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Would Anyone Want To Buy This Facebook I Made

Someone wants to buy my Facebook fan page for 15k, should I do it?

I did a little research and it seems that they are buying facebook fans and there was a question about whether it's legal. But you know, one of the biggest issues about facebook is that while it is a social media it is the best damn source for names - that's the nature of the facebook game. And this guy who approached you would likely sell those names to someone else. There's a company called Whitefire that does Search Engine Optimization - so this might be legit. But that's a lot of money, and I wouldn't trust anything Western Union. It's up to you. If I were in your position, I'd wonder what kind of trouble I could get into and whether it could legally hurt me in any way.

Is there a way to find someone on Facebook who has made their profile unsearchable?

Facebook revamped it's privacy settings because stalkers were using it and when people thought that they had done everything they could to rid themselves of an abusive partner, school bully or dangerously obsessed ex FB opened a whole new window of opportunity to continue their harassment's. So unless you work at Facebook, a local PD/state AG office or the FBI, there's nothing you can do to access their page.
You mention that you've "been through" things. I'm not trying to imply that you are lying to get this information, or misrepresenting your intentions, but If I had a buck for every time i logged on here and found a question (whether it be about a kid trying to buy a gun, an idiot wanting to modify a non working firearm to shoot or a guy trying to circumvent having to pay for XBox 360 memberships) about defeating safeguards I'd be rich! Safeguards in every industry exist for a reason and trying to solicit advice on circumventing or defeating them for criminal reasons is not the intended use of Yahoo Answers. If you really are looking for this person to reconnect with a long lost family member, then I wish you the best. But if it's for other reasons that might not be viewed as legal then I'm afraid you're out of luck. No one in here will be willing to assist in a criminal act.

How much money would I make from a Facebook page with 100,000 likes?

Hi! It's a Facebook Page owner’s dream to cross 100,000 likes.. Only if achieving such numbers were so easy!! It's not impossible but there's no guaranteed system either. A lot of factors plus paid tools result in making any Facebook page so successful. So great job if you've accomplished this great feat!Now as evident from the other answers, likes is NOT equal to money earned. You can earn by employing techniques like:sponsored postsAffiliate marketingMaybe there are more methods but these are two categories I know of. There are many websites where you sign up for these 2 techniques. Most websites have their own rules and eligibility, and with such a successful Facebook page, you'll be advertisers’ first choice of course.There is also another category - direct advertising - where you don't really sign up anywhere but advertisers connect with you directly as a result of your success. They will pay you directly too.Now let's talk money - sponsored posts, direct advertising, affiliate marketing can be as low as $1 USD per post to $1000 per post for a certain duration. If it's permanent, then you'll be earning like royalty checks. But it all depends on the clients. I still have a post on my website that lets me earn off it after 6 years, and I'm not anywhere close to 100,000 likes. So you're up for great aspects, if you do this right.Good luck :)

I have $2500. Is it worth it to buy Facebook shares with it?

If you really believe in Facebook stock over next few years, using $2500 you can make a bigger investment in FB using options as compared to buying stock. This is called leveraged trading. And it can actually  be safer than buying FB stock at current price because it gives you a cushion if price falls a little.How do you do it? Buy "deep in the money call options for 2 years duration".Sell "at the money call options for same duration"By doing this, you are betting on FB stock to not go down below current price in 2 years time. If the stock price is same or higher than today after 2 years, you make almost 100% profit on the money you invested. And if stock price goes down, your typical break-even point is below current price. So, it is safer than buying the stock at today's price.Real life Example:As of today(April 15, 2016), FB is priced around $110 per share.Jan 2018 Call option for $90 strike is around $30Jan 2018 Call option for $110 strike is around $20So, your effective break-even point for this options spread is $10 per share.  So, you make money if the shares close above $100 on expiry (Jan 19, 2018).  This way, your investment is safe as you are already at $110 today and if stock does not fall, you will make 100% returns. Even if FB falls to $105, you will make 50% profit.For $2500 dollars, you can trade 250 shares (hypothetically as lot size is 100, so you can only trade 200).  If you buy shares directly, you will only buy 20 shares. The only downside is that your maximum profit is limited (which is 100%). But I believe at current price, it is not easy for FB share to double in 2 years. And if it goes down by 10%, you will not lose any money if you choose the options spread route. What is the catch?Now it sounds like a great plan. But the catch is that if shares fall below $100, you start losing money much faster than buying shares. In extreme, you will lose all your investment if the shares close below $90 on the date of expiry. Also, if FB price goes very high, e.g. $300. Your profit will still be 100%. You can not make more than 100% profit in this example as you sold Call option for $110. Final commentsOverall, I love options spread better than stocks as you an make big money with small investments and if you are wrong, you still have buffer before you start losing money. Also, an experienced options investor will create more spreads to reduce risk and make more money in these trades.