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Witch Look Better Look Better For School Long Or Short Sleeve Shirts

What's a good romance school good looking leads shoujo anime?

I just started really getting into shoujo anime but I don't know what to watch next. I really don't want one with fantasy by that I mean demons vampires witches fairies things like that. I want something more realistic. I like the ones like when they are in high school. I have already watched..
Skip beat( first one I finished thought it was funny the main girl lead annoyed me with the shirt hair though)
Outran high school host club( haven't finished this yet but I thought it was really funny)
Special A ( I found this anime extremely cute and the ending and characters were so sweet!)
Kaichou wa Maid sama( my most favorite so far the 2 main leads are really attractive and fit each other perfectly)
Bokura Ga Ita( my second favorite it sent me on a roller coaster of emotions I cried so hard at then end I didn't really like them together but that ending.. Oh my god..)
Kimi ni Todoke ( the main character was a strange quirky girl on her birthday though she looked really pretty wish they had more romance though)
B gata h kei( this was very awkward and there were many awkward moments I liked the couple though)
My little monster( my third favorite it is so cute the first and second episode move extremely fast but I like how they get to the point the kiss was adorable and the guy is hot and sweet!)
This is all I've watched soo far I like and find it More intresting if the its boy/ girl romance and they're good looking
Shows like maradame boy sounds like a good story but the drawings look uninteresting so I didn't watch it

Im skinny and insecure and don't like wearing short sleeves shirt and now its getting how help !?

im very skinny and just started highscool and now its getting hot and i dont like wearing short sleeves beacuase how boney my arms are and imma get teased and just ugh ! but its gonna be hot all week now any advice ? how could i wear a long sleeve shirt without lookin dumm and stupid in 77 degree weather?

Can teen girls wear mens t shirts?

Hey,Yeah why not, oversized t shirts can be used in many ways as is or cropped/ altered using simple techniques. Give you couple of examplesUse the t shirt as is , put a wide belt around the mid/ high waist areaYou can knot up the bottom in the middle to style it and give the crop look, you can also knot up the side bottom to make it look like a fitted skirtCan paid it up with denim with half t shirt tucked half out, giving a unkept carefree cool lookA stylish way to wear it is, put on the t shirt with the sleeves coming below your underarms, just hanging. Then tuck the sleeves over the t-shirt top like it will be behind the bust part. Hope its clear enough. Similarly, there can be many ways, maybe can search more onlineCheers,Varun

Is the wicked witch a good part in shrek the musical?

The Wicked Witch is part of the ensemble of fairy tale creatures and you do have some solos and some lines.

You're not a major character but you do have some "decent" stage time with the rest of the fairy tale ensemble (which includes about 12-16 other people on stage at the same time).

Most of the songs you're in are really fun and great to watch.

Here is a look into the fairy tale creatures: (Note: The first solo in this song is actually the part of the wicked witch!!)

Congrats and enjoy the role.

I've been homeschooled my whole life... And now I'm going to public school.?

So I've been homeschooled my whole life, my parents are Christians so they make me go to church, but I have no friends there. That being said, I have little to no social experience.... From what I've heard, people like me will get bullied or hurt in Highschool, witch is what I'm going in to.

Any advice on like what to do/how to survive?

What do real witches look like?

A real witch looks like a normal person.The next time you go to Walmart, McDonald's, or any convenience store, the person behind the counter just might be a witch. The person next to you at the stoplight might be a witch.The only witches that wear pointy hats and cackle maniacally appear on Halloween (All Hallow's Eve).Sometimes, you'll be able to spot a witch because she/he is wearing a pentacle (five-pointed star inside a circle) necklace.A witch doesn't eat children, or live in a gingerbread house.If you manage to find a witch, politely ask them for a blessing (most are very willing to provide bright blessings), and you may even get a hug!

How do I hide new self-harm cuts at school, and especially the gym?

You tell me.Do you want to hide them or do you want people to see them?Real Self harm comes in many forms.The kind that is genuinely impulsive and even involuntary would be (for example) biting a finger nail until you bleed or using a cigarette lighter to burn your own skin deliberately.To actually go and fetch a sharp blade from somewhere and decide to slice your skin is actually a premeditated and deliberate act. If you need the rush from cutting, a piece of ice is almost as satisfying and doesn’t leave slice marks. Some people slice sensitive areas that are already more well hidden with papercuts rather than a blade, but this takes practice to deliberately get a paper cut.Answering your question, a good foundation and maybe a well placed band aid can do a lot. A long sleeved leotard works for girls, a neoprene or lycra full sleeve body suit for boys.With fingernails, clear nail polish can help. Fake acrylic nails are to be advised against as they have to be glued onto a healthy nail.Burn marks from lighters tend to look bad and hard to cover.But most self harm is symptomatic of severe mental health challenges and is actually a cry for help. Most cutters especially want people to actually notice or they would not do it in the first place.

Do wizards wear robes all the time in Harry Potter (books) or do they own other wizard clothes apart from pyjamas? Do their robes look like the ones in the films?

J.K. Rowling described their wizardring robes in a such different way. It was ‘classic’, with half-moons or shiny yellow stars on the maple purple robes with a silly wand they held, but in the movie and film franchise it was usually just emerald or black or brown outfits with a more ‘accurate’ wizardring and witch pointy hat.Uh… I think they wore wizard and witch clothes the most of the time. But it didn’t just have to be robes ALL THE TIME. Just look at Molly Weasley or Arthur Weasley, he’s usually wearing for example a vest or a jacket, and Molly an old dress. They basically have bizarre outfits. And it has actually been mentioned in the movies and books several times. Just look at them.A cute couple, but rather odd.