. If they do not know about it then there is nothing they can do.

My neighbors keep calling the police on me and falsely accusing me of criminal acts. I am afraid to go outside of my house. What do I do?

I have a neighbor that is fixated on my husband. She seemed a little off, but once she found out about his time in prison she developed a full blown obsession. She wrote the association board for our community a complaint about him slamming doors and watching her when she was outside. This was nonsense but they still had to address it with us. She wrote subsequent letters to the board stating he has a key to her car, and gains entry to turn on her radio...that he lets air out of her tires...that he's getting in her home and releasing ants...and he's poisoning the food in her refrigerator. We'd see police at her door, but they never stopped by to talk to us. One day last fall, my husband was riding his bike. This neighbor pulled her car in front of him and slammed on her brakes, causing him to fall off his bike. Her behavior was now endangering him so we went to the police to file a report. The police were helpful, and knew our neighbor well. Apparently she'd filed lots of police reports about my husband and a few other men from the neighborhood. The police recognized she has mental health issues and never pursued her later complaints. So what can you do? Try to have your cell phone ready to record if you think your neighbor will confront you. Keep a cool head, there's nothing wrong with not engaging in an argument. Don't be afraid to talk to the police to see what your options are if you're being harassed. You don't want to end up on the wrong side of this problem.UPDATE: my local police department reached out to the neighbour's daughter, the daughter called my husband to apologize and let him know she will be intervening in a medically supervised care program for her mother. She made sure he has her contact info should we have any problems. I give her all the credit in the world, she was wonderful and it's great that she wants to be involved in her care! Here's hoping my neighbor gets back on track.

My neighbor is killing all my plants from the front yard to my backyard what i need to do?

First off...make sure you do NOTHING in retaliation. It will only
backfire against you. But here are some suggestions.

I hope the camera's you have will get clear video evidence
of her criminal mischief. When you have the proper video
evidence, make 4 copies. One for the police, one for a
lawyer, and one each for your local t.v. news team and
your local newspaper.

Take the video evidence to the police station and file a
formal complaint of tresspassing, vandalism & crimial
destruction of private property charge against this moron.

While you are at the police station file for a restraining
order (order of protection) against this insane neighbor.
Make sure it states that she cannot come within say 200
feet of you or your property.

Then keep the camera's rolling 24/7 so you have more
evidence if she violates the restraining order.

If you can't get any satisfaction from the police on this, then
take the video evidence of her misdeeds to a lawyer and
file a lawsuit for tresspass, vandalism and criminal destruc-
tion of private property.

Then take a copy of the video evidence to your local t.v.
news team, and take the other to your local newspaper.

Have them both come to your home and do a story on
this that will be shown to everyone in town on the t.v. news
and in the newspaper.
You would be surprised what public pressure can do to
alleviate a situation like this.

I hope this is of some help to you.

Good Luck.

My neighbour installed a CCTV aiming at my front door, What can I do?

Why is he aiming it at your front door?
Is it not possible to build a barrier/fence to prevent your front door being filmed. Or a security light, activated by movement outside your door, which comes on and shines really brightly directly into his camera lens, preventing any recording taking place. I'd be very annoyed if I were you, and would get some legal advice before you do anything.

Should I burn my neighbor's house down?

He tried to frame my 10 year old little brother for vandalism.
He tried to frame one of my friends for vandalism.
He tried to poison my dogs.
He hooked up an internet prank dial with my number and kept calling his phone so he could call the cops on me.
He's saying about how my dead grandpa as of 3 weeks would be so ashamed of me. I about busted his jaw today.
He successfully poisoned one of my dogs and he went nuts and started biting himself till his skin turned gray in which case i had to take him and and get him put down.
He threatens to do all this sh*t to my family cause I play music at night.
He also tried to frame me for vandalism.
He's just an all-around d*ck and I'm sick of his sh*t. What should I realistically do?

My neighbor cut down my bush! Twice! What would you do?

When I moved into my new house last year there was an overgrown lilac bush close to the property line. My next door neighbor came over to introduce herself and made a point to request that I cut down the "eyesore" bush. I told her that I would definitely trim it but I didn't want to remove it. A week later, I came home to find my lilac bush hacked down to the ground. I went next door and the neighbor admitted that she had cut it down since I "seemed so busy moving in and getting settled." I was polite but firm and I told her that I would do my own landscaping from now on. There is no law preventing her from cutting any branches from my trees or bushes that hang in her lawn. But she can't legally enter my yard and cut anything growing on my side of the property line.

This past spring the lilac bush came back and I let it grow. She made several comments during the summer about how "wild" it looked, how she didn't like the spot it was planted in, and how she wished I would cut it down. Again, I was polite but I told her that I liked my bush and wanted to keep it.

Yesterday she entered my yard and hacked the bush down while I was at work. I marched over there but she didn't answer the door. I'm furious. What can I do? I know I could probably sue her but frankly I don't have the money. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

My neighbour has 3 kids who are always coming onto my property and constantly kick up my grass, leave garbage on the lawn and damaged my garage. The parents do nothing to correct this. Can I call the police?

Of course you can call the police, but why do that when you have a grand opportunity to educate these children on being good neighbors?Here's my suggestion:Lay wait them to catch them in the act of kicking over your stuff and damaging your lawn.Call them over gently and introduce yourself find out who they are develop a conversation with them how about any random topic you think they may be interested in. Engage them for about a minute and a half or so. Remember their attention span is rather narrow.Find out what interest you share in common. Tell them a little about thatInvite them to come over and check again and do something that you have you find out that you share in common.Notice I didn't mention anything about your deviant behaviours. That was because I prefer you focus on their better self and your similarities. If they're good children they will come around and apologize for what they did to you and pledged not to do it again and you live in harmony instead of creating a rift between the two households by calling the police on them. I've heard of cases that required basic conversation between neighbors that resulted in turmoil imprisonment and destruction of lives for years. Remember you do not know what is going on and their lives or in their heads however by extending yourself you can bridge that gap and who knows, become a significant positive influence in their lives.My blessings go with you on this