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Would People Be Interested In My Business Idea

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How do I tell my friend that I am not interested in a business idea?

All you have to do is say, "I'm flattered that you considered me and I've thought about it but I'm going to have to take a pass. I hope you're really successful with it though, and when you are, you can laugh in my face."And then he will say, "Why?"And you will respond, "Because I really don't want to."And that is it. I cannot tell you the  number of times people have come up to me with Amway-type get rich schemes, store-front businesses and pyramid schemes designed to separate me from my money. At first I felt guilty saying no -- they were my "friends" after all, and sometimes my family. I was rich in those days when you're rich, everyone believes that your money should somehow become their money, that you don't need it as much as they do. But I found I felt better and less like a sucker when I looked them in the eye and just said, "No, I don't feel like it.". There's really no response to that that doesn't come off like whining or begging, though some will stoop even to that from time to time. When they do, all I did was stare at them and let them realize for themselves how pathetic they sounded. After awhile, the pandering stopped because it became known that I was a "cheap, selfish bastard".  I preferred it that way.

Should I be scared telling people about my business idea?

You should be more concerned about not getting constructive feedback on your idea resulting in launching a bad idea. You do yourself a disservice by not seeking feedback, especially from potential customers.Think twice before sharing your idea with a company that could actually represent a competitive threat.Otherwise, nobody is going to steal your idea because it is really hard to start a company. Most of us have had ideas of products or services that we eventually see launched by someone else. We don't do it because it's hard.  We don't want to take the time to do it.  We don't want to invest the money to do it.  Mostly, we don't want to take the risk to do it!Anyone can have an idea. Doing something about it is hard. If your idea is so simple that anyone can do it without investing any money, having no expertise and without taking any risk...then it's probably not much of an idea anyhow. Share your idea. Get feedback. Refine your idea. Then buckle down and do the hard work to launch your idea. Good luck!

I need ideas for starting my own home business?

eBay works for me. It is fun, easy, and profitable. You can work flexible hours, as your schedule allows.

I am an eBay Silver Level Powerseller. My monthly profit averages $3500. I work about 6 hours a day. The more you work, the more you make.

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Best of luck to you!

Is there someone who can invest money in my business idea?

Finding an investor for your business provides you with the seed money you need to start the business. In return for investing in your business, most investors receive a percentage of the sales or company stock. Finding an investor for your business may be harder than it sounds, but there are some ways to go about locating and convincing investors to invest in your business.Write a business plan. Before looking for investors write a business plan. A business plan is a written guide of your business including the purpose, the startup costs, expenses, sales forecasts and other information to gain the interest of investors.Make a list of possible investors. Add people you know to the list who have money to invest and may be willing to take a risk with your business startup. Friends, family members and business owners of related businesses are the best places to start. For example, if your business involves a computer software product, then other software companies may be interested in investing in your company.Locate business investors on investor websites. Dozens of investor websites exist, where business startups can search for investors (see resources), which may be called angel networks. If you do not have someone you know personally that can invest in your business startup idea, you can typically find possible investors through these networks.Dale Ventures | Personal Investment Holding Company

Good small business idea with $1000-$3000 investment?

other than like a SMALL vending machine route that does not make much money, you will need atleast $15,000 to see the light in th business world.