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Women Choose One Work With A Great Organization Or Be A Home Maker In A Happy Family

Has ANY mainstream feminist organization EVER ...?

They only time I've heard feminists make noise about women not serving in the military was in reference to women joining the Special Forces or other prestigious positions. They whine if they're aren't enough females admitted into West Point, but I've never heard a single feminist organization that is pro-military complain that women cannot become a 'grunt'. like usual, they feel they can cherry pick their own brand of "equality".

It amazes me how DUPED some of the women are on this site. They feel that a little blurb written by some obscure feminist and posted on a website is "proof" that feminists are making an effort to sign women up for the selective services or end them all together (which will NEVER happen Rowdy). I've served my time in the military and I will tell you flat out that will not happen. In the last 50 years we have not taken on a country capable of waging real war against the US. We go to war with a power like China they will need to reinstate the draft quickly. The only thing feminists have the capability to do is equalize the situation.. require that males AND females sign up. Now if they really cared about this they'd be twisting arms and picketing.. much like they did to get VAWA passed and much like they do when they feel like having another SlutWalk. But quite frankly they're happy leaving the patriotism up to men, they're way too busy with issues like trying to eliminate physical (and psychological) tests for female police & firefighter applicants. Apparently women are qualified to carry a 230 lb guy out of a burning building but when it comes to Selective Services everything gets hazy...

Is it wrong to think that women being homemakers while men are the breadwinners is a great lifestyle?

I think that females and males have evolved to be naturally better at certain things.
Females make the best caretakers. They're more in tune with the emotions of others.
Males make the better breadwinners (workers outside the home). They're generally able to focus on tasks at hand. Men don't go their periods once a month. When a woman is on her period, she's in a crankier mood, gets cramps, and she's just less predictable. I'm not saying it makes her totally incapacitated. But the kinds of jobs women think they should take on (doctors, judges, police force), gosh I have to say I think men are way better suited for those things. Mens' brains are better at looking at the facts, not going by intuition. So, when it comes to cooking/cleaning/being a nurturing mom, there's thankfully more flexibility and room for error. But it's not even so much about other women would be better at certain jobs. It's that men are better at working with other men. Women joining the workforce just gave rise to sexual harassment, and men feeling cynical and emasculated. Men and women notoriously don't understand the way the other operates.
Man + woman = babies. Babies will always need to be cared for. Enter the mother. While the woman is doing that, someone needs to go out and trade their hard work for money to support he family. I think this is a great system. It's efficient, and it compliments the way humans evolved.
Is it wrong to think this way???

Do men prefer non-working(housewives) or working women?Why?

As a woman I've always assumed men prefer housewives (not to say they don't work. These women WORK but don't get paid with a paycheck at the end of the week) but my boyfriend has two brothers.

All the boys in that family want women who can work. I don't know if it is because their mother made the real bacon growing up or they just enjoy the double income. But these boys love it when their girls make money and my bf's brother has a clash of values with his wife who wants a large family and to stay at home with them.

The men in my family, however, have a real issue with women working or if they do they arent supposed to make more money. When asked for a reason, they tell me because its supposed to be that way. Im thankful that my honey has told me I can do whatever I want- work or stay home- as long as we work on everything together.

As a female, do you prefer becoming a housewife or a working wife?

The answer to your question will depend on the female concerned. Some women are very career-orientated and would not dream of giving up work to become a housewife or even stay at home mom.Other women may prefer to be a housewife and be happy to be in the home and not be a working wife. Some women like working, but prefer to be at home when there are children to raise, others cannot afford to be at home with the children even if they want to.What is important is that women have options in life. They should be well-educated enough to earn a decent living if they want to work. This is very important for married women of all ages should something go wrong with the marriage (sadly this is a reality).These types of decisions should be taken by both the partners in a marriage and they should preferably be in agreement. The cost of living today often means that both parties have to work in order to sustain the family’s lifestyle.

Dis / Advantages to marrying a homemaking woman?

I've done financial consulting for 10 years... know what I've found and what the experts have found?

One income in a two income almost totally absorbed by taxes and expenses associated with two careers..

So in other words, one person is spending as much money as they take home, just by going to work.

When you consider an extra car, insurance, gas, maintenance, wardrobe, increased food costs, day care, babysitters, additional medical costs, and hired services.... can actually be losing more money than you're making.

A homemaker is a terrific asset to your family's income. A homemaker can cut a food budget more than in half by learning to actually "cook" rather than "reheat". HM's keep cleaner houses, leading to fewer illnesses, cutting back on the money spent on medical expenses...not to mention stress. Being able to shop for bargains and discounts are a way of severely reducing unnecessary expenses.

Household management can save thousands of dollars every month in energy bills, reduced waste, increased quality of life, and proper maintenance.

And for the record, you don't need a large house to have a happy home.

Good Luck!