Will This Habit Mess Up My Maual Car

What did I mess up on my car?

It's a 1988 Ford Mustang GT and I recently replaced the alternator, but apparently I didn't install the serpentine belt correctly, the fan wasn't spinning fast enough, it overheated, and as a result, the coolant burst out towards the bottom of the engine (not up front where the radiator is) and ended up leaving a trail behind my car as well as a lot of smoke coming from the hood. My temperature gauge wasn't working at the time when this happened so I had no way of knowing. What did I break as a result of my mistake? Thanks in advance.

Will this mess up my car?

The black and white wire ideally would be a factory amplifier ground...your best bet would be to make a new ground and dont use any of your factory bolts. Sand down to bare metal and use a screw to ground to the car.

Nothing, you just can't the key out of the ignition. It will also roll around if it's on a slope. And finally if you start towing it, it can hurt the transmission.

Can this mess up a car??

Sounds like your boyfriend wants a standard transmission.

Usually, automatic transmissions will start off in 1st gear and only move up as high as the gear changer. That is, if he sets it to 2 from a stop, the car will start in first gear, switch to 2nd at some speed and remain in second until he moves the gear position to 3. If he is taking the engine up to high rpms, that causes wear and tear on the engine.

Tell your boyfriend he should just put it in drive and drive it the way it is. Those lower gears are intended for getting the engine into higher rpms when driving up mountainous areas where the car bogs down at lower rpms in high gears.

Will teaching someone to learn manual mess up my car?

Clutch if its old....if the clutch isn't that old it should be able to handle a little beating....clutches have to be replaced every 3 years or so, depends how you drive..point is he wouldn't be messing up anything vital to where you wouldn't be able to drive your car after the lesson... i learned how to drive stick on a 2000 corolla car died on my like 50 times..and i was driving it like a horse....clutch was fine.. car drove fine.

Will going from Reverse to Drive w/o braking mess up a car?

In an automatic trans the one thing that wears when you do that is the friction disks or clutches. If hes really doing it hard whats happening is the hydro pressure in the tranny is enganging the disks while the transmission shaft is traveling in the opposite direction. The transmission is built to accomidate for a little of this but aggressive driving of this nature will wear parts much quicker. Not to mention other parts of the drive train as well such as cv jointsn and tires. If hes doing it so that the car is bucking when he puts it in drive he needs to slow the vehicle down more between gears. All in all i dont think hes going to break it but definately reduce its service life. The thing i would be more imediately concerned about is the the cvshafts and joints, while they can handle some of that kind of abuse they really dont hold up to extreme loads all the time. Tell him to stop driving like a retard!

im sure it has happened but it is not often in my experience. The sad truth is that most mechanics are honest but often not very good at diagnosing whats wrong with your car. This is where people get ripped off. Example: You bring your car to the dealer and say “ my car wont start in the mornings when it is cold- tell me whats wrong then repair it”. So what should happen is they call you up and tell you what part is faulty and you authorize the repair and all is well. But often times the reality is more like this- They call you and say “you need a new cold start time switch (or something like that), You say go ahead and replace it, they do and the next morning the exact same thing happens, your car STILL IS HARD TO START- NO CHANGE IN ITS CONDITION. So you return to the dealership and they agree to look at it again. An hour later they call you and say “you need a new efi relay (or some other part)”. You, being a smart person ask “ well hey that first part you installed did not work= therefore you should return all the money i paid for that first repair that did not work” Sounds logical, right? Yes! it is! But the service writer says” oh NO NO NO! that first part WAS BAD ALSO, and it took these TWO parts to fix the car. That is bulls@#t. It was misdiagnosed the first time. It is RARE that two or more parts are needed to fix a certain problem. It happens, but not often. Now the shop is not going to admit to you that their mechanic made a mistake, they would have to pay for that part (cant return certain items) and eat the labor that the mechanic spend misdiagnosing and replacing the wrong part on your car. So you the customer will eat it. It sucks, and i made it the highest priority to properly diagnose everything to avoid this. But this happens often, much more than intentional sabotage.

A spark plug, is a simple device. It is a spark gap, a preasure plug, and possibly a resistor (and maybe a filter capacitor if added by manufacturer specifications),The spark gap to generate the spark that ignites the fuel air mix causing the explosion.(two HIGH VOLTAGE contact points), engine specific distance apart.Pressure plug sealing the combustion chamber, so that the explosion of the fuel air mix is confined within the chamber.If a resistor and or capacitor are in the device they are part of the system electrical engineering controls (vehicle specific and possibly region specific).Cleaning the plug gap (and making sure it is set properly), and making sure all wires are secure and unbroken. Is all the maintenance most late model cars and trucks require today (refer to vehicle maintenance manual), your ODBII diagnostic system will tell you if you have a “cylinder not firing!” , that is a sign of a failing plug (possibly), you have to use a little common sense and some experience, and as always ask questions.

I have messed up the installation of my car radio, help!?

Tried installing my aftermarket radio from a previous car to my new car and the stereo wiring must be blown. I've looked at it all and it looks fine and the fuses look fine. I've tried resetting my head unit several times. I don't even know where to start with wiring in a car and repairing car wiring. Please help or tell me of a place where I can get it fixed

Do ford cars mess up fast?

Right now, Mazda's are some of the best buys on the market. A lot of drivers just do not realize how reliable the piston engine is in a Mazda. Mazda has spent a lot of time developing a car that is fun to drive- so my first choice would be the Mazda. But Ford learned a little bit about making a fun small car from Mazda when they were doing co-venture products. So the Ford is also fun to drive. If you don't mind the power difference, get the Mazda. One more thing I would suggest- check insurance rates! I do not expect a big difference it the cost in this area- but there might be. Don't get me started on the concept of being too old to do something! I was a tuner when a tuner improved a car and just didn't hang fancy plastic all over a car. I am building my own 7 replica. Put together my own turbocharger package. Today my project is a little tuning (cam timing) and installing a water pump, timing belt and a few other tweaks to one of my rides. If I can still spin a wrench at 63, buck up!