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Worst Constipation Story

Funny Constipation Stories?

I had the same problem at around the same time gestationally, but my constipation was caused more by my severe morning sickness and inability to keep down enough fluids and eat enough fiber. I developed hemorrhoids from that incident and have had them ever since...only now, in late pregnancy, they're worse. Not really that funny, if you ask me, but I know what you mean. Pregnancy isn't all sunshine and rainbows! And don't's going to get even better!

I have the worst constipation ever...?

I have the worst constipation ever, I strain very hard but nothing or just few stools comes out and it hurts bad in my belly when I’m in a bowel movement, all this episodes started three days ago, before that I was fine. but an episode like this happened to me before lasted couple of days but this time it's been almost a week, also another problem is that now I’m afraid to eat cause i feel i wont be able to stool..
Also when I strain it feels like my intestine or belly aint moving so that I can stool...this is awful. I strain again and again but it feels like there is nothing to come out..??
Can a sudden infection cause this?
Or maybe it is something i ate?

What's worst, diarrhea or constipation?

Your spelling is kick-a** on factor for loss of an greater be conscious. Excuse the pun. Dah? constipation. all and sundry suffering to make it to point 3 this week may be experiencing double constipation like me. enable's in simple terms say it would not rain or snow in my u . s ..

Worst constipation story?

Chronic constipation can lead to colon cancer.

Constipation is often due to side effects from medication as well as an unhealthy diet with insufficient fiber.

Most people don't eat enough fiber.

Macro cereal gentle fibre, oat bran, linseed, Psyllium seeds, wheat germ, wheat bran, Chia seeds and Psyllium husks are very high fiber foods and there is also a lot of fiber in fruit and vegetables.

Both constipation and IBS as well as diarrhea can often be cured with liquid chlorophyll as in a web search for "liquid chlorophyll" + constipation + ibs.

Other natural ways to relieve constipation are covered in a web search for "natural ways to relieve constipation".

Red meat can take up to 72 hours to go through the system so you are probably better off without it.

Cheese in large amounts can cause constipation as well.

Which is worse: Diarrhoea or Constipation!?

Diarrhea. Explosive diarrhea. final time I had it, it lasted for 3 weeks, and does no longer provide up, no rely what medicine I took. I had to circulate to the hospital and have something injected into my digestive equipment's bloodstream, or something like that. it fairly is as painful as giving beginning!

How to cure constipation?

I did just what you did and got in the same trouble. now that you are stopped up fiber isn't gonna help until what you have in there is gone. something even more simple than what people are saying is to go to a pharmacy and buy a bottle of carbonated Magnesium Citrate solution and drink that whole bottle just the way it says to do. The Cherry flavored one (reddish) tastes better than the Lemon (in a green bottle) but neither one tastes good and isn't salty exactly but kinda like that anyway. Or you could buy a small container of Epsom Salts and put a tablespoon or so of that in water or a drink and drink that and then a bunch of water. Both will add a bunch of fluid to your colon and make you go. Or, now that you haven't gone for a while and are in pain you can use an enema, which is no fun but it works. If its hardened up in there then you should buy an oil enema so it will be very slippery and help it slide out. The other kind is a saline enema and it will make you go if its possible for it to fit thru your opening but if it doesn't fit then it will be soooo uncomfortable because the saline will kinda irritate things to add fluid there. this is pretty disgusting and all, but if its hard enough you will have to poke inside and break pieces off until it fits after the oil enema... 8O that happened to me... but eventually it will very uncomfortably come out. yes, it will hurt now that its sat there so long. yell all you want. scream. just get it out somehow. there are people who go to a hospital to do it. but you can do it on your own if you keep at it. then, after it comes out and you aren't so sore, remember to eat a lot of fruit and veggies.

Constipation causes many problems like1. Hemorrhoids2. Anal fissure3. Fistula4. Intestinal ulcer5. Colon cancerSo it should be taken seriouslyPlease follow these things.Drink 8 glass of water per dayUse multigrain wheat flour or attaUse fruits rich in fiberUse hot water instead of coldAvoid the processed foodsAvoid Spicy foodfor more information watch the video : symptoms of constipation are as follows:Difficulty in passing stoolNeed of pressure for passing stoolChanges in stool size, shape and colorStool passing less then 3 times in a weekPain during passing stool

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