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Would It Fit Me Perfectly

How do I find jeans and pants that fit perfectly?

You have to know your correct size(waist ans inseam).You have to know your fit preference or the fit that suits your body type. (slim,straight, or skinny)Fabric composition of the jeans.I know that finding the perfect pair of jeans seems impossible but I think I might find an answer to our struggle. Ive tried to buy jeans online and never found the perfect fit until I tried Mott&Bow. They have this awesome free home Try-on program that helps you when you're undecided between waist sizes of the same style!Buy your first pair &choose a second waistsize for freeThey'll send you both so you can decide the  best fit for youKeep the one you like and send the second pair  back for freeWith the free pre-paid  label drop the box off  at the nearest UPS

What does "I find this car fits me perfectly" mean?

I don't understand the word find used in this sentence. Does it mean search/seek/look for? And why does the word fits have a (s) in the end? It shouldn't be fit? Hope you guys help me.

How does it feel when a name fits you perfectly?

My first name came to me fairly organically, but it took me a really long time to find the middle name that felt right. My given midde name at birth was a family name, my dad’s and his dad’s before him, so I knew that changing it would carry a tremendous amount of emotional weight with my parents.I tried looking for feminine forms of that name — there really aren’t any. I looked at baby name websites. I had a text file on my computer with all the different possibilities, as well as what culture they came from, what meanings (if any) it carried, and so on. Nothing felt right, particularly in conjunction with my already-chosen first name.Finally, in a fit of inspiration (and maybe a little desperation), I dug into my family tree for ideas, and almost immediately struck gold: my mother’s grandmother’s middle name. It’s of a similar vintage as my given middle name, and feels just a little bit old-fashioned and classy. When I went to the baby-name sites to look up its meaning, it came from my celtic roots — same as my new first name, as well as the name it was supplanting — and dovetailed beautifully with my new first name’s meaning. Best of all, when I put the two together, it almost had a music to it that’s hard to explain. The rhythms of the syllables, the shape of the vowels, the weight of it in my mouth and mind. It was really a magical, almost spiritual moment for me.It FELT. RIGHT. Like something finally clicking into place.Since then, hearing people call me by my new first name (the middle doesn’t come up much, of course) just puts a huge smile on my face and a song in my heart. Yes. That’s me. I’m Rylee. Thank you for seeing me.

How much would you pay for the most perfect pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, if you knew they were going to last and not loose their shape?

Now, I enjoy thrift shopping. At a thrift store I can buy a pair of jeans that fit well, and have already been broken in, for about $4. My jeans don’t usually last more than a year before there becomes an unfortunate hole, or I get tired of the style, or I find a better more wonderful thrift pair, or I change size.I probably buy 4–5 pairs of jeans in a year at the thrift store, for a total of under $30 per year on jeans.If I bought a custom pair, I doubt I would give up the thrifting, so this would be an investment in addition to what I normally spend on jeans, a splurge just for curiosity more than anything.My general limit for personal purchases just for fun is $50. However, the last time I spent more than $15 on a single clothing item was when I had to get interview clothes. There’s just so much volume of good cheap used clothes I would find it extremely difficult to justify spending money on new clothes, even custom fit. I would need some sort of special occasion.There aren’t many special occasions that require jeans.I guess I would plunk down $25 for the experience.However, no one is going to make custom made jeans for that price, it’s ridiculously not enough money for the effort. The value is probably closer to $250 paid directly to a tailor (no distribution, no mark up, not the fanciest tailor around), but I’m just never going to be that customer.

I have the perfect jeans: but they itch me!!?

i own a pair of jeans that simply fits me perfectly in every way.....which is amazing because I rarely find jeans that fit me well. However, they have one problem: when i put them on, it feels like the inside of the jeans is lined with rough netting and is scratching against my legs! My legs never look irritated or anything, but the "itchiness" is amazingly annoying, and as good as the jeans look on me, I just can't wear them - which is annoying! I don't know if I just have sensitive skin or what. When i simply feel the inside of the jeans with my hand they feel fine though. Any ideas on what to do?

How come some pairs of pants fit me perfectly in the morning but then need a belt by the afternoon?

The size of your waist is the same, but your belly may be slightly larger because of the supper you scarfed down the night before. Now, if you eat a breakfast then again this effects the size of your belly. Now, if you don't eat lunch, or simply have a sandwich, or a burger & fries that would normally be okay, but if you do hard work like construction pipefitter, auto body repair, a sports player, or the equivalent hard work then you're really burning through a lot of your lunch, but that’s assuming you’re eating. If you do not eat lunch then you burned through the remainer of your brkfst. If you don't burn much energy through your work, such as, because you're a clerk typist, or whatever, then it must be Your clothes. As Ms Jennifer said, some clothes tend to strecht hrough the course of the day. I know I can put on some shorts in the morning, and as I go through the day, I tend to put my keys, my Buck knife & maybe a measuring tape, or my cell in my pockets. Since I don't eat much, and work outside, I eventually have to put on a belt, or tighten the short straps,…or my shorts Will. fall off, or worse, i'll look like one of those street thugs with my shorts halfway down my legs with my prretty underwear steady holding fast properly to my waist. Since I can't stand being seen Imitating a teen of that sort, I make the proper needed adjustments. Take Care & Stay Safe, Dapper Dan

What soccer cleat size will fit me perfectly?

Ok so my birthday is coming up, and im planning on ordering some soccer cleats online, so I don t have to have the hassle of going to stores and not having my size. Im interested in the new Nike Superfly 4, but since it s mercurial it s a little more tight from what I ve heard. I have the Hypervenom Phantom from previous purchase that are size 12, and they fit me perfectly. Will the sizing be the same for the Superfly, or will it be different? Please let me know any crucial details, I don t want to order them and then they aren t the right size. Please help, our varsity team has a game next month, and I want to start off with some nice boots.

Have you ever found a philosophy that fit you perfectly?

From what I read, I really like Stoicism. Although it may be a rather big flaw of it to so adamantly pursue “natural” … whose natural? Regardless, I love the idea that it is our interpretations that cause strife and not necessarily events in them self. Is this mindfulness though? Is this CBT? Regardless, Any metaphysical system that attempts a structure is going to have a shape that is in some way foreign to me from some view. Surely though, there are things that are good/bad outside of myself?! This is where things get complicated…Maybe that’s what you want in a philosophy though? A system to strive towards? I mean, if a philosophy “fits” why would we change? Why do we need to change? Oh I need to change. We should find systems we respect that we want to work towards, not to find systems that fit where we’re already at. I want to get better. A philosophy for me, must be fluid and adapt to where I want to go.This is where the apologist jumps in, and says - Ah! You want a relationship.Yes, in a sense - but not from a westernized Christ which has been used as a scapegoat for all sorts of awful behavior.Having said all this, I am finding a philosophy that fits me perfectly - but it’s only because I’m making it up as I go along. Perfect may be too strong of a word, as I may not have sold my million dollar painting… Regardless! I’m still breathing and laughing most of the time!