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Would The Doctor Give Me Something For A Toothache

I have severe tooth pain. Can I get prescribed something like hydrocodone to help ease the pain?

I have heard this question a bout 5 million times. Let me tell you what is going on. You had a dying tooth and you went to the dentist who took the nerve out of the tooth and the pain went away for a while. Then the dressing wore out and the pain returned.RepeatRepeatDid the dentist not tell you that you needed a root canal and that you must return for a root canal or further treatment?The failure of getting the root canal completed was a popular drug seeking behaviour when I practiced in Santa Cruz CA. Took me a while to cotton on but I got there in the end.Finally no-one in their right mind is going to give you hydrocodone without seeing the problem and doing something about it. When a patient asks me for a schedule II pain med by name I am immediately suspicious. In my own practice I completely eliminated narcotic medications (in about 2000) and now use skill, technique and pain prevention meds instead. What a relief it has been to my sanity and to the sanity of my receptionist.

Can a doctor or ER prescribe pain medication for severe tooth ache?

I had a lot of work being done last year, but had to stop suddenly when we lost insurance. We won't have it again for three months.

The pain I'm experiencing makes me so sick to my stomach! I dread waking up. I ran out of pain pills prescribed for my c-section and it's unbearable.

Will a doctor in a walk in clinic or ER prescribe pain medication for something like this? I'm at my wits end, nothing else works. ( tylenol, orajel, alcohol, ect.)

And no sass on the fact I had poor dental hygiene. I had an abusive mother who neglected what I needed done for ten years, my wisdom teeth pretty much obliterated the teeth next to them on top. I only had the wisdom teeth yanked, the rest hurt so bad!

My husband gets a toothache the day after giving me oral sex, what could cause this?

He has a cavity.

What can the emergency room do for my toothache?

If you have ever had a dental emergency then you understand how frightening and painful it can be. Often people are unsure what constitutes a dental emergency, who they should call, and what they can do at home when they experience a dental emergency. Follow these guidelines for determining how to best handle your dental emergency.Source: Do You Know You Can Reverse Your Teeth Cavities Naturally?Certain dental emergencies are urgent while others can wait to be treated. Its especially important to understand the difference between the two if you experience a dental emergency over the weekend or at night time when dental offices are typically closed.Most dentists have an emergency number in the event that you experience any of the above problems outside of business hours. If you are still unable to reach your dentist for whatever reason, visit the emergency room in the event of an urgent dental emergency.If you experience a non-urgent dental emergency, it is still recommended that you contact your dentist as soon as possible. However, it is usually not imperative that you are seen right away.Dental emergencies are never fun, but knowing how to handle them can make all the difference in the world! Remember to consider whether the emergency is urgent or not and then contact the appropriate professional to help you the next time you experience a dental emergency.Please note: We accept all PPO Insurance Plans. We do not participate with HMO or DMO insurance plans, but we do offer flexible payment options as well as an in-office dental savings plan.

HORRIBLE toothache: No Dental Insurance, what to do?

My tooth has been hurting for a while now. I have no dental or medical insurance. I'm currently unemployed, but have been looking for my first job since April. Not even McDonald's is hiring around here. I'm in extreme pain, and can hardly eat. When I do it hurts and food gets stuck up in there. My tooth and the gums around it, and the whole left side of my face hurts. It's a top tooth, towards the back. The last time I was at the dentist he said I had 6 cavity's that needed the fillings fixed, but I lost insurance before I could go back.

My dentist will not take a payment plan. I called around, and my best bet is the community action clinic, but even with sliding scale fees I'll have to pay around $100 for the initial x-rays and exam. It'll be early November before I will have that. Not to mention I'll then have to pay to get it actually fixed, and I'll be lucky to afford that by early December.

Is there ANYTHING I could do in the meantime?

I am ALLERGIC to aspirin, Motrin, ibuprofen, so I can't take that for pain or swelling.
I'm also allergic to codeine. So I have to be extremely careful what I take. Aspirin sends me to the ER from allergic reaction if I take it.
So I have only regular extra strength Tylenol. Is there anything else (over the counter without any form of aspirin or in the slightest related to codeine) to be recommended?

I've tried orajel (it hardly works), heating pad on my face, soft foods, keeping it clean, mouth wash, regular toothpaste...I've tried floss/tooth picks but I'm afraid of breaking the tooth.

Any kind advice would be much appreciated.

What can an ER do for a tooth ache?

I actually had to go to the ER last night because of a filling i lost over 2 months ago and now the pain got severely bad. What a waste of my money. Hate to burst the other person's bubble but there is NO oral surgeon on staff, and the most they can do is give you a social worker to a free or sliding scale clinic (which i went to this morning to have my tooth extracted.) At the ER they gave me 2 shots of lidocane which did NOT work, and a script for penicillin & norco, which did work. And obviously the extraction helped. But honestly, ER cannot do much for tooth pain, you must see a dentist. The temp filling kits and baby orajel only worked for so long, and they do NOT work on exposed roots, which if you are experiencing throbbing tooth and constant pain, that is most likely what is happening.

Is this medication right for a toothache?

Yes, this is right. Once the antibiotics get going you won't have anymore pain. The ibuprofen should work the best b/c it is such a good antiinflammatory. You can alternate extra stregth tylenol between the ibuprofen for more help. The antibiotics DO help with pain. Teeth actually do NOT have pain receptors. The pain comes from the pressure that builds from the infection building up around your tooth. Once, the infection goes down, you will feel much better. If it is horrible you can even double up the antibiotics and take 2 pills 3 times a day instead of 1, but you should check with your doc or dentist first to be sure. For bad infections, we often have people double up the antibiotics the first few days until it feels much better. Also, Cephalexin IS recommended for tooth infections. It often works much better on teeth bugs than Amoxicillin. This is what we normally prescribe. We do normally prescribe 500mg tabs 1, (3) times a day.

Can a toothache cause a headache and neck soreness?

Yes. Could be a medical problem or a dental problem. It's difficult to tell you what is wrong with very limited information. Referred pain makes it hard also as you can't tell which pain is the most primary symptom. Maybe the toothache is causing the headache or maybe the sore neck is causing the headache. The big thing I would ask is can you touch your chin to your chest. If you can't then you could have meningi'tis. A medical doctor would be a good choice for this. Otherwise, if it were me, I would go to the dentist as they are much better with oral anesthesia. ifnyou are in incredible pain a good dentist will numb your mouth quickly to provide relief. A doctor most likely won't provide this service and will not write you a prescription for Vicodin or anything similar for tooth pain. Personally I think tooth pain can be some of the worst pain to experience. If you called for an ambulance and I showed up I would possibly give you some Fentanyl if your pain seemed authentic.So if it were me I would try dentist first unless I couldn't touch chin to chest, had chest or arm pain, shortness of breath, or had some other symptoms that might indicate a medical emergency.

I have a tooth ache.I am allergic to Penicillin,what can I take?I have no money for a Dentist.?

Orajel always works.