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Will You Change Yourself For Likes And Comments On Your Story

Nobody likes or comments on my profile pictures on facebook?

I have around 550 friends and the most likes got on a profile picture was 5 but there was a regular picture I got 11 likes I usually get 4 comments and there all from girls. I just feel bad since other girls get 100+ likes and 40 comments and I feel ugly!

How do I hide my likes and comments from my friends on Facebook?

You can't set custom audiences for comments and likes ("C/L"); rather C/L are generally visible to anyone who can see the post that was commented on or "liked"; this means that if you C/L on a public page, your friends could (and for that matter, theoretically anyone at all, though it's much less likely that a random non-friend would) see that.  FB maintain a database of actions, including comments and likes.  A handful of these will turn up in your friends' News Feeds.  You can see what actions you've recently done by going into your own profile and clicking "Activity Log" (so far, this functionality is somewhat limited in the mobile app).  You can right-click on the time of the action and bring up a window that looks like this (approximating what your friends might see):This will tell you who can see the post (in this case people who are friends with the person who posted it).  If you have poster's remorse in that you think someone could have seen what you did and you don't like it, you can "delete comment" or "unlike" the post from the little pencil in your activity log as so:I kind of agree with the earlier comment in that I don't worry about this for myself.  That's sort of the whole point of Facebook.  But if you absolutely MUST "comment" on or "like" a post without your friends knowing, you could make a second Facebook account or unfriend the people you don't want to know (technically, though, making a second account is against FB's terms of service).

What does the order of viewers on your Instagram story mean?

How Does Instagram Rank your Stories Viewers?[1]Let’s admit this, Instagram is an excellent way for stalking. Whether there is a purpose behind it or not, you can’t create an Instagram story without checking back to see who has viewed your story every hour. But maybe you are wondering how does Instagram rank your story viewers?It’s genuinely impossible to let your story perish without reopening the platform to see if your crush, the one you’re trying to make jealous or the one you hate has viewed your latest upload or not.Is it just me, or do your BFFs, your family, and even your Instagram crush not appear in your top five story viewers? My top five goes a girl I haven’t talked to in years, my ex, two of my university friends and a girl I have just spoken five words to in my whole lifetime. I mean, how is that even possible?!Instagram contains many enigmas, like how to get a verification thick, how to view someone’s story without them knowing, and how to get real followers, but the stories viewer order is one of the most mysterious things about Instagram. So in this article, we have tried to understand precisely how Instagram ranks the viewers of your stories into various Instagram story ideas, and what the number one person in your viewer’s order really means?The Theory Of Insta-StalkingThere are a lot of different opinions about stalking on the internet. After a quick search, I found a thread of a Reddit user which told the top viewers are those who stalk your Instagram account the most. These accounts don’t even have to engage with your account with likes and comments, as long as they view your Instagram profile frequently, they will appear first on your viewer’s list.The Three Signals Theorythere are three factors as to who ranks where, including the timing of your story, your relationship with them and how much they think they’ll admire your story. Related to the Instagram feed, stories are ordered based on which moments you will care about most.The order is defined based on some signs including:the possibility you’ll be interested in the contenttimeliness of the storiesYour relationship with that user.So, whoever is in your top five presumably stalks your Instagram account all the time, even if they don’t engage with you or don’t even speak with you anymore.Footnotes[1] How Does Instagram Rank your Stories Viewers?

Who can see what you publish and comment in the Wechat Moments section?

The rule of thumb for WeChat moments is simple:“Only your friends can see the content that you post on your Moments / 朋友圈.”How does it work?Let’s make an example: Peter has 2 friends, but they do not know each other and are not connected on WeChat. They are John and Janet.Peter has just shared a picture of his cat and put a description.What can you do?You can change the settings or limit some people or make special groups for the moments. But you need to be proactive and do it. Tencent sets it automatically, so you need to change the settings if you want / need so.For Moments that you publish, by default only your friends from your Contacts will be able to view. If you have gone into a contact's profile screen and selected 'Hide My Moments', that user will not be able to view any Moments you henceforth publish. There is the option to create a tagged group of contacts to either blacklist or whitelist from seeing a particular Moment.For Likes or Comments that you attach to a Moment, only friends from your contacts will be able to view the Like or Comment. For instance, if you comment on your friend Bob's Moment and Bob has another friend Carl who you don't have in your Contact list, Carl will be able to view Bob's Moment but not your comment to Bob's Moment. Also, if you click a particular comment and reply to the comment, only the person that you are replying to will be able to view the comment.Basically, the general rule for Moments is that This gives Moments a more private and free area for many WeChat users to post photos and share discussion without fear of strangers or stalkers.About me:I work with Small to Medium Businesses in China to implement IT programs that fix and maintain IT in their offices / factories. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and ask me questions about your IT in China.

My boyfriend likes girls pictures on instagram?

That is a big difference in age. And he is crazy. Once you are in a relationship with someone, you don't go poking around looking at other people's pics like he is doing. Not only is that rude to you, it is just wrong. How would he feel if you went around on instagram or facebook or whatever social networking site you like best and looked at other guys? I'm sure he wouldn't be too thrilled. You should tell him one last time that you find it disrespectful that he is doing this. He is in a relationship with you, not with those other girls. Tell him if he doesn't like it, he doesn't need to be in a relationship with you. Second, DON"T CHANGE! You are perfect just the way you are! If he is not the one (I'm not saying he isn't), then you will find someone guaranteed. Getting hit on by around 20 guys in your life is great! Heck, I don't think a single girl ever hit on me and I am 17 and a half. Don't consider changing your body for him. If he wants you to he is a pig that doesn't deserve you. And remember, if anything goes wrong here, he will be the one that is at risk of being single for life, not you! You are a very sweet kind -hearted person. Based on your personality alone I would date you! And no you are not at fault at all. If you can work something out where he doesn't do this anymore and respects you, than great go for it! Have a wonderful relationship. If it doesn't work out, don't worry. Remember, he is the one with the problem! Not you! Good luck!


How can I see who checks my story on Wattpad?

As far as I know, you can't see exactly who reads your story. What you can do is see the amount of different people reading your book each day. You can also see who votes and comments. At the end of a chapter leave a short and kind reminder to vote if they liked the chapter then ask a question or something.

Story ideas? Also rate my story?

Hi im making a story made up of lots of different storys, please no comments like "oh its your story make it yourself" I am, but its made of lots of short storys, Im making them all up, but I want ideas of the story line for one or two of them, just ideas. Its because I want a variety of writing styles.
If you are a good story maker please answer this question, the story could be about absolutly anything, but no rude stuff cuz im 11 lol

Also could you rate my story? (If your going to make up a story idea for me, don't judge it on this, make it completly diferent remember its a diferent story!)

My story is about A girl names Annaleis Georgia Brown, she starts seeing Visions of the future, she doesn't tell anyone, untill she gets a vision of aliens comeing to earth. She was so scared she made up a story of them taking over the earth, just to stop people from thinking she is a scardy cat, she tells her mum first, who tells a reporter, who tells the newspaper, and spreads the word over the world! the world turns in to a nervous wreck and one day, a year later, the aliens came, and all they wanted was to help us with all the problems on earth, and live with us in peace.

Moral of the story: Don't believe others and exagerate what could be a posetive change for you.


thanks x

When you temporarily deactivate your Instagram account do you lose all of your pictures?

If you temporarily disable your account, your profile, photos, comments and likes will be hidden until you reactivate it by logging back in. How do I temporarily disable my account? This is from Instagram, actually in this regard, there is no experience of mine. But I’ve seen a conversation on that topic here atI reactivated my Instagram account and half my pictures are gone...Hope, it'll help you a bit more to remove your confusion.

Is there a WWW with horror stories of bad MILs? A place for DIL support? Should I return to work? Baby 6 mths.?

Hi there! You are not alone. There are many people with MIL & FIL that they don't like! If your hubby doesn't see how his parents are acting and support you on how you want to raise your child then you need to ask yourself if this marriage and family is right for you? Your first priority is your child! If you think that the way the MIL is treating YOUR child then say something! You carried this child in your belly for nine months, and no matter what that baby comes first. You have the right to be happy with your life! If you are not and can't resolve the issues then maybe it is time to rethink your marriage. I am taking this class called Love & Logic and it is a great way to teach your child. I know yours is not very old but, I was never good at letting the baby cry till they could hardly breath so I understand. Try to get your baby on a schedule, or routine and stick to it. It will help the baby, they need guidelines so they know or learn when things are going to happen...sleep,eat, and so on...I don't know where you live but, there is help out there for you, state help,support groups for Mom's, so one last thing the situation with your BIL's daughter is a scare tactic, and isn't the right way to handle your BIL's daughter. Please don't leave your child with your MIL, go to the state that your in, and look for their state licensed daycare lists, and follow the directions for finding someone else outside of the home and family, somewhere that your child will get to meet other children, and interview the child care person...remember you are the parent, and are the person your child releys on to protect and take the best care of them you can. Your inlaws need to take a Love & logic class for grandparents, things have changed abd the things they did to raise their children are not always considered the right way to handle the situations with children now matter how well their own children turned out according to them...Best of Luck, Cynthia

My wife psychoanalyzes me and she is very neurotic. How do i handle this?

I agree with what draws_wit said.

And your story sounds exactly like me in my relationship with my SO. Your wife sounds like my partner and I only realized his manipulative behavior recently. If I don't say anything after a long spiel by him then I'm being passive aggressive. If I say that his "friends" are silly, immature, etc. then I'm the one who is jealous that he has that many friends and I don't. If I call him at 2am because he's still not home from hanging out with friends then I'm a control freak. If I'm the one who wants us to go to a relationship counselor to help our problems then I must be the one with the problem, not him. See where I'm going here??? When you feel just a bit degraded, can't seem to measure up to their level then THEY are the one with the problem and THEY are the ones being controlling and manipulative. Perhaps you (and I) are part of the problem, but don't blame yourself for being the problem. I walk on eggshells and do what he says otherwise I find myself in an argument with him or feeling bad for myself and become full of self doubt.

If your wife doesn't want to go to counseling try to go for yourself and see if someone else can determine that she is the one with the problem. At least you recognize there is a problem here and are seeking help. But I will tell you that what you have isn't a healthy relationship, just like the one I'm in. I have 2.5 (one on the way) kids so I can't just pick up and leave....just yet. Just try to work out your problems professionally and then make the determination yourself on what you should do for the long term. Ultimately it's you who will suffer from her controlling manipulative ways. Good luck!