Would It Be Better To Memorise The Shorter Surahs Instead Of Chronological Order

Which is the better way to reading the quran... starting from the longest surahs, or the shortest surahs?

there is chronological order ,but why may i ask you want to do it ?the present order is by Allah Allmighty Himself.and not a man made order.any way whatever way you find it comfortable,as long as you are seeking guidance from Quran Alone

Order Sura Order Sura Order Sura Order Sura Order Sura Order Sura Order Sura
1 96 17 107 34 50 51 10 68 88 85 29 102 24
2 68 18 109 35 90 52 11 69 18 86 83 103 22
3 73 19 105 36 86 53 12 70 16 87 2 104 63
4 74 20 113 37 54 54 15 71 71 88 8 105 58
5 1 21 114 38 38 55 6 72 14 89 3 106 49
6 111 22 112 39 7 56 37 73 21 90 33 107 66
7 81 23 53 40 72 57 31 74 23 91 60 108 64
8 87 24 80 41 36 58 34 75 32 92 4 109 61
9 92 25 97 42 25 59 39 76 52 93 99 110 62
10 89 26 91 43 35 60 40 77 67 94 57 111 48
11 93 27 85 44 19 61 41 78 69 95 47 112 5
12 94 28 95 45 20 62 42 79 70 96 13 113 9
13 103 29 106 46 56 63 43 80 78 97 55 114 110
14 100 30 101 47 26 64 44 81 79 98 76
15 108 31 75 48 27 65 45 82 82 99 65
16 102 32 104 49 28 66 46 83 84 100 98
33 77 50 17 67 51 84 30 101 59

Writers: Do you write in chronological order?

At times.
I think sometimes writing in chronological order can be a bit hard and cause writers block. For example, if you have inspiration for a certain scene, like a dance, with certain characters, and you try to write a story from the beginning that leads up to that, it can make your inspiration go away.
Like, i have a LOT of trouble getting through the beginning of the stories i write, because i don't know how to start them. I know the middle and end, but i just don't know how to start, how to introduce the writer to my world of characters and everything. J.K.Rowling, Richelle Mead, and L.J.Smith are geniuses at this, but for me? No. I cannot write the beginning very well. I write and re-write a stories beginning 3939 times because i simply like it one moment and dislike it the next, and sometimes i end up going nowhere.

So, what i do, is i begin to write my story from the beginning, but if i have an idea for a certain scene, i write out that scene in a notebook separately from the typing document story in the computer so that i won't forget it, same for my ideas; i write them down first and then type them.

So far, i do write in chronological order, but i'm not going to anymore, because it can make me write obscenely slowly.
I say, if you have an idea for a certain part of a book you want to write, write it separately. If you don't know what to write, skip that part and write what happens afterward, then come back and write it. For me, i didn't know how to start a book, so my stepdad said, "Then just write the parts you do know how to write, and come back to the beginning later." I did so, and that was the very first book i finished.
However, chronological order may be easier to organize because it can be hard to put scenes and chapters together and make them fit whenever you do not write in chronological order.

Do you know that the last two verses of Surah Tawba (Chapter-9) from Quran should be recited during the time of difficulties? At some point of life, you really need help from the Almighty.

As a non-Muslim, I was not aware that these two verses were to be recited during difficult times, but I grabbed my Arabic-English copy of the Qur'an to check them out and refresh my memory.128 There has come to you a messenger from among yourselves, concerned over your suffering, anxious over you. Towards the believers, he is compassionate and merciful.129 If they turn away, say, “Allah is enough for me; there is no god except He; in Him I have put my trust; He is the Lord of the Sublime Throne.”(I've copied them over for the benefit of any other non-Muslims reading this.)Now… I can see why reciting something like these two verses in times of difficulty might have a calming, stress-reducing effect on someone who believes in the Qur'an, Islam, and Allah. It would likely have the same (placebo) effect as reciting “This too shall pass.”As a philologist, I'd also be interested in having a Muslim offer me a phonetic spelling of the Arabic words (I can't read or speak Arabic myself, and I know translations often result in a loss of the original poetic meter).I only ask out of interest on a purely academic level, mind you… Personally, I've found that I've never needed to rely on any kind of “Almighty” (I say this with all due respect to those who do believe in an Almighty).

Why is the Quran not in chronological order?

It was a decision made at the time when the Quran was compiled and finally agreed to by the witnesses remaining. Except for the first Sura, generally the Quran is now ordered with the longer Suras generally appearing first and some of the shorter Suras generally appearing last but not exactly in such order. There are compilations of the Quran setting forth the order of when the passages were revealed. There are a number of traditions attempting to explain this order as being set by Muhammad and reviewed periodically by Muhammad, but this is not confirmed and the reasons for the exact order common today are not certain. (Revelation Order of the Quran)The Quran was not formally compiled and agreed to until the Caliphate of Uthman (the third common Caliph after Muhammad) approximately 20 years after Muhammad’s passing. The revelations of Muhammed were retained orally and on various scraps of material (stones, animal skins, etc.). It is purported that Imam Ali made the first compilation of the Quran some six months after the passing of Muhammad but the community did not accept it. There were other “personal” copies of the “Quran” composed of certain revelations of Muhammad prior to the “canonized” version. Certain experts had memorized the Quran (or portions of the Quran) but after a number were killed in battle efforts began to be made to collect the revelation. Uthman ordered that the Quran be compiled and certain authorized authoritative copies prepared and sent to Islamic centers. All alternative collections were then reportedly destroyed or abandoned.This is actually an important issue. The disconnected letters of the Quran (series of letters in Arabic that appear at the beginning of certain Suras) have a specific meaning and content in terms of numerology and meaning that was to be sealed until the coming of the Mahdi and time of the end. When sorted chronologically, they relate to specific time periods and events in Islam.There are some minor disputes about the extent of the Quran, particularly whether some additional Suras (two in particular) were excluded in the final, agreed canon under Uthman. The final, canonized version of the Quran is deemed to be conservative and to represent the collection of revelations commonly agreed to at the time.

Submitters: Three prayers because?

1} FIVE PRAYERS A DAY AND THEIR TIME : God gave us the times for the Salat (contact Prayers) in the Quran : (1) The Dawn Prayer (Fajr in Arabic) given in 11:114, 24:58 (2) The Noon Prayer (Zuher in Arabic) , given in 17:78 and 30:18 (3) The Afternoon Prayer (Asr in Arabic), given in 2:238 (4) The sunset Prayer (Maghrib in Arabic), given in 11:114 (5) The Night Prayer (Isha in Arabic), given in 24:58 As you can see from the Quran, God tells us to do our Contact prayers (Salat) at specific times, and then He tells us what these times are. {2} TAKBEER (Glorification of God), Allahu Akbar : The Takbeer (glorification of God) by saying Allahu Akbar for example can be found in 17:111, 2:185, 22 :37, 74:3, and 29:45 [17:110-111] " Say, "Call Him GOD, or call Him the Most Gracious; whichever name you use, to Him belongs the best names." You shall not utter your Contact Prayers (Salat) too loudly, nor secretly; use a moderate tone. And proclaim: "Praise be to GOD, who has never begotten a son, nor does He have a partner in His kingship, nor does He need any ally out of weakness," and magnify Him constantly (Kabberho Takbeera)." See also, the files, "Magnify God" and " God's beautiful names" {3} READING SURA 1, FATEHA, IN SALAT : The mathematical evidence for Sura 1 is overwhelming and should be reviewed. Check the file "Beyond Probability" by Abdullah Arik. {4} BOWING DOWN (Rukoo) AND FALLING PROSTRATE (Sajood): Where in the Quran; [22:77] "O you who believe, you shall bow, prostrate, worship your Lord, and work righteousness, that you may succeed. " See also, 2:43, 2:125, 5:55, 9:112, 22:26 and 48:29 For falling prostrate also see; 3:113, 4:102, 7:206, 13:15, 15:98, 16:49, 17:107, 19:58, 22:18, 25:64, 41:37, 48:29, 53:62, 76:26, and 96:19, WHAT WE SAY WHEN WE BOW DOWN : "Subhana Rabbya Al-Azeem), can be found in 56:74 [56:74] "You shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great. ' (Fa-Sabbeh Be-Ism Rabbeka Al-Azeem) WHAT WE SAY WHEN WE GET UP FROM BOWING DOWN: "Sami-a Allahu Le-man Hamedahu" (God hears those who praise Him) [3:38] "That is when Zachariah implored his Lord: "My Lord, grant me such a good child; You are the Hearer of the prayers." AND, [52:48] "You shall steadfastly persevere in carrying out your Lord's command - you are in our eyes - and glorify and praise your Lord when you get up." WHAT WE SAY WHEN WE FALL PROSTRATE: "Subhana Rabbya Al-A'ala " can be found in 87:1 [87:1] "Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High." (Sabbeh Ism Rabbeka Al-A'ala)

How do I memorise the Qur'an?

Alhamdulillah, I have started memorizing Qur'an and I will do my best to answer your question well Insha'Allah.Get a Qur'an with suitable writing size, font and (preferably) with a'raab, the symbols on each letter for pronunciation. It is recommended if you but one with 13 lines on each page.It is not a very easy task to memorize the Qur'an; you need a teacher. A local mosque might be helpful or online tutors like on Learn Quran Online with hand-picked Quran Tutors for Tajweed classes, Hifz courses and Arabic lessons. Never try to memorize yourself alone.As you start memorizing Surahs, remember to repeat them in your prayers for daily practice. When they grow too many, ask a sibling/friend/your parents/etc to listen to them from you.Listening to recitation is really helpful. I listen to Shaykh al-Afasy's recitation which is sweet, beautiful and easy to understand and follow.Avoid using mobile phones, televisions, visiting places, meeting with friends etc for these things will distract you from hifz. You should perform some tasks to keep your mind healthy but do not put stress on your brain (no, not even slightly).Repeat, repeat, repeat like there is no tomorrow.Learn the translation of what your memorize. This will make memorization easier and what's better than knowing translation with the Arabic?It is to your benefit if you learn Arabic too, since it makes it easier to interpret the Arabic words of Qur'an yourself.Pay attention to what your are reading. Your Tajweed should be perfect, no mistakes should be there. Learn Tajweed before memorization if you do not already know it because it is an essential part of hifz.Slow down some. You do not need to memorize the whole book in one day, but it should be perfect what you memorize. Instead of quickly reciting your memorized parts, recite slowly and steadily, and keep note of the first word of the next Surah.

Will Instagram introducing algorithms instead of chronological order of posts in March 2016, lower engagement of the platform?

I agree with Chris Prakoso.The fact that the more popular posts will appear at the top of a users' feed will increase the likelihood that they enjoy the content, therefore causing increased engagement.

Can I read the Quran with revelation order?

In the name of AllahSalamYes, it is not Haram to read the Qur’an with revelation order. Some scholars in Qum are working on a project by the name of Tafsir Tanzili which tries to understand the Qur’an with revelation order.Based on the study of Quranic sciences’ experts, 86 chapters of the Qur’an revealed in Mecca and the rest revealed in Medina.The chapters which revealed in Mecca in order:Al-Alaq, Al-Qalam, Al-Muzzammil, Al-Muddathther, Al-Fatihah, Al-Masad, Al-Takwir, Al-Ala, Al-Lail, Al-Fajr, Adh-Dhuha, Ash-Sharh, Al-Asr, Al-Aadyat, Al-Kowthar, Al-Takathur, Al-Ma’un, Al-Kafirun, Al- Fil, Al-Falaq, Al-Nas, Al-Ikhlas, An-Najm, Abasa, Al-Qadr, Ash-Shams, Al-Buruj, At-Tin, Quraysh, Al-Qariah, Al-Qiyamah, Al-Humazah, Al-Mursalat, Qaf, Al-Balad, At-Tariq, Al-Qamar, Sad, Al-Araf, Al-Jinn, Al-Furqan, Fatir, Maryam, Taha, Al-Waqiah, Ash-Shuara, An-Naml, Al-Qasas, Al-Isra, Yunus, Hud, Al-Hijr, Al-Anam, As-Saffat, Luqman, Saba, Az-Zumar,Ghafir, Fussilat, Al-Shura, Az-Zukhruf, Ad-Dukhan, Al-Jathiyah,Al-Ahqaf, Adh-Dhariyat, Al-Ghashiyah, Al-Kahf, An-Nahl, Nuh, Ibrahim, Al-Anbiya, Al- Muminun, As-Sajdah, Al-Tur, Al-Mulk, Al-Haqqah, Al-Maarij, Al-Naba, An-Naziat, Al-Infitar.The chapters that revealed in Medina in order:Al-Baqarah, Al-Anfal, Ale Imran, Al-Ahzab, Al-Momtahinah, An-Nesa, Az-Zahzahah, Al-Hadid, Muhammad, Ar-Rad, Ar-Rahman, Al-Insan, At-Talaq, Al-Bayinah, Al-Hashr, Al-Nasr, An-Nur, Al-Hajj, Al-Munafiqun, Al-Mujadilah, Al-Hujurat, At-Tahrim, Al-Jumuah, At-Taghabun, As-Saff, Al-Fath, Al-Maidah, Al-Tawbah.Almost all Muslim scholars who involve with the Quranic Sciences are agreed on this order. Although there are some disputes on a few verses, but they are not noticeable.

Brothers and Sisters: Can I learn the prayers in English instead of Arabic?

When you do the obligatory five daily must say them in r reciting the Quran when you do came down in Arabic..there r many words in Arabic that the Quran uses that does not translate into English. Its not very hard to learn. And if you want to make a prayer for something can do them anytime you want and in whatever leanguage you want. Millions of people have learned the Quran in Arabic with knowing how to speak the will feel your connection naturally I think..from my experience at least...and you can learn surah..and then read the English at least you know what the surah is talking cn study the Qran in detail by going to lectures and reading many books..and that way when you here a surah that you r familiar will feel some type of is a link to show you how to pray: on the right side of the on how to pray in and will see a video of prayers that will make it easier for you to learn...and you will also see a video of you can learn that properly as well

and if you want some good books check out this bookstore and order books online:

Why cant I memorize Quran ???

read btwen the lines(not to scale)
r=rill I(the ill l is hidden attached to the bottum of the r)
n=ri (sealed together)
so read btwn the lines the
Quran= O \ u rill lari
and God is One is I is \.
so Like the Good News Bible Ex. 3.14 which states God is the I AM, the Quran, the Word also shows Gods name is pronounced lari or larri same thing.

I AM=I A IVI(sealed together)=I A IIII I (sealed together)
larri(cut & sealed together)=i am

so basically the Quran and verses of the bible say the same thing. irregardless of what they teach in churches. because didn't a verse of the bible say to be a friend to the world is to be an enemy to God or vice versa. So obviously God is God but the world is His enemy so they say God is not their God, but the bible is irrefutable as God will alway be the I AM, not their False God who equals a Don or even Jesus or Muhammad. read my blogs for further Proofs.