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Women Was Johnny Cash Attractive To You

How often do you come across women who believe in the 6-6-6 rule for ideal men?

Let's do a little math here. I am going to be incredibly generous and say that 50% of men have a six inch penis. About 20‰ of the population here in the US is six feet or taller. And about 23% of families have an income of one hundred thousand dollars per year or more. And lastly we will go with 95% of men are interested in dating women.That brings us down to .02185. To account for that confidence trait, let's just round down to 2% of the population here in the US. So if each and every one of those people was still in the dating pool that would be the maximum percentage of women that could be following the rule.As for that rule being “common” let's look at another statistic. Very nearly 50% of all adults are married. That means that 25 times the maximum possible mates for that group of people did not follow the rule.I normally posit that one in three people who are not married are dating. If so then the number climbs to over 33 times the amount. If you assume that each and every one of the women that are not dating are following your rule that means that just about double the number are not following than are. And that is under perfect conditions. So I don't think that you could call this common.

Women: was Johnny Cash attractive to you?

I'm 14 and built like and look a lot like Johnny cash. I play guitar and have a similar voice also. Do (or did) you find Johnny Cash attractive? I would like to get some opinions on if I should take advantage of the similarities or go for a completely different look.

What's a firm feelin' woman(as in this Waylon Jennings's lyric)?

The only two things in life that make it worth livin' 
Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin' women 
I don't need my name in the marquee lights 
I got my song and I got you with me tonight 
Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of love

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas 
With Waylon and Willie and the boys 
This successful life we're livin' 
Got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys 
Between Hank Williams' pain songs and 
Newberry's train songs and Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain 
Out in Luckenbach, Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain

So baby, let's sell your diamond ring 
Buy some boots and faded jeans and go away 
This coat and tie is choking me 
In your high society you cry all day 
We've been so busy keepin' up with the Jones 
Four car garage and we're still building on 
Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of love

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas 
With Waylon and Willie and the boys 
This successful life we're livin' got us feudin' 
Like the Hatfield and McCoys 
Between Hank Williams' pain songs and 
Newberry's train songs and Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain 
Out in Luckenbach, Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas 
With Willie and Waylon and the boys 
This successful life we're livin's got us feudin' 
Like the Hatfield and McCoys 
Between Hank Williams' pain songs 
And Jerry Jeff's train songs and Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain 
Out in Luckenbach, Texas there ain't nobody feelin' no pain

Was Johnny Cash's first wife black?

No she wasn't black. People from the Mediterranean region such as Italy, or Greece tend to be more dark skinned. If there were any African origins in her family heritage, it would have come to light many many years ago. Italians can go from fair skinned, with blue eyes, and blonde hair, to what is called olive skinned, brown eyes, and jet black hair. If there is any type of African heritage, it would more likely be of Arabic decent, than of black African decent. Which would be much further to the south, for that genetic trait. Many times those of Arabic decent are forgotten geographically as being a part of the African continent.

Edit point:

I don't need to look up information I know, and having been a huge fan of The Philosopher Prince of Country Music, for many many years.

Additional edit point:

Ok I can see where you might get then idea of her heritage from. At the due to the hairstyles it was uncommon for a female of Italian decent to in that period to be mistaken sometimes, as part black, especially in a photograph. Also how makeup was applied could, and still can give the appearance of another racial/ethnic background/heritage.

Country songs with people's names in the title?

"Jeannie Marie (You Were a Lady)" - Tommy Overstreet
"Gwen (Congratulations)" - Tommy Overstreet
(Tommy Overstreet did an album called "Woman, Your Name is My Song")
"Anna Marie" - Jim Reeves
(Jim Reeves did an album similar to Overstreet's, called "Girls I Have Known")
"Billy Bayou" - Jim Reeves
"Oney" - Johnny Cash
"A Boy Named Sue" - Johnny Cash
"Lorene" - Louvin Brothers
"Katy Dear" - Louvin Brothers
"Margo (Ninth of May)" - Browns
"Elizabeth" - Statler Brothers
"Susan When She Tried" - Statler Brothers
"Miami, My Amy" - Keith Whitley
"Katy Too" - Porter Wagoner
"Wake Up Jacob" - Porter Wagoner
"Dooley" - Porter Wagoner
"Bob" - Willis Brothers
"Me and Paul" - Willie Nelson
"Sam McGee" - Johnny Horton
"Joe's Been a-Gettin' There" - Johnny Horton
"Joshua" - Dolly Parton
"Joe and Mabel's 12th Street Bar and Grill" - Nat Stuckey

What does "Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade" mean?

A highway man was a thief, someone who robbed stagecoaches for example (along the coach roads I did ride). A persons "baubles" were there jewelry and trinkets, so the phrase means he stole a lot of jewelry and trinkets from young ladies who were riding the stagecoaches he robbed.
BTW the spring of '25 was 1825, not 1925

Is it right to assume that men who don't post pictures of themselves as their display picture on social media do not think they are good looking?

I think you already know the black & white answer to this one - nah. It's not right to assume that of women, and it's even more out of place assuming that of men.I might make some other assumptions though, won't hide that. It's terrible to make assumptions, yep. Let's see how many "types" of guys I can think of:The one who posts photos of themselves cos they think they are good looking. NOW THIS IS SOMEONE I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM. The ones who doesn't have a photo up cos he doesn't care (or doesn't even think about it). Because he is a guy. Most guys are in this category. The ones who has random photos of landscape, friends, his pets,.. This could mean many things. Maybe he doesn't care about it, maybe he cares a lot about it. The ones who has photos of his idol instead. You know this one. He puts up photos of Johnny Cash, Al Pacino, etc. The ones who has way too many photos of different games / anime. He is either in middle school or he goes to Comic Con every year or he is doing a running joke kinda thing. Well, the joke runs thin, so it depends on how many photos we are talking about. Many in this category can be awesome friends to have, but dramas.

Songs like "redneck woman" by gretchen wilson?

Some of these will be older with the same spirit in them, others will be very close to Gretchen's coup-de-grace. Good mix here.

JoDee Messina - My Give-A-Damn's Busted
Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder and Lead
Mindy McCready - Guys Do It All The Time
Rosanne Cash - My Baby Thinks He's a Train
Dixie Chicks - Goodbye Earl
Lacy J. Dalton - I'm A Survivor
Loretta Lynn - Rated X
Barbara Mandrell - Angels Love Bad Men
Terri Clark - I Think The World Needs A Drink
Judy Rodman - Girls Ride Horses Too
Michelle Wright - Woman's Intuition (personal favorite)
Wanda Jackson - My Big Iron Skillet

Are there any popular songs about domestic abuse from a male perspective?

The reason I ask is because of the song Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood, wherein the protagonist destroys her boyfriend's car on the suspicion that he might be cheating.

I dislike the song and furthermore feel that the song promotes domestic violence and discrimination against men. I think that if it were a song about a man distrusting a woman and therefore destroying her property to teach her a lesson, people would be upset.

Several of my female friends disagree, and say that not only are there no such songs (wherein a male singer brags about teaching his girlfriend a lesson with violence) but that the man deserves it because he has made her suspicious.

Of course I don't promote domestic violence or the destruction of property at all, and I don't think that ANYONE, of any gender, deserves to have their stuff wrecked or has it coming to them if their partner has suspicions, or even evidence, of infidelity.

I'm sure that there are loads of misogynistic songs that glorify violence toward women. I'm just not familiar with them... could you list some so that I can demonstrate to them that misogyny exists and is just as despicable and intolerable as misandry?