Would A Carry On Luggage Do It For A 2 Week Vaca

How much clothing should I pack for a week of travel?

I usually travel for 2+ weeks at a time, with just a carry-on suitcase, and I only take 1 weeks’ worth of clothing with me when I do. That’s because I do laundry during the trip once or twice, either sending it out or washing up in the hotel bathroom.For a 1 week trip, I would recommend taking 1 weeks’ worth of clothing to avoid having to do any laundry. You can easily fit that much in a carry-on if you use a compression bag, and it’s not an unreasonable amount.I especially love these Eagle Creek compression bags.I recommend looking at your itinerary and imagining what you will want to wear as you get ready in the morning for each day’s events. Get the weather forecast or get an estimate based on historical data if your trip is far out in the future. Really close your eyes and picture every outfit for every day. Sounds weird, but it helps me!You’ll probably need 1 shirt per day, but bottoms (pants, shorts, skirt, etc.) can often be reworn.1 weeks’ worth of clothing for me would be:6–7 versatile shirts2–3 pairs of pants, shorts1–2 pairs of comfortable, supportive shoes (including the one you wear on the plane)1–2 night gowns/sleep shirts7–8 pairs of underwear7–8 pairs of socks (fewer if you plan to wear sandals frequently)1–2 bras1 swimsuit (if you plan to do any swimming)In case it helps, I also created a packing checklist that shows not just a) what to take, but also b) how much, and c) in what luggage and packing gear, and d) how to organize it all. If you’re interested, you can download it here.

How much money do I need for Miami vacation?

Going on a graduation trip with my best friend to Miami for 4 days, 3 nights. How much money do I need not including hotel + airfare? Like just to eat, go out, have a good time, do a little sight seeing and shopping. I don't want to go crazy but I don't want to be broke either.

What's a good, comfortable in-between amount? I was thinking $400 any thoughts??

Btw, we will be taking public transportation + cabs around South Beach.

Should your boyfriend call you when on vacation?

Whether or not people communicate with the person they are in a relationship with while they are apart depends on what you have both discussed before the event. Everyone has a different idea of what communication within a relationship ‘should’ be, that’s why you need to talk to your partner and make your expectations clear.If you usually speak to each other or text every day there is an expectation that this should be the same no matter where you are. But when you have a holiday your time is often filled with activity and there may not be as much opportunity to contact your partner.As a rule you should expect that there will be less communication during a holiday when you are apart. However to prevent feeling forgotten you need to make it clear that you would like some communication. But remember you want your partner to be present in their experience not worrying about making sure they call or text you on time.If they are away for a long time (a month +) it’s a good idea to make a contact plan. Maybe you’ll email each other once a week with a phone call every 2 weeks. Or maybe you’ll make plans to spend a long weekend together when they get back so you can catch up on everything they did on their holiday.In summary it depends on your personality, your needs within the relationship and what you have communicated to your partner. I hope this helps!

How does the military pay for soldiers to fly home from where they are stationed?

Military members generally travel in accordance with written orders. Those orders will authorize some subset of the possible travel means. Each mode of travel is paid somewhat differently from all the others. In the case of travel by private auto a calculated mileage distance and fee is used. If the member uses a public conveyance the tickets are usually provided to him by the service. No money changes hands when the member travels by military transport.In the case of travel to the members home when enlistment is over it is a bit different. This expense is usually paid as a mileage calculation and whatever the current amount of money per mile is. When a member reenlists he is always paid the calculated mileage cost to his home of record (the home declared when he enlisted). This can be a nice little bonus for reenlistment on top of any actual reenlistment bonuses he may receive.

If I smoke weed the night before I go to the airport, will a trained dog smell it?

Well from reading the answers I would say just be carful take your own risks, butt from personal experience(s) ive been fine. And im a heavy heavy smoker (worked at dispensaries, and avid smoker everyday since 12:). On my last day in Denver me and my dispensary buddies lit up like they wanted me to miss my flight I mean holy Sh*t, my eyes where as red as blood, my clothes had to have smelled 100%. Hour later I was standing in the security line waiting to get checked in. Bam a officer and K9 was going through the line sniffing each person as they casually walk into the line zig zagging their way to me. Now me being the person I am, been smoking for awhile and living in Denver for awhile don't make anything of it. Untill they are right next to me and the good dog he is smells the crap out of me. The officer looks at me sees my eyes and asked if I have anything on my person?me: No sirofficer: may I check your bags, you know you smell like green right?me: sure go ahead, and yes I do we smoked everything before I came here, big smile across my face:)after checking my bad and seeing nothing....officer: have nice day enjoy your highso its not illegal to be high its illegal to have anything they deem illegal on you at the airport. NOW THIS was in Colorado so not sure about other places. Have also suck cartridges into my luggage from las vegas to Houston. and no probs just becarful!(EDIT AT HOME SORRY FOR GRAMMER)

How can you surprise your wife when she is coming back after a long office trip?

I don't know what your wife likes, but for me the very tiny thoughtful things matter the most when I get home weary and irritable after yet another long work trip. What really works for me is getting picked up from the airport with a smile (and...), putting the geyser on, filling the tub, fav incense oils/ candles burning, a nice foot massage, some great home made hot food, unpacking my bag and putting me to sleep like a baby...just anything that says in action "I'm so glad you are back, and I know how exhausted you are." After that anything else is just an improvisation. Maybe surprise her with an elaborate candle light dinner at home, with some great champagne, if you are looking for something a little more special than just everyday pampering!

Should I break up with my girlfriend after we travel or before we travel?

Been there done that..This situation reminds me so much of myself with a girl I dated for a couple of months. I had good reasons to stop the relationship as she looked like she was leading me on, was being hot and cold etc.. I was so much looking forward to go in vacation-weekend in Spain that I suggested her to go together while in fact I knew that I wasn’t happy with her.When I came to my senses and realized it was a bad idea, I was hesitating between cancelling and going with her anyways. I didn’t want to throw my money away (non refundable ticket) and I decided to go anyways. I thought I would just enjoy the vacation and not think about the relationship.Well, BIG MISTAKE !She was behaving even worse while we were in vacation and I didn’t have fun at all. On top of that, not only I had paid my ticked but I also spent other money in meals and clubbing. Luckily it was only 3 days.Don’t go for it! Talk to her and be honest. It is better to loose your travel ticket before you get into headache and more expenses. You will NOT have fun knowing it is going to end and it will give you more anxiety than fun. Also in your case you will be misleading her as she will think that travelling together is a proof that relationship is progressing.PS. There are web Services where you can put on Sale unwanted/unused tickets so allow people to make a bargain and you not to loose all your money.