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Will Things In The Us Get Cheaper

Why are things so cheap in the US?

Because our statistics are more likely skewed than those in Canada.
Our unemployment rates are tainted by repeated hiring/firings so that the actual un/underemployment rates are higher than the government would have others think.
There's also likely higher divergence in wealth/salary distribution too.
And let's not forget our inflated medical system which has been a major cause of personal bankrupties (though lately the causes are more aligned with being spendthrifts). You don't see the same medical bankruptcies in Canada.
Standard markets need to align themselves with the reality of the many vs statistics that can be skewed to suit whatever government they serve.

What are things that are cheaper in the philippines than in the US ?

My parents always tell me stuff is cheaper in the philippines, like toblerone, designer brands [like juicy, D & B, louie vutton, and other brands] , and other stuff

Are things cheaper in the u.k than in america ?

I live in America and never went or visited the u.k , but i watch a lot of youtube hauls ( hauls are videos where people show and explain the stuff they brought from stores) from British youtube girls and the items they buy are so cheap ! But don't worry i do convert the pounds to the u.s dollar and the stuff they buy are really cheap for high end store makeup and clothing ! non - drug store blush will cost like 20-40 $ here in American and over there it is about 5 pounds ! ( which is $8.00 here in America ) Is it cheaper over there in Britain ?

What things will get cheaper after GST?

Daily household items, that became cheap after GST :Bathing soapHair oilDetergent powderSoapTissue papersNapkinsMatchsticksCandlesCoalKeroseneLPG domesticSpoonsForksLadlesSkimmersCake serversFish KnivesTongsAgarbattiToothpasteGoods and Service Tax ( GST ) is introduced to favor common man by reducing the cost of goods such as -Eatables- milk, curd, cheese, mustard oil, sugar, jaggery, pasta, spaghetti, tea etc.Items of daily use- bathing soap, hair oil, spoons, forks, agarbatti etc.Stationary - notebooks, pens, paper, graph paper, school bags, printer etc.Healthcare - insulin, X-ray, diagnostic kits, spectacles glasses, medicines for diabetes and cancer etc.Apparels - silk, woollen fabrics, khadi, Gandhi topi, footwear below Rs 500, apparel up to Rs 1,000 etc.Zero tax slab:Let’s pay tax and build integrated India !Jai Hind!Source : Yojana (monthly magazine)PC : Google

Why are things cheaper in Mexico and affordable than in the USA?

If you come with dollars yes. Maybe. Professionals in Mexico typically do not earn the same as people in the US. But the cost of living is also much lower. For example, when I lived in Mexico City I was the teacher coordinator for a school and taught part time also. I earned 25,000 pesos a month, which is about 1200 dollars US. Yet it was enough for me to pay for my apartment, eat out often, have a maid, high speed internet, cable TV, take taxis and travel within Mexico a few times a year and internationally once a year. How? (For ease of understanding I will put the prices in dollars). Well, my house payment was 3000 pesos/150 dollars, internet and phone 400 pesos/20 dollars, cable TV 400 pesos/20 dollars, eating out 60 pesos a day/3 dollars, typical taxi ride 50–60 pesos 2.50- 3 dollars, a nice, no chain hotel outside of bigger cities is easy to find for 500 pesos/25 dollars, I paid my maid 200 pesos a day/10 dollars, more than the average rate. So add that all up and you´ll see I still had a LOT left over. Food is much cheaper in Mexico, especially fruits and vegetables in season. I usually spent around 1000 pesos a week/50 dollars for two adults. Where I live now, in a small, rural town, the cost of living is even lower. People do earn less, but I think even with earning lower wages, people have a higher standard of living, overall, than in the US, because labor costs are lower for that effect the prices of things. Some things that used to cost more cost about the same or less now - phones, electronics, etc. I have a cell phone plan, for example, that allows me unlimited calls and text messages within Mexico and the US, 1000 MB for the internet and 1500 for WhatsApp and Facebook (and I think Twitter but I don´t use it) and I pay 200 pesos/10 dollars US.

What are some things that are expensive or cheap in India but not in the USA and vice-versa?

Well i came across similar question earlier which goes like this-What are some of the products that are quite costly in the US and not in India? Actually all the items which are exported from india to US are costly in the US. Because of taxes added to the base price of India. However many other things are also in the list which are not exported from India. Brief description of few items which are cheaper in India w.r.t USA -Food/Restaurant-McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)Price in India= 200.00 RsPrice in USA= 473.93 RsImported Beer (0.33 liter bottle)Price in India= 150.00 RsPrice in USA= 338.52 RsCoke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle)Price in India= 24.26 RsPrice in USA= 114.53 RsMarket Items-Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500 g)Price in India= 25.31 RsPrice in USA= 172.79 RsApples (1 kg)Price in India= 127.29 RsPrice in USA= 284.24 RsWater (1.5 liter bottle) Price in India= 26.53 RsPrice in USA= 119.15 RsPack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) Price in India= 150.00 RsPrice in USA= 436.70 RsTransportation-Taxi 1 km (Normal Tariff)Price in India= 15.00 RsPrice in USA= 105.17 RsTaxi 1 hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)Price in India= 100.00 RsPrice in USA= 2,031.15 RsOne-way Ticket (Local Transport)Price in India= 15.00 RsPrice in USA= 152.34 RsUtilities (Monthly)-1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans)Price in India= 0.96 RsPrice in USA= 7.63 RsInternet (10 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)Price in India= 1,249.02 RsPrice in USA= 3,369.10 RsOthers-Cinema, International Release, 1 SeatPrice in India= 200.00 RsPrice in USA= 744.75 Rs1 Pair of Men Leather Business ShoesPrice in India= 2,487.98 RsPrice in USA= 6,171.39 RsElectronics items like- i-phone, etc are cheaper in USA as compared to India. You can check the difference of prices of different things at -Cost of Living Comparison Between Delhi and Washington, DC(Price may vary based on season and other factors)Thanks

What things (goods) are cheap in the USA and costly in India?

Beer.A mug of tap beer, on average costs 220 rupees while the same costs 1.78 dollars in the US; that is, Rs 125. Coming to the six packs, In India you a 6 pack average-priced beer for 800 rupees. The same at USA is for 5.79 dollars i.e. 400 rupees; just the half!Beer lovers, you know where to go now. ;)Electronics.I had bought a Compac Presario Laptop from the United States in October 2010. It was for 346 US dollars; roughly INR 16,120 at that time when the exchange rate used to be 46.60. That same laptop in India was available for Rs 64,000. I had got it for one-fourth the price in the US.Also mobile phones are cheaper. The latest iPhone X costs 999 dollars or INR 70,000 rupees roughly. If you buy the same in India, it costs over 100,000 rupees.Playstations, MP3 players, computer equipment are cheaper in the US compared to India.Petrol.Petrol prices in India on an average is 80 rupees per liter. In USA it is sold on gallon basis. Converting the same into liters, it costs 87 cents per liter or 60 rupees. Petrol is quite cheaper in the United States with respect to India, which unfortunately has one of the highest prices in the world.Cars.Both the hatchbacks as well as luxury cars are cheaper in the US than in India. The Volkswagen Jetta comes for Rs 14.79 lakhs in India. The same is priced at USD $16,500 or 11.5 lakhs in the United States.The Audi R8 comes for Rs 2.47 crores in India. The same car is priced at $139,950 in the US. With an exchange rate of 70 rupees per dollar, it comes to 97.9 lakh rupees, almost 2 and a half times cheaper than India!

What things are cheaper to buy in Mexico or in the United States?

It depends on several factors but overall there are three things that are cheaper in Mexico:Food. Food is extremely cheap in Mexico for foreigners. To put it in perspective, the price of 1 kg of beef is around $ 140.00 pesos (that is about $ 7.8 dollars). So it would take 1 hour for an american working for the minimmum wage to earn enough to buy it. For a mexican it would mean working 1.75 days. According to Global prices, the same beef would cost $ 9.00 USD in USA Food Prices in USA grocery stores. For products that are grown in Mexico, the diffence is obviously bigger: avocados, tortillas, chiles, tomatoes, Tequila, and things like that are cheaper. We have something called “comida corrida” (full meal) that includes soup, main course (usually chicken, meat or fish), salad, tortillas (endless supply), lemonade or water with other fruit, and desert. The cost is around $ 50 to $ 60 pesos (around $ 3.00 - $3.50 USD). That is very cheap.Rent. Again, it depends on several factors. But housing in Mexico is quite cheap for foreigners.Medical assistance. I do not understand why medical services are so expensive in the US. So much that many US residents travel to Mexico (or Canada) just to get treated. A dental clean up will cost about $ 500.00 pesos (less than $ 30.00 USD). Even cosmetic surgery is cheaper.Other than that, life is cheaper in the US given their industrialization level. Phone, Internet, TV, gas, electricity, are also more expensive in Mexico. And lets not talk about commodities like computers, cars, monitors, and so on.