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Would A Division1 School Look At Me For Football

Do I have a chance to play division 1 college football?

If you have to ask, then no.

But if you have the heart and believe you can, then yes. Playing Div I football is not just about being an athlete. It is about being a smart athlete that has faith in his abilities and also the heart to get more out of yourself than you ever have.
Coaches yell at you more, teammates rely on you more and you have to be able to fulfill the requirements.

I played corner for a Major school. My first play I was burned for 40 yards. My coach asked me why and I told him. He said I have to have to have the shortest memory ever in the history of time, or I would never make it. Thinking back to being burned on one play never allowed me to play at my "A" game. after halftime I had 6 tackles, 1 sack and 1 INT. Coach asked me in the 4th quarter about the play I had been burned on. I said What play?

Get excellent grades, stay in the gym and you will reach your goals. Just never depend on an answer board to decide your fate in life. Hopefully your next question will be "How many of you will come see me when I start at "insert school here"?

Is 24 too old to go back to school and try to play college football?

Just turned 24 a couple of months ago and Ive been thinking about playing football again, problem is that I have no college years under my belt at all so I would be starting at an community college first in order to even get into a division 1 school and what scares me is that by the time I get there will I be too old to play, not mention trying to get drafted also. Please give serious advice I would much appreciate it thank you.

I never played high school football, and I want to walk on in college?

I am 5'8", 160 to 165 lbs. I have recorded a 4.4 in the past, and I would be looking to play cornerback in college (I will be attending Ole Miss). I want to walk on to the program.

Never played organized tackle football in my life, I have a condition called Thrombocytopenia (you should probably look it up), it's basically a blood disorder and I've never had trouble with it but if I were hit in the head and bleeding internally it'd be fatal but I figure it's a fatal sport for a lot of people, and cornerback is the "safest position" in football I've heard. Plus if I clear 100,000 blood platelets I am at a normal level, and recently I was at 95,000 I believe. This was when I was playing varsity athletics and paying attention to health and trying to gain muscle and speed.

I don't know what my doctor or parents would say about it, I've asked their opinion a few times in the past about even trying kicker but they've said no and now I found out that it's a dangerous position just because linebackers or special teams linemen would be rushing in trying to block a kick and could run you over.

Just looking for opinions, I don't know what I will do yet but I am very athletic, I was forced to stop baseball because of money problems and parents couldn't take it having me play anymore and other personal issues that happened, but I was pretty well recruited by Division 1 schools. So I'm confident in my athletic ability.

Thoughts on what I should do?

Could I get an Athletic scholarship at a Division 1 school?

Math: 70
English: 68
Religion: 75
PE: 80

That was my 1st semester, I'm a freshman in high school and I would like to get to a Division 1 school for my football career. I live in Ontario, Canada.
The schools I'm interested in are:
Michigan State University
Auburn University
Florida State University
Ohio State University

What shot do I have to get in a Division 1 school? I'm studying more and trying to improve my grades. I don't know my GPA.

What are some good resources to help a high school football player get into a NCAA Division 1 school?

I answered a similar question over here: How do you get recruited for college sports?Reposted answer:Disclosure: I am the CEO of beRecruited, the nation’s largest online college athletics recruiting platform serving more than 1.25 million registered users.The college athletic recruiting process can be a daunting one, but there are a number of free and paid resources.1) Set up a free profile on sites that are relevant for your sport. beRecruited, for example, offers a free profile (upload stats, academic info, videos, search colleges) for 31 sports. beRecruited also provides registered users a detailed resource center to research the recruiting process and various colleges. There are sport-specific sites out there as well. Also, do research, such as reading books like Put Me In Coach by Laurie Richter2) Determine what, if anything, you want to spend to increase exposure. beRecruited has a Deluxe option, for monthly $14.99 fee or a $59.99 lifetime fee, which lets you see which coaches are viewing your profile, reach out proactively to coaches, and be featured on the site.3) Determine if you need more help from a professional recruiting / hand-holding company, or a more sport-specific "recruiting coach". These services can often be pricey, in the $800+ range. However, it is worth it for some families that can afford it.In summary - start free, and work your way to paid services as you need them. Often times free or a small cost gets the job done.Feel free to reach out to beRecruited at or on Twitter at if you have additional questions.

Which team has the best-looking uniforms in college football?

Kyle Wrather makes an excellent point -- it starts with whether you're a traditionalist or not. If you like older-style uniforms, something like Penn a classic. If you don't like old-school, it's godawful boring.I think one that blends old and new fairly well is the University of Michigan.The overall look is classic, but the helmet design gives it a little more visually interesting element.Notre Dame's uniform is iconic, but I happen to like the special-use green jerseys (usually used for 1-2 games a year).I'm also fond of North Carolina just based on color. Light blue is hard to pull off well, but they do it.Georgia Tech -- some teams have a gold jersey as an alternate, but GT uses it as a primary, and it actually works pretty well.Of the newer ones, I actually like Oregon's general look, but since they change combinations every game, they don't really have one set uniform. I'm generally partial to the dark green.