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Wondering If I Was In The Wrong

How is asking if you ever wonder what's wrong with America a guideline violation?

I asked nothing. Just the question. There are some small people coming here and it was cruel. Racism question black question they all just keep right on up. I added nothing.

Anxiety? Wondering what is wrong with me?

Anxiety? The last 3 times I’ve smoked weed ive started shaking uncontrollably and becoming short of breathe never had a problem in years of smoking everyday also the day before this happened my right side was hurting when i try to sleep on it and still does any suggestions on why this is happening or what it could be?

I've recently found God and am wondering if it would be wrong to pose nude for photos or art modeling classes?

Actually I can't understand wich God you found recently. If you recently found god why didn't you ask that? Anyway if you forgot to ask, now you can consult the person who show you God. I think human were created nude and God didn't give cloths according to most religions. If clothes are invented by human they must have liberty to go without clothes. In fact there are laws made by human prohibiting such acts.  But except in severel religions nudity is not prohibited. For example some Jains monks wear nothing. Remember posing nude is a severely punishable offence in some countries and some religions.

Why can't I stop wondering what's wrong with me?

Try finding a solution. Only you know yourself, you would have to share a life more than you did in order to truly help you. I understand that a psychiatrist is expensive. Advice I can give without knowing you is generalized and may or may not help.Love yourself above all others[1]Don't worry what others think of youDon't put yourself downTake resilience classes[2]Work outEat healthy[3]Learn copping skills[4]Seek only pleasures in lifeAvoidall things that cause painMeditation[5]Express emotions when felt, don't be passiveFind a support group[6]Footnotes[1] 50 Ways to Love Yourself[2][3] 8 Foods That Fight Depression[4] Depression (major depression) Coping and support - Mayo Clinic[5] How to Meditate: Meditation Techniques, Benefits & Beginner's How-to | Gaiam Life[6] Depression: Support Groups Resources

So im wondering if it's gay or wrong for a guy to wear a tattoo choker?

Its your style and your choice, do whatever you want!

I was wondering if the name damon was a bad name?

If you like this name, then use it! Best wishes !

What's the difference between "I wonder" and '"I'm wondering"?

The previous answer is technically correct, although in ordinary speech, either is acceptable. However, in my experience, there can also be a different context in how “I’m wondering” is actually used. From my observation, people who say “I’m wondering…” (without any specific relation to time in the equation) are attempting to be polite while privately disagreeing. For example, if Person 1 says, “What’s the best way to get to X Hospital?” and Person 2 says, “Take the XYZ Freeway and get off at ABC”, and Person 3 says, “I’m wondering if you should take NOP Street to QRS Boulevard and turn right: it’s about a block from there on the left” is being polite, when what she really means is “You can listen to Person 2 if you want, but he’s wrong.”

Is it wrong to wonder and wish you never existed?

It is not wrong to wonder, and a momentary wish that you had never existed is not uncommon. To dwell on that thought, or to let it spiral out of control, would not be in your best interests or the best interests of your spirit.What your comment suggests is that you are engaging in constructive reflection regarding the choices you have made thus far in your life — have you harmed others or made their lives more difficult? This is the starting point of self-assessment and choosing a different path.Consider why your spirit might have chosen to attach to your particular lifetime. Your personality traits, your early environment, and all the circumstances of your life thus far, are related to the existential question you are now asking. It is likely that the lessons chosen by your spirit required that you arrive at exactly this point.Your spirit would not have urged you to harm others, but sometimes a spirit will lead their human self down a wayward path that results in negative fallout. It is a way for them to experience the world, learn from it, and then to learn through their efforts to redirect you.Your spirit would not wish that you had never been born — your life is essential to their progress in the spirit world. It is a certainty, though, that it is your spirit who has urged you to examine your life.There are many lessons to be learned, including that in every lifetime a spirit is to influence their human self to hold the four essential attitudes of Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love. You can use these attitudes as a starting point. Have faith in yourself, in a higher power, and that your life has purpose. Have hope that you can accomplish what you set your mind to and that opportunities will present themselves when you seek them. Have charity towards others in your thoughts and actions. Extend loving kindness to yourself and others.My sources are two spirits who spoke to me through another person (directly, not channeled). I have written of my experience, and more of what was revealed to me, in The Invisible Choir.

I was wondering if anyone knew of doctors that deal in rare conditions and diagnosis? Please I need help?

I have been sick I don't know whats wrong with me. But the tests that have been ran show nothing abnormal. I have been menstrating for 6 weeks or so now. I fear that there maybe something causing this severe abnormality. But the doctor I see now says nothing is wrong. I am scared this could mess up my insides to the point I can't have children. I am only 22 years old I want to know why it makes me so sick. PLease help me if you can....

Do you ever wonder if doctors got a diagnosis of BPD wrong to someone who is actually autistic and has DID?

I believe doctors aren’t qualified to diagnose anyone with BPD! A psychiatrist should diagnose this and 3 people including myself have been wrongly diagnosed with BPD! I believe that when psychiatrists aren’t sure what diagnosis you have they give you this one as there is little treatment except DIalectical behavioural therapy available for it! ( I’m still waiting for that 4 years later even though I don’t have it lol )My personal belief is when psychiatrists just don’t know or give up on you they slap BPD on you. I laughed when they gave it to me and pronounced me untreatable! That was years ago, I’m rapid cycling bipolar and ADHD, the latter only diagnosed at the age of 52 and happily stable on the ADHD medication concerta! I’ve been misdiagnosed more times than I could mention by psychiatrists who just can’t be bothered!! I’m lucky to have found one after many years who actually sees me as more than just another number !