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Will York University Withdraw My Offer Of Admission

Will my offer of admission to James Madison University be rescinded?

I am currently a senior who was offered admission through Early Action to James Madison University; however, I have a slight dilemma to handle now.

I am enrolled in a dual enrollment program where high schools juniors and seniors may attend a community college rather than the high school. I am enrolled in that program, and we are on a quarter system. Fall quarter, I withdrew from 2 of my 3 classes due to taking too much of a load. My grades this quarters are two As and a B. This is currently what my grades look like for senior year:

Physics: W
Pre calc II: W
Consumer health: A-
Intro to psychology: B
Medical terminology: A
Chemistry: A

Please ease my worrying mind. Will my offer of admission be rescinded? Thank you.

Will the university revoke my offer?

I got accepted to Laurentian university for sports administration. The average you need to get in was 75% but with just finishing exams i think my average is now around 72%. In the acceptance package they sent me it never gave a specific average i had to keep. All it said was

"If you are currently enrolled in your final year at a secondary school and fail to satisfactorily complete your 6 4U/M courses in which you are registered and maintain the minimum entrance average for your program OR fail to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, the university reserves the right to withdraw this offer of admission."

with a 72% average do you think they will revoke it?


When do American universities announce admission decisions to graduate programs for the fall intake?

Usually candidates are asked to interview November-January. Interviews are held in batches January to March for the most part. Decisions are emailed/mailed a few weeks after the last interview. It varies by department and school, but that is the general framework for most programs. If you include a ballpark field of study (STEM, MBA, English Lit, etc.) I am sure you could get a more specific answer.

I'm in my first year at York University. I am not doing so well, and I might fail my whole year. If things go bad, will I be put on academic probation or can I repeat my first year/switch majors?

Here are the York U policies. If your cumulative GPA falls below 4.0 (equivalent to a C or 2.0 in other schools), you will be placed on academic probation for the next 24 credits or 8 courses (with each course being 3 credits generally.) You must achieve a cumulative 4.0 in order to stay in the program, or you will have to withdraw.What this means is that if you switch majors you will still have to do well in your new major classes in order to avoid being removed.Academic warning:BA students who, prior to completion of 90 passed credits, whose cumulative grade point average falls below 4.00 at the end of any session, or who enter the Faculty with a grade point average equivalent to less than 4.00 on the York scale, receive an academic warning.BA academic warning conditions:BA students on academic warning must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 4.00 within the next 24 credits taken, or earn a sessional grade point average of at least 5.00 in the session in which that 24th credit is taken and in each subsequent session until the cumulative grade point average reaches 4.00, or be required to withdraw. Students whose cumulative grade point average on at least 24 York credits is below 2.50 will be required to withdraw for 12 months.Failure to meet academic warning conditions:Students on academic warning who fail to meet the academic warning conditions must withdraw for 12 months.

Will getting denied as an undergraduate transfer affect my graduate admissions decision at that University later on?

I am assuming this is a question about US universities.I strongly doubt that the graduate program would even know. The transfer decisions are made by someone at the college level, and graduate admissions are done at the department level. If they were to know it, it is likely to be neutral, and definitely orders of magnitude less important than the rest of your application.

What is the minimum GPA required for an international student to clear the semester in York University?

Being an international student is irrelevant. In the U.S. and Canada you don’t clear semesters. You simply take courses. When you pass the required number of courses you get a degree. If you fail a class, you need to retake it. There are no “backlogs.” Students typically need to maintain minimum average, otherwise they are put in academic probation.Here is the relevant info for York University - Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS)You have been required to withdraw for one of the following reasons:• Grade point average below 2.5: Your cumulative grade point average on at least 24 credits is below 2.5 and you must withdraw for twelve months.OR• Grade point average is below 4.0 and equal to or greater than 2.5: You were previously on academic warning with a cumulative grade point average below 4.0 and did not satisfy the academic warning conditions as specified and are now required to withdraw for 12 months.At York, 4.0 is a C, 5.0 is a C+