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Women If You Had To Say Something Nice About Men What Would It Be

What are some things women can say to women but men can't say to men?

Let me start with some things men could, but won't say to men that women will. Some of these have outliers, meaning I’m sure some men do these things and some women don't. This is just based on my experience.Man, your ass looks great in those pants!I love you so much, you're a great friend.I’ve had a really crappy day, can I have a hug?Wow, that outfit is so cute on you!I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of any right now. Instead, I’ll move on to things men can't say to other men that women can. Again, some of these have outliers, meaning I’m sure some men do these things and some women don't. This is just based on my experience. Of course, if a man could do numbers 1–4 I’d be pretty damn impressed…Ugh, my period is way heavier than usual, I should go change my tampon.UGH, my cramps are so bad right now. Do you have any ibuprofen?Hey, the baby's kicking! Come feel!Sally, my water broke!Come feel my legs, I just shaved and they're so smoooooth.Come feel my legs, I haven't shaved in like a week and they're so flufffyyyy.(Yelling) Sally, can you bring me some toilet paper? There's none in here and I just peed!Alright, that's all for now. If I think of any more I’ll be sure to add some :)

Explain how this works if 'women like sex just as much as men'?

There are several reasons:
1. The "slut/stud" double standard.

2. We're picky. It's been my experience that the guys who complain like you described are the slobs who most women wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.

3. We have to be picky from a biological perspective. There is always the chance that the birth control might fail and we'll end up raising an unwanted kid. Many women are pro-life and wouldn't be able to abort even if they didn't want the child. While there are paternity tests and child support laws now, many men still don't pay up and even more pay the support but never want anything to do with the child so the women are still stuck raising it alone. The potential costs just aren't worth it for a one night stand, it's safer to stay home and masturbate if than risk it.

4. Men almost always orgasm during sex, we often don't, at least not with someone new. All women like something different and take longer to climax so the first time with a new guy is rarely satisfying. Even if you have a willing and eager partner, it's still going to take a couple of times to synch up. We don't get that from one night stands. The guy is usually just there to get off and go, or falls asleep the second he comes and then we're left still turned on and frustrated, again wishing that we'd just stayed home and masturbated.

That's how I feel anyway. I love sex but when I am not in a relationship I don't have it. There's no reason to go out when I can just do it myself until I find someone I really like again.

Why do many young women say that nice guys have no back bone?

Truly, I believe you have met a non-standard set of women.I grew up in California, and I definitely was attracted to the nice guys.  It takes a sense of inner peace and strength to be a nice guy.  Mean guys are putting on a show to "prove" their strength, where nice guys don't have to.Find nice women.  I don't think you have...nice women might be a bit less stunning, they might not be putting on as high of heals, or as bright of lipstick.  They don't need to prove anything.

Why do men like to smell women's hair?

Its animal instinct:)
Though its very rude to go about sniffing when one passes by a woman, its quite usual for men to notice womens hair.Smell just follows i guess.
Islam, thats the religion i belong to,( though the answer doesnt require me to tell u that, but i would like to make a point here)requires women to cover their bodies in a lose flowing coat and a head covering so that the opposite sex is not attracted(for protecting women). Hence proving that hair represents a strong attraction to the opposite sex.

Is it offensive to tell a women that she has nice breasts?

Some men are able to say this in a way that doesn't seem offensive, but cheekily charming.

Others come across as perverted creeps who are probably planning a gang rape in the carpark afterwards.

Be very careful you know which group you are in before you say it!

Sexual problem, what would you think? Men and woman?

Thank you for all your replys on this. It is not that I can't make him, believe me I can and have everytime unless we have sex or the two times I stopped. It was just what he said that hurt. He said it was said as a challenge thing and I can understand his point of view but it is hurtful to say after you have been going at him really well and in the excitement of it you tell him I want to make you *** and he comes off with that. It just was not the right time for it, yes I am sencative too so not sure anytime would have made me feel good about it but now that we talked about it, I at least understand what he meant. I hope he understands why something like that would hurt.
The other part to the question was how would it make you men feel if the woman stopped? I myself know it is frusterateing but was not meant to be mean or with hold it from him. I probably enjoy it more than he does. To those that gave adult answers and good advice thank you. For those of you sick fu ks, get a life.

Why do women hate perverted men?

women have been socialized into hating sex, or supressing any sexual thought or dialogue, it's only starting to change now, gender politics comes into it too, perverted men could take things to the next level and start raping women therefore they are seen as a threat whereas perverted women are unlikely to be able to start raping men add to that the fact perverted men tend to seperate love from sex and could possibly make a woman pregnant and not hang around to raise the child as they look for the next conquest, they are therefore seen as unreliable mates. most men hate perverted women too because they are seen as being easy or lacking feminine graces, whilst perverted women may be fun to hang around with they are probably unable to sustain a long term relationship

How should I respond to women who ask men if their (various body part(s)) looks good? I find it offensive that they would ask me, even if they do look nice.

Say what you feel. I am uncomfortable with that kind of question. Also it is increasingly annoying that a few Americans from one or two regions of the US are confused with all Americans. I have only ever asked my significant other thought I looked good in something. And in those cases I want him to admire and compliment me.So for this ancient American woman a woman saying “ do you like my nails? “ She is really saying look I had my fingernails done professionally at the salon today do you think they look pretty? If a woman says does my butt look nice in these jeans she simply wants you t say yes it does. (Or I am uncomfortable with that question). If she says do you like my hair? She is saying I just had my hair done and wants you to comment on how nice it looks. If she says what do you think of my bodacious tatas she is trying to be funny and wants you to laugh. (Think Karen talking about her “rack” on Will and Grace)people from other cultures are offended by some bolder women because women in their culture don’t do that…I recommend you adapt or return to your home country.

Do some men really intentionally make women feel insecure?

Well I would say that, you should be strong enough for others opinions to affect you. You are the best judge of how you look and what suits you. If you think you are comfortable with your dressing, you should smile at such comments.

And if you didn't have a boyfriend, it is because you dint fall prey to infatuations so easily. You are a strong willed person. And it is definitely not due to your dressing.

So darling just chill and have fun and don't get hurt with some stupid remarks. People don't get anything else to criticize about you,so they try to find stupid things for it. Have fun!!