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Would A School Be A Considered A Total Institution And Why Or Why Not

Is school like an institution, why or why not?

School is an institution.

Believe me, teachers don't give a darn what you wear until or unless it distracts other kids from learning. Teachers don't care about holding power over you, and they can't do anything or enforce any rules that weren't put in place by your parents. Your parents are the ones who make up the rules, or vote on what rules should be in place.

Teachers want you to express yourselves, they aren't trying to shut you down. Uniforms equalize everyone, it levels the playing field between kids who have everything and kids who do not. It places your intelligence front and center, where it should be in a school.

Teenage girls are so caught up in how they look, every second of the day, that the only course of action most schools have is to at least curb their vanity by setting a dress code. I know, I was a teenage girl, we had no dress code. I lived on the beach in southern California and I wore a bathing suit top and cut of jeans with flip flops to school. The guys wore trunks and sandals and tank tops. That was our dress code, basically. Two years after I graduated the dress codes were reinstated, too many thongs in plain sight. Underwear became outerwear, the girls blew a good thing by going too far. Their own fault. We had it made. They blew it.

Uniforms are the only answer because some girls just don't know when to stop. The more makeup a young girl wears, the younger she looks. Mostly, the school faculty just want you to make it through to graduation and retain a smidgen of what they taught you. They don't care about policing your clothes, unless you do something that makes them be the police.

Expressing your individuality is something one does with one's mind, not with one's clothing because, anyone can buy what you have on, nobody can take what comes from inside.

Would you consider college to be a total institution?

not impossible, i suppose, but generally, i'd have to say no. students sign up for college voluntarily, often pay for the privilege of being there, and can leave at any time. that's pretty different that a concentration camp, a prison, or even the military (which doesn't exactly qualify either, but it's closer).

Are public schools considered a socialistic institution?

The reason that we have a government at all is to do the things that we can not do individually. For instance defending our borders, building the infrastructures that make it easy to get across rivers and from one end of the country to the other in a car. Making sure that every child has an education, electricity, clean water, sewers, and a police department/fire department.

Is that socialism? Could the interstate highway system have been built with private money? The sewage system in any major city would still be open ditches with private funding. These are industries that take great amounts of cash to set up and if there is a profit to be made it is in the far distant future so private industry will not invest in them. Are we then to do without a sewage system? Without a fire department? Police? Rural electricity? Paved roads?

I think not. Public Education has provided us with some of the great minds of our country. The education system has it's problems but they can be sorted out. We need a public education system so we must just sort out the problems. Our universities are attended by students from all over the world looking for an advanced education. We only need to mend the primary and secondary levels of public schooling. If we start by not letting the parents deem what is proper education for their little darlings and let the professional educators teach and not be the baby sitters they are now, it would be a begining. At least the kids will be literate. Oh, that means they can read.

Is school a total institution?

Not usually, at least not schools in the US. A better example of a total institution would be a jail or prison. Perhaps a boarding school might fit, but not public schools.

Why are schools considered to be formal organizations?

Since schools themselves don’t arise serendipitously, are mandated by local and state laws, and additional strict rules to govern going’s on, they are considered formal organizations.Informal organizations can exist within formal settings, like teachers forming a bridge club or students playing basketball at lunch then studying together after school, but these informal groupings always coalesce with respect to the formal organization’s structure.Hope this helps,Bryce,Partner, conover+brown

Why is the IIMs considered a prestigious institute?

A2AThe IIMs are considered prestigious simply because in India, at least, they are considered the shortest way to prestige, respect, higher earning bracket and way to fulfill one's dreams. Make no mistake this 'shortest way' is no easy peasy ride.Consider the 2014 data: People registered for CAT=197,000Total number of seats=3335Acceptance Ratio=1.6928%That means for every 100 people that apply, 1.6 get an admit. Now that is a staggering metric! The acceptance ratio of 1.6% is measly. Wanna know what is Harvard Business School's Ratio?  12% (2016 class profile). From a total of 9543 applicants, 935 (yes, that's the batch size) were selected. Wanna know GSB (Syanford's) Acceptance ratio? 5.5%. For the class of 2016, from a total of 7355 applicants, 410 (batch size) were accepted. If you look from a pure supply and demand perspective, IIMs are a far tougher nut to crack! Also consider that the demand for BLACKI IIMs (IIM B, L, A...)  is far more than the newer one's and the ratio gets skewed further.Are all IIMs considered prestigious around the globe? Not exactly. Are all IIMs considered prestigious in India? Probably Yes!

Why are family and education considered social institutions?

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Why is SCAD considered a good school?

“We train commercial artists, not starving artists.”SCAD is one of a handful of schools that fulfills the criteria of being both an accredited university and a commercially-focused trade school.Its curriculum is focused on the arts and entertainment such that they can provide consistently decent level of training. Organizationally it’s made up of many individuals hailing directly from the industries that it caters to, providing both potential connections and referrals for students as well as a sense of insight as to how to effectively teach to the commercial art and entertainment industry’s needs. These needs include, but are not limited to, capability to communicate within a collaborative setting and efficiency in developing the materials of one’s work.Art fundamentals, fine arts appreciation, and art history are accounted for as well, but other universities, by contrast, limit their art training to merely these elements and are often disdainful towards commercial art training. This is abjectly unhelpful for students trying to get jobs as sequential artists, animators, concept artists, and other commercial art careers. SCAD, meanwhile, has programs dedicated specifically to these specialties with considerable depth and fosters a large community of students with the same interests.Unlike a trade school, though, SCAD is a fully qualified university. This means you get a four year degree out of it, which is a competitive advantage, as well as more in-depth academic training and the opportunity to pursue higher-level degrees.One caveat is that SCAD can’t necessarily completely guarantee you a job, even though they definitely do everything to try and help — I’ve had one professor go out on a limb for me more than once. Entertainment is a very over-saturated field of work, such that highly trained students have a very difficult time penetrating the job market lately. That’s more so a reality of the business than it is a problem with the university, but I would recommend weighing that factor carefully.

Is nursing school considered vocational school?

No, nursing school is a professional school. It is generally not considered a "vocational" school. However, it's possible what you're thinking of as a nursing school is not necessarily considered a professional school. I guess it would depend on the type of school and what classes you were attending. But generally, attending nursing school is considered a professional institution, not a training academy.

Which are considered more superior educational institutions, IITs or IIMs, disregarding the fact that they are for separate fields?

National Law schools        AIIMS, JIPMER        IISc,IISERs        National Institute of Design        Indian statistical institute    and       Schools of film, drama, fine arts         Schools of Economics,  sociogylist is going on.     Every year all these institutions get creamy students through a competitive admission process.    Difficult to say which is best.