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Would Better Education Help Tackle Conservatism

How is conservatism any better than liberalism?

Conservatives pretend that capitalism will be tolerable
if you keep the masses in line- with wars, debts, prisons, border check points and paper delays
but most of all through austerity instead of liberal spending in all welfare states.

Liberals figure you could save in the end if you let capitalism have its way, but spend just enough to keep the masses comfy.

Two kinds of capitalism. Both kinds, liberal AND conservative-
What more can the electorate POSSIBLY WANT??

Which is better, Liberalism or Conservatism?

I think in the spirit of theory they both are valid. Like others here I have both views depending on the issue.

I think in practice the conservatives have more harmful policies and that they are anti-labor which harms families and children. I think they promote jobs overseas and poverty wages (working poor) and the flood of foreign illegals crossing the border to steal jobs and lower the price of labor. I don't think this serves the working class of tax paying citizens in any positive way, it is actually harmful to their families (I refer to working class as anyone who's income is dependent upon their time and physical exertion and not upon the profit of a larger entity, regardless of their income) . They also participate in socialist policies like the government controlling the price of oil while the other side of their mouth claims to be supporting capitalism. We are being encouraged to boycott Citgo because our government doesn't control this channel. Only buy government controlled oil at it's inflated price. That is a basic socialist concept in nature. yet most people believe that using collective tax dollars for the the benefit of everyone in an area such as healthcare is a socialist concept when actually if you paid your taxes this year it was your money to begin with and the government has an obligation to make it work for you because that's what they are elected to do. conservatives also partake of a seemingly socialist concept in the form of the public school system, which I find hypocritical. And they don't regard themselves as socialists when they raise the taxes of elderly people and childless people to pay for their child's education (or a football field whichever). It just seems to me that conservatives don't really fundamentally understand what they stand for. they figure if they know how to call names and deflect attention from themselves and their policies then their job is done. mainly I'm referring to politicians and generally policy. And as always the ignorant people who don't do their homework but that should go with out saying.

Liberal and Conservative views on Education?

Liberals -> Getting in touch with your feelings is the most important thing. 2 + 2 can equal whatever you 'feel' it should be as long as you are politically correct in your thinking. No mention of the founding of the nation, except to remind everyone that we are a terrible nation. You must understand that we all came from monkeys, but you cannot hear alternative viewpoints. Snails are just as important as humans (global warming hoax kooks). No teacher terminated no matter how poor the results from their classroom (unless of course they are Conservative)

Conservatives -> Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are taught in school, Sex Education is up to your family. No 'touchy, feely' B/S like global warming hoaxes needs to be promoted by liberal teachers. Incompetent teachers should be terminated. Many Conservatives, myself included, believe education should be handled by the private sector.

Education help.?

80% of American university students WORK at least part-time to pay school and/or living expenses. Many have absolutely no support from family & work full-time, go to school full-time & pay for everything. And they work hard to get scholarships, financial aid, etc.

Of course, as long as you think it is not possible, it isn't.

Is being Conservative or Liberal better?

Saying either conservatives or liberals are better can't be determined as both have pros as well and cons and any opinion on superiority is simply opinion. Anyone that says their preference is better is truly arogant and is close minded. Whatever group you share ideas with is the group for you although it is common to belief both sides have ideas you agree with.

The saying that came to mind is accurate on the grounds that the starting point of the analysis is traditional beliefs. By that I mean beliefs that were laid down by the founding fathers and various other people. COnservatives tend to follow those traditions more closely while liberals are known for straying from them.

An example is gay marriage.The majority of conservatives I know ally themselves closer with the bible (a book that contains many traditional belifs follwed by the conservatives) and see gay marriage not necessarily as an abomination like the bible does, but as something that is unethical and should not be legalized. But a good deal of the liberal I know support gay marriage and don't think that traditional beliefs should iterfere with the personal preferences of people who have non traditional ideas.

How do I become a better tackler?

With your size one helpful hint to get someone down that is bigger than you just attack their knees , believe me they cant keep running if there legs are not under them. Also, square up, yes you should run full speed but control yourself into the tackle. Put your face mask on the ball and drive your legs. If you say that they are dragging you after you wrap up one thing might be that you are hitting to high.

Take out there legs, after all they can't go any where without them. (Especially take out there legs if the person your tackling is much bigger than you.)
Good LUck

Discuss Conservatism, Liberalism, and Nationalism in Europe, 1800s. Please help me with this!!?

They all suffer from the same problems, so there is not one that is better than any other. We are all flawed creatures, thus it seems logical that all of our creations would too be flawed. I like to think that the best form of government is a balance of all types of government; an ideal society governed by empathy and good intentions. But the world doesn't always work out that way, and sometimes you have to just take the good with the bad. But I think one good look at the world today will prove beyond doubt that all forms of government are pretty much flawed in very similar ways. Greed is a human concept, it does not magically appear as a result of our business or government. It is a human flaw, a human emotion just like anything else. To that end, I hear, "The sins of a parent die with their children." I tend to agree at default, I don't know what else to say or think of it.

What is a conservative and what is a liberal? which one would be better for running the country?

Most liberals are democrats, and most Conservatives are Republican.

Conservative Republicans are better to run a Capitalist society.

Liberals are better to run a socialist society.

Republicans think, and Democrats feel.

Democrats feel the government is the answer,
Republicans think the government is the problem.

Democrats trust big government,
Republicans trust big business.

Democrats feel, it is ok to kill an innocent fetus, and let a convicted murderer live.
Republicans think it is ok to kill a convicted murderer, and let an innocent fetus live.

Democrats feel the answer to any problem is to raise taxes.
Republicans think the answer to any problem is to cut taxes.

Democrats hate the rich,
Republicans want to be rich.

Democrats hate guns,
Republicans like guns.

Democrats feel global warming is more of a threat then terrorism.
Republicans think terrorism is more of a threat then global warming.

Democrats feel the USA is occupying Iraq,
Republicans think the USA is liberating Iraq.