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Would I Be Allowed To Report This Person To The Police

Is a police allowed to shoot at an unarmed person?

Depends if they are Black or White. If they are Black, it seems so, if White it is debatable. I am all for cops killing to protect themselves, by the way. It is stupid to stand there and be killed. But if someone is running away.....

Perhaps.One night there was this asshole speeding down the freeway, doing about 120. He was in an exotic, with another asshole in a domestic chasing him.I grabbed my cell and called 911 and gave as much info as possible.He t-boned a car and sent three people to the ER. I believe the child died later.What also made the news was that there had been calls to 911 for over 20 minutes about the vehicle.See he had started this game of his south of the city and took it north.The guy in the domestic was keeping him in sight trying to keep the cops in the know. He was never charged with anything as he didn’t do anything other than follow some jackass in a $300,000 car driving reckless.PS: The domestic was a Mustang BOSS. Price tag, $250,000 less than that totaled euro-trash. GO USA!

Should police be allowed to search a person's home for guns because of an anonymous tip to a child abuse?

My daughter used to have strep numerous circumstances each and each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. She detested the throat swab that had to be carried out to diagnose her each and each time. At age 5 it took 2 nurses, me and the wellness care expert to restrain her long sufficient to swab her throat. What i'm getting at right this is that toddlers (even very small ones) engaged on adrenaline, concern or anger could be fairly contentious and sophisticated to restrain. I examine the object and stated that the incident occurred in an afternoon care. This grow to be no longer the 1st time police have been referred to as to a similar day care to get a similar ninety 4 pound 10 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous baby under administration. I won't say that using a taser on the youngster grow to be the perfect/in basic terms determination, yet i think situations could have had plenty to do with it. it fairly is fullyyt achievable that the youngster could have been evading them or in this variety of rage that they have been subsidized right into a nook with few suggestions that did no longer contain different toddlers being harmed. With the protection of alternative toddlers interior the day care to be seen, it could have been a panicked reaction to an extreme concern no longer plenty diverse from a similar concern with an grownup. i'm no longer attempting to excuse the habit of the officers, yet I do have faith that attitude is important in this occasion. From the object: "Police say the officers replied to a checklist of a juvenile who grow to be out of control at gentle Teddies daycare in Martinsville. in accordance to Assistant Police chief Dan Riffel, the officers stated the boy appeared out of control, kicking and outstanding out. Riffel additionally stated it isn't the 1st time they have replied to the daycare using fact the boy grow to be out of control and attempting to wreck others."

Are police officers allowed to give personal info out?

It is extremely easy to get someones social security number in law enforcement. I can get it when I run the license info, their BOP (court record) or triple III (out of state court record), any current or past warrant info. It can also be traced through NCIC (interstate want and warrant check). It can be tracked to firearms info, if the have a license or have made a purchase. I can also get it from running a plate, to see who its registered to, and track it that way.Takes me about two seconds... no exaggeration. There are ways it can be run without having any record of it being checked into.

However, with that being said, its considered CORI (extremely classified, only given to those who NEED to know, in the field). It is not given out to the general public. For an officer to give it to a friend, as a favor, is unethical. Not to say it isn't done, but it is grounds to get into some serious trouble.

I don't think there is much this guy can do, unless he can prove, without a doubt, that the information that was given out was given by law enforcement to a friend. There would have to be an internal investigation. To get that, over something like this, in all reality, isn't going to happen. Not to say that its right, but, they are not going to bother unless the police department finds that this woman directly harmed this man as a direct result of the info given. That, unfortunately, can only be done after the fact, not as a preventative, pending a usual and customary investigation.

Should police be allowed to carry and use tasers?

First of all, being tased, is a "non-lethal" action to take control of a resisting subject, and yes, they can be shot, then there is a hole to fix and the chance the person might die, and yes, there are batons (various kinds) that can be used, but then they get bashed and still have to go seek medical assistance (sometimes), and my all time favorite and I still utilize every chance I get, is my 4 legged land shark, but then there is the chance of multiple bite wounds and or missing meat and then there we go again to the hospital, so being tased is better than all the above, unless one of the above has to be utilized to control and or protect the officer or the public from any dangerous action from a suspect. So, using a "non-lethal" method, is still the best..................and if someone got tased, then they probably deserved it,,,,,,,but remember, its "non-lethal_......

Are police allowed to punch people?

Yes, it's apart of the job description as an enforcer of the law especially women. Women love a man in uniform or else.

Normally, we may arrest someone on the authority of a warrant, or if we actually encounter the person in the commission of a crime, or if we have “probable cause��� to believe that the person has committed, or is about to commit a crime.A warrant should be self-explanatory. A document issued by the courts authorizing the arrest of a person.Seeing a person committing a crime as well. I’m on patrol and I see a domestic argument taking place and suddenly one party punches the other. An assault..Probable cause can be more difficult. Lets say I stop a car, and in the front seat are… A handgun, a gym bag, a Halloween mask, a pair of gloves, and a note that says “give me the money”.This would be pretty much evidence of the person intending to commit a robbery. Most people would think so… And that’s an element of probable cause… Is it reasonable, considering the circumstances, to think the person is about to commit a crime?Now, it may turn out that the fellow may be an actor on his way to a theater rehearsal where they are going to film a robbery…. But he’s gonna have to do some ‘splainin….

Are police allowed to tell people to 'eff off'?

We were at the carpark doing parkour right, you know, minding our own business, behaving nicely, even nodding and smiling to people walking past the ramp (like the stairs, but its flat, i think its for trolleys and stuff) anyways while we were having fun, 4 police came around us: 2 on ground level and 2 on top floor. And they're like "throwing bottles huh?" we said no, and then they went "ok, do you understand english? then F U CK OFF!!" and when we ran (cause we were kids) they actually snickered and laughed.

what the hell, are police allowed to do that?
this is australia by the way.