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Would America Have Laughed If Candidate Obama Had Said

Why do conservatives call Obama the Messiah?

I don't know, but it seems to be a conservative-exclusive title. I've never seen a liberal call him that here, but it's hard to find a question where at least one conservative hasn't done it.

Perhaps it has something to do with the far right's general religious extremism and the need for them to associate their opponents with the sin of idolatry.

Do you believe that the typical American voter can be "sold" a candidate by a high-powered public relations...?

Yes I do believe so. I think Obama has proved that votes are very easily sold. I was just talking to a girl tonight that said she was voting Obama, I asked her why and she couldnt name a single position of his. I said to her "Oh, I guess your just one of those people that vote for whoever they think is cool." And she said, "Yeah, well McCain is old and you hardly ever even see him on TV anyway." I just laughed and said my see ya laters.

Why is Obama throwing comedian Bernie Mac under the bus ?

Obama is pathetic. During his entire life; Obama has put down those uppity " typical white folk " .
Obama reiterated these racist anti-white sentiments repeatedly in his Book.
Obama sat in his racist, unpatriotic Trinity Church for 20 years nodding in agreement ( as witnessed recently by Secret Service Agents ) to Jeremiah Wright's vile racist " sermons ".
Obama is a cowardly racist who " hides " under a hood the same way the KKK used to.
Obama is trying to convince America that he is not a racist in the same way that David Duke tried to convince America that he was not a racist.
Only a fool would believe that although Obama has worn his racism on his sleeve throughout his entire life.......he suddenly has discovered feelings of warmth & equality towards whites.
Anyone who believes that should know that I have a Bridge to sell them in Brooklyn, NY.

If you could ask both candidate Romney and President Obama one question in front of a national audience, what would it be?

What makes America the greatest country on earth?The only acceptable answer includes a Newsroom reference.

What would a President Barack Obama vs Donald Trump debate look like?

This would be the worst experience of Trump’s life, and it is entirely plausible that his galactic ego would enable him to accept the challenge.Obama is articulate. Trump is virtually unintelligible.Obama is an intelligent man. Trump has average intelligence, at best.Obama has the ability to organize and present cogent arguments. Trump cannot demonstrate linear thought progression.Obama would rely on fact and evidence. Trump would make up his evidence and be forced to defend it, which he could not.Obama would draw from pertinent experience. Trump has no such experience.Obama would make effective, precise points. Trump would pollute the argument with nebulous, inane banter in an effort to disguise his inability to make effective, precise points.Obama would project composure and confidence. Trump would expose his inability to control his emotions.Obama would smile and laugh appropriately. Trump neither smiles nor laughs (have you ever heard him laugh?). He pouts and sneers.Obama would come off the debate as a self-possessed professional. trump would forever be the naked emperor.

Have you ever been made to laugh with delight by anything Donald Trump has ever said?

Trump by proxy. When he thought his unemployment numbers were really good, and the reporter said that Trump had critizised Obama when he had the exact same numbers. How would he explain that? Spicer smiled(!), and said: “Yes, we talked about how to respond if that came up. He said to tell you that the numbers are good now that they're his!”Very typically Trump to criticize Obama for everything he possibly can, and then say he does better himself when he knows that's not the case. I saw a very rare moment of insight there that took me by surprise and made me laugh a little. Not exactly delight, but for a second I was at least not angered by what was said.

Why do people say Obama only became president due to affirmative action while Donald Trump is the real deal?

I have never heard the argument before. Obama is clearly a product of the establishment—and by that I mean the DC political establishment. From whoever funded his law school, to whoever paid for two ghost-written books, to whoever got him the US Senate seat (which takes many millions of dollars), etc. Apparently people like Brzezinski, Kerry, Biden, etc. OTOH, Trump is clearly not a product of that. He is part of the NYC - global business community, and he always dabbled in politics with his checkbook (both parties). But he wasn’t raised and groomed and trained the way Obama was. Obama is the DC establishment’s teflon candidate—he believes in what they do (CIA, war, minimal social welfare policies to keep the society from killing each other, etc.). White liberals and most black voters love him. Trump is a relative outsider who made deals for access—like bringing in Manafort (who has a sleazy resume’ with the RP going back to the early 80s). He is probably ignorant of how DC actually works to quite an extent. The concern that they have is that he is uneducable and not cooperative enough. Notice how they lined up to praise him when he bombed Syria (his bombing, remember, is different from Obama’s because he directly targeted Syrian forces and facilities).

Why is obama such a pussy?

Obama was so worshiped and glorified on his way up to the Presidency. How did he get that very expensive education, the people that funded that education must have saw a potential in him , that he could be president ( or a top politician). It was as if everything he did, up too and becoming president was absolutely with out question to the Liberals. He needed a little conflict and less *** kissing on his way up! Obama may have the country at heart ( as a Liberal sees it).
Now he just can't understand , Why so many people do not see it his way and want what he wants for the country. He wants a socialistic country , and believes the government can do a better job of controlling people's money. They want a more even distribution of money and power. It seems they don't see the inherent danger of the government controlling everything.
The people were so afraid that the Clinton's would get back in , that Obama just slid past them and overwhelmed them. Now we are living to regret it.
I think he also thought all the foreign countries would see what a marvelous leader he was, and how wonderful the world would be if they just did what he told them too do!They see him as being weak, he says one thing and when it is not put into effect or questioned, by the people he capitulates.
Obama is narcissistic, omnipotent and omniscient. He still is trying to figure out why everyone has turned against him.
He is still trying to lay down the law to the U.S. and when they don't go along with his agenda,they are dissident or racist. ( political dissent is not racism)
He was in for a rude awakening, and he is still trying to figure it all out.

Was Obama our last functioning president?

Hopefully the Trump presidency should of taught all parties to set in place new laws to inhibit those who've no previous held office to run for President. To put in place rules that will also ensure all candidates have a full physical exam by a set doctor, ensure all full tax returns are published prior to the actual start of the Primaries. This every man policy being able to run for the highest office in the world has to stop otherwise Obama could well be the Last correctly run Oval Office.