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Would Chelsea Recall Lukaku If They Were Able.

Who should Chelsea buy next season?

According to me , the players who must be shown the door in no particular order - 1.Cahill ( Yes he's English , but didn't we just see his outstanding defending in the Euros?! ) 2. Oscar - A typical Mourinho player who could track back and do defensive duties. But what kind of a #10 doesn't assist or score goals? Offload him and use that money for potential targets.3. Ivanovic -( highly unlikely to leave ) Looks well past his prime. Failed to negotiate threats last season4. Matic - A stunning fall from where he was during the 2014/15 winning season ( so much so that Obi Mikel replaced him! )5. Loic Remy - Sure he's been our unsung hero who scored goals in crunch situations. But sadly,  it's time to let him go.   Who should we buy? Again in no particular order 1.a. Midfield enforcers like N'golo Kante  / Morgan Schneiderlin . 2. A dependable striker backing up Costa. Batshuayi and Costa would form a potent two striker system. We need one more man like Lacazette / Morata who could  come on later to trouble the tired defenders or just in case of injuries.3. Good physical defenders with technical abilities like Koulibaly. Getting back talented  youngsters from their loan spells like Christensen would do a world of good.

Should Chelsea buy a striker in January 2014?

Yes yes and yes. Despite the wonderful trickery and play of our coveted attacking midfielders , Chelsea is going through a goal drought. Despite that "goal drought" , Chelsea is 4th in Goals Scored tally. 1. Man City - 53 goals.2, Liverpool - 43 goals.3, Arsenal - 36 goals.4. Chelsea - 33 goals5. Manchester United - 31 goals.There is no question that if a world class finisher would be at the helm of Chelsea's attack from the start of the season, the Premiership race would be kind of done and dusted assuming other team's performances remaining same.At the moment , Chelsea are just hanging in there with the leaders due to Mourinho's tactics and creativity of our wonderful talents like Hazard etc. But until a striker with goals does not arrive , EPL is not coming to West London this season. However , just buying a striker won't solve the problem. Chelsea's current playing style is not "Forward-favouring". It does not allow strikers to score much goals. The midfielders cut in centrally and strikers wide out for a passing game play and thus reducing their time in front of the goal. Fernando Torres at Liverpool was a man standing just waiting to pounce on a Steven Gerrard through pass. Over here ,he stands with his back to goal waiting to play one-twos with Mata, Hazard ,Oscar etc. Yes , Torres is off his old speed but the change in style has also contributed in his downfall. The striker Chelsea need should not be a 50 million pound superstar. It should be a skillfull , world class finisher capable of fitting in the Chelsea gameplay. If it ain't so , it would be Fernando Torres all over again.

Who will win the Premier League this year? Why?

First, let’s have a look at the Premier League table.9 matches played. 29 more games left. Right now it’s still early to say which team will win the Premier League.Manchester City is at the top at the table with 25 points. City scores the most goals (32) and concede the fewest (4). They are unbeaten since the first week of the season. They won their last 7 PL games. The last time they fail to win is the 1–1 draw against Everton. Take the current form into account, they are in a good position to win the league.Manchester United starts the season well. The Red Devils looked unbeatable at the start of the season, until their first defeat of the season in the hand of newly promoted Huddersfield Town. Now they are trailing behind the Citizen by 5 points. However, as I said earlier, the season is just started. There are still many matches to be played. Also, don’t forget about Mourinho’s second season syndrome[1].Next is Tottenham Hotspurs. Spurs has a good team. Harry Kane is there to always score goals. They have a good back three. They have good midfielders in Alli, Eriksen, and Harry Winks. Hugo Lloris is always reliable. They have amazing work rate. Their current form is also not bad - 4 wins and 1 draw in the last 5 matches. Spurs might win the league this year if they keep their current form. They have been the title challengers for the last two seasons. Two seasons ago (Leicester City’s year), they finished third. Last season, they finished second. Who know what might happen this season?What about the defending champions, Chelsea? Well, it is not great to trail the leader by 9 points. They only won 2 of their last 5 matches (2W 2L 1D). And unlike last season, this year they play in the Champions League. Gone the midweeks rest while other big teams play in the CL.The PL title race is still wide open. It’s still to early to say which team will win the PL. If I have to pick one, I will pick City.They are unstoppable right now.Footnotes[1] Jose Mourinho to Prove a 2nd-Season King Again at Manchester United?

What is your review of the Manchester United vs. Chelsea game (2-1) (25/2/18)?

We need street fighters in our team desperately. Someone who has a nasty streak.The reason why we are fifth and not second is because we don’t have that type of player. If Frank Lampard was still playing today, he would have grabbed Alvaro Morata at half time in the dressing room and would’ve asked him what the hell he was doing. We don’t have that type of player anymore.We don’t have players with a nasty streak. Last season we had Diego Costa, the guy used to score goals and was a street fighter. We don’t need prim and proper strikers like Alvaro Morata. We don’t need nice guys in our team. This is Chelsea Football Club. We need our players to strike fear in the opponents.I don’t want to say the words, “Morata is shit” because it would be a very contradictory opinion. In the reverse fixture at Stamford Bridge he showed what was needed to be shown during big games. This game it was the exact opposite.Next season, if the board has the balls to make Chelsea compete against top teams, they must bid around 150 million for Dele Alli to make a statement that they are well and truly back and are willing to compete. Just get him from Spurs at all costs. It will send a message to the current squad that they are not willing to tolerate nice guys, especially Alvaro Morata.I still think that selling Nemanja Matic for the price we sold him for was the right decision. But buying Bakayoko as his replacement was an awful decision. It isn’t that he is not talented, there is clearly some talent in him as he was one of the players who helped Monaco reach the Champions League semi final last season. He is just not showing it at Chelsea. One of the reasons we are in this position is because of his poor performances in some really important games where we could have built some momentum.Willian has been one of the most consistent players for Chelsea this season along with Eden Hazard, Andreas Christensen and N’Golo Kante.Romelu Lukaku did not score against a top 6 side this season before this game. It had to be Chelsea who were the first top 6 team to let Lukaku score, didn’t it?Scott McTominay is a good prospect for Manchester United and is improving rapidly. As a football fan, I am proud of him. To break into a Jose Mourinho team where the odds are stacked against you, because Jose Mourinho has been historically reluctant to give youngsters too many chances is seriously impressive.We collapsed at Old Trafford and Manchester United deserved the win.

Why is Chelsea’s transfer policy better than Manchester United?

At the moment, the answer lies in the fact that Chelsea have better scouts than Manchester United and this is coming from someone who is a Manchester United fan himself. Our main focus nowadays has shifted to signing big names. One looks at the transfer rumours and you can only hear big names like Antoine Griezmann, Eden Hazard, Paulo Dybala being linked with United. Chelsea on the other hand have a better scouting network nowadays although they have a fabulous youth academy which they don't utilise to its full potential. They have bought players like Marcos Alonso who feels like a gem of a signing now. People hardly knew Cesar Azpilicueta when he was signed from Marseille but look at his influence nowadays. These are few of the examples.

Who will fill up Chelsea's striker position next season?

Okay first let’s see who the strikers are.Diego Costa (20 Goals in 35 Matches)Michy Batshuayi (5 Goals in 20 matches)Loic Remy (on loan to Crystal Palace) (Played only 5 matches scored 0 goals)Tammy Abraham (on loan to Bristol City) (23 Goals in 40 matches)Not counting Dominic Solanke as he is about to join Liverpool.I think Diego Costa will still be the main striker for Chelsea in the 17/18 season. As in his previous interviews, he has apparently said that he’ll only return to Atletico Madrid if he is to switch clubs ruling out a possible move to China. As Atletico have been handed in a transfer ban which means they wouldn’t be able to sign players till 2018, I think Diego will stay.Batshuayi will play another season as a backup striker for Chelsea. As he has shown on various occassions that he has the potential but still requires time to succeed in England.Loic Remy might still be at the club as a third striker. As there is a possibility that Tammy Abraham might move to Newcastle United on a season long loan. But I won’t be shocked if Loic moves to some other club during the Summer.But IF Diego Costa does move to China. There’s only one man Chelsea might get and he is Romelu Lukaku. He’s had another brilliant season in the Premier League for Everton. As he finished as the second top scorer, he has also previously stated that he has ‘Unfinished business’ at Chelsea.So this summer transfer window is going to be interesting.

CalculusI:A stone was dropped off a cliff and hit the ground with a speed of 120 ft/s. What is the height of t?


u= 0

v=120 ft/s

a=32 ft/s2

t = ? (displacement)

v^2=u^2 + 2at

120^2= 0+ 2*32*t

120^2/64= 225 ft

t= 225 ft

probably go with vdv/dx = a to solve with calculus
hope this helps .

Can Man United win Premier League 2017/18?

Hello there.People who follow me, and pay attention to my answers, will recall me saying this in the summer: “ Anyone from the top6 can win the league, and we can’t say that a team will win it before it starts, or based on their transfer window activity”.Even now that the Premier league has started, we can’t know for sure which team is favourite to take that title, we can start guessing after 10 games, because at this time last season, everyone said that City will win it, they said that their squad is better than any other team and so on and so forth, but what happened at the end? Chelsea took it, City didn’t even come second, they were third, and didn’t win any trophy.With that said, i think Manchester United will be challenging for the Premier Title this season, and as of now, alongside Chelsea and ManCity, they really have a good chance to win, and even if they don’t, they will come either second or third, i’m judging from this season’s performance.ManCity currently are perfect, they demolished Liverpool 5–0, they are scoring goals for fun, and are looking terrifying at the moment, United are solid at the back, a very organised defense, Lukaku need to be a biiiiit more clinical, he seems to be missing some few clear chances. Chelsea are up there too, if the Manchester Clubs fuck things up, they will retain the title, hell, they might keep it even if the others do well.Can ManUtd win the 2017/2018 PL title? Manchester United can win the Premier League title if they don’t lose those easy points like they did last year.Will they do it? i suppose we’ll have to wait to wait and see.I hope my answer helped you.GGMU.™