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Work Help Sick Sister And School

What is it like to have an elder sister?

I’ve a cousin and she is two years elder to me. Growing up with her has been the most amazing experience undoubtably.Here are a few things which, according to me, is the essence of all the ‘sister-sister’ bond.# 1 . Crushes come and go but a sister and her wardrobe is for life. Yes, we share and borrow stuffs all the time, clothes especially . It’s a part of our cordial relationship.2. When your mom is out for long and you’re a terrible cook, she becomes your saviour.3. Just tell her about your crush and she’ll prove she could be an excellent FBI agent.4. She never fails to add extra sparks when your parents scold you.5. Ever seen elder sisters getting possessive of the younger ones? Yeah, those protective instincts are priceless. :p6. Yes, her precious possessions will surely consist of your weirdest photos which she would use to get things done. Right?7. Partners in crime and in shopping? Definitely.8. We fight over petty things .9. And those never ending blame-games ♡10. But we also patch up really quick.11. The tireless talks we hold and the wierd stuffs we try out together is as refreshing as early morning tea.12. She never buys your fake smiles however good an actor you are. She is one of those who understand your emotions even before you express them.13. You might not like it at times but she’s honest with you. Always.14. She celebrates you achievements like her own. :)15. But most importantly, she is that friend who is never going to turn her back on you. A guardian angel overseeing and supporting you through thick and thin and a soulmate who's gonna love you unconditionally no matter what. ❤Cheers to all the sisters!Image source: Google

Little sister is sick, how should I take care of her?

My sister caught a cold today. It isn't as bad as it was when she woke-up, so I know she's improving. And because she's improving, my parents asked me to skip school tomorrow and watch her. They can't miss another day of work. I don't know what I should do, though. I've never had to watch over a sick person before. What are some dos and don'ts for this? And in case it makes a difference, she's 11 years old.

My 14 year old sister is sick and she wants me to get her out of school early. By law, what age am I supposed to be in order to do that?

The school I work at has a place in the paperwork where parents can list someone (relative, neighbor, close family friend) who we can contact in an emergency and allow them to go home with when sick. I don’t know of an age requirement, but these people are typically available during the school day. But the nurse is the one calling and sending the student home.If it’s your sister calling, I don’t think you can just pull her out of school because she says she’s sick. She has to go to the nurse or whoever is in the school’s similar position. (My elementary school was small, so our secretary was also our nurse, helped serve lunch, and was the recess monitor.)If she’s faking because she doesn’t want to be in school, talk to her. Find out what’s going on and why she doesn’t want to be in school. Then you can go from there and help with the real problem.

Everyday I always help my mom to do the housework. My sister only sometimes helps my mom. Does anyone know what I should do to get my sister to help my mom with the housework more often?

Nothing.  Honestly, you can't do anything but be your own person.  My younger brother is about as lazy as they come.  When we were both living with our parents, he would do the bare minimum to get by on chores while I was usually pretty diligent about them.  So I feel your pain.At the time, I felt like my mom wasn't being fair because she didn't always enforce him doing an equal share, but now I realize that I think that was mostly because she was SO TIRED of having to ride him to get him to do anything, then get on his case again and again to get him to do it right.  Parents are people, too, and they're not perfect.   So sometimes what looks like favoritism really is kind of the opposite, since having to nag someone to do the slightest thing doesn't really endear them to you.So what can you do, knowing that you can't change your sister's behavior?  -- Help your mom for the sake of being a good person who is honoring to her parents and learning diligence and integrity.  Don't complain about what your sister does and doesn't do and don't keep score.  You are doing this for you and your mom, not for your sister.  If you keep score that will only build resentment.-- Appreciate where you are and look forward to when you move out.  My brother and I shared a bathroom which he never, ever cleaned.  Never.  Sometimes I would let it get really dirty in the hopes that he would get fed up and clean it, but he was perfectly willing to live in filth until I cleaned it.  He was like that. Finally, I figured I could resent him and/or bug mom about making him clean the bathroom once in awhile, or I could just realize that this was a temporary situation and that the price of living at home while in college was having him as my roommate.  When I got my own place, it was satisfying to really keep it clean and be proud of my efforts.  His apartments have ever been disgusting.  -- Take this as a life lesson.  Not everyone in your life is going to pull their weight, from the classmate who says they'll make the poster for the group project to the roommate who'll definitely pay their rent soon to the coworker who does a horrible job on the report they don't feel like writing.  Learning what you can and can't control and learning what to fight and what to let go is a big lesson that a lot of people don't learn.  You get to start early!  I hope this is encouraging to you.  You're doing the right thing!  Hang in there!

Who can call you in sick or take you out of school early?

It might depend on where you are, but, i really doubt it. Considering that she's not your legal guardian, she doesn't have any control over you.

I'm sick of always being compared to my sister?

You are a special person with your own identity. God made you the way you are.

I was shy and introverted growing up and got picked on for many different reasons. I got called 4 eyes because of my glasses, Fido because it is similar to my last name, etc. . .

I know it is hard to do, but try to let it roll off your back. When they say why are you not like Ashley, then tell them because you are not Ashley, you are................

When your parents say Ashley did this and that, tell them that you feel like they are comparing you to your sister and that you feel like no one thinks you are good enough when told those things. Tell them you want them to love you for you...

When the teachers say those things, say politely that they should know of all people that everyone is different and most sisters are not the same. Please don't make me feel like I am not good enough like my sister.

Taking your own life because of this is not worth it. There is so much waiting for you around the corner that you would really miss out on if you tried.

I bet if you truly talked to them, they wouldn't know that you were hurting so bad by the things they said. I am sure they love you and don't realize what they are doing.

What are you good at? Art, math, photography? Focus on something you are good at and excell at it.

Please don't stop trying to communicate your true feelings with your family. Talk to your counselor at school. Some people may have good intentions and not realize that you feel that way.

Now that I am older and don't live near my family, I am actually honored when they say, are you so and so sister? I am proud of them and who they are and what they have accomplished. I actually hear about things my siblings have done and I never knew.

Try smiling and say Yes, she is my sister and I love her. I am a totally different person and I am a good sister. Why don't you try to get to know me a little better. Try to make new friends and get to know your old friends better.

I will pray for you. Here is a big hug just for you. I pray you feel the love you need and really didn't know was there just for you.

I touched my sister while she slept HELP!!? So imagine this I came home from school to find my sister had come?

So imagine this I came home from school to find my sister had come hole early from work and had crashed on the couch. She was covered in a blanket and I didn't think anything of it so I just sat in the chair next to her. Knowing my brother and my mum would be out for some time I started to watch some things on the telly and it must have been kinda loud cause my sister stirred in her sleep and the cover fell off. My sister I just have to say is extremely hot with massive t1ts and when the covers came off a saw she was in just her underwear so I immeadietly had a hard on and I started to think with my penis at first I just put my hand on her b00bs but then I began to get more daring and started to take of her bra. After this I was so horny that I didn't know what to do so I just played with her t1ts. I got lost playing with them so I didn't notice her head move and her mouth was open next to my penis so I just sort of put it in their and I don't know whether it's a reaction but she started to suck it. Please help I feel so bad about this

How would you describe your sister?

My sister,She means life to me. A person who is always free for me or always get time for me. She is the solution for all my problems.Incident 1:Many year ago, she was suffering from fever. And I was worried so much. Without thinking for while I collected all the balm (iodex, vicks,moov etc) applied on her forehead and nose when she was asleep .And in some time I heard someone screaming and that voice was of my sister . She started to cry and scold everyone. She washed her face and finally get little bit relief. Then in some time she get that all this crazy deed was done by me. She came near me and scolded me, and as usually I started to cry. Then she ,without her mistake said me sorry till I stopped to cry.Incident 2:Me and cousin was fighting for having television’s remote. And soon that fight changed into quarrel. It became dangerous. As we slapped each other, scratch each other and even kick each other. Then when finally it ended.Nikita(sister) came to me and said me story of Malala Yousafzai and then said me" you always says me that you want to be the person like here . As she had said that if I react like the front person reacting to me then there will be no difference in you and them”. And now also whenever I became angry on anyone, my heart says me : Kusum you are MALALA.Incident 3:I was passed in 10th standard by less marks then my exceptations.Nothing else, as usuall I started crying. As me and Nik was not in contact . So she was not able to wipe my tears therefore mobile ranged I picked the call and as accepted it was NIK she understood my problems and she was standing by having medicine in her hand. She used all the thoughts of all the great personalities’s which she know whould motivate me ( at that time I seen divine power in her).I will end my sentence by sayingI LOVE YOU DII, I AM MEANINGLESS WITHOUT YOU.I CANNOT DISCRIBE MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU. MY LIFE STARTS WITH YOU AND ENDS TOO. I LOVE YOU DII(NIK) LOVE YOU SO MUCH.EKK HAZZARO ME MERE BHENNA HAI:)

Why do idiotic parents send their kids to school SICK?

Your sister may have already been sick in this case. Nothing may have been able to prevent this.

But as for your headline question:
- The list of reasons is long. Reasons vary from "I can't afford to miss work" to "It'll toughen them up to suck it up".

I don't agree with it at all. I feel that needlessly exposing otherwise healthy children to sickness (intentionally) is inexcusable. I know sometimes you don't know your child is sick and they get sick at school, but if you know ahead of time it's best to keep them home. Imagine trying to learn while vomiting constantly or running a fever. Some parents just don't think past themselves.