Would This Be Expensive

How expensive can the Pokemon TCG get ?

Unlike the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, most cards in Pokemon have some use - there's no "meta" in the same way as other games. This means that cards are usually valued for their rarity rather than usability, so most rare cards cost at least a few dollars.

You don't need a lot of cash to make a good deck, though, unlike in Yu-Gi-Oh! where you need tier 1 cards to keep up with the meta.

A league is more of a casual club than an actual tournament - new players often go there to just duel for fun and earn minor prizes. Doesn't really matter what sort of deck you're running. So yeah, go to a league if there's one near you, it helps.

How expensive will life be in 2050?

Some people who were alive in 1988 (31 years ago) wondered what things would cost in the future but most didn't. The cost of housing has gone up, but not everywhere, and food has actually gotten less expensive when you adjust prices for inflation. I remember the going price of a large pan pizza from Pizza Hut in the early 1980s was $12, and we would wait until we got a $2 coupon. Today, you can still get a large pan pizza from Pizza Hut for around the same price. Adjusted for inflation, those 1982 dollars would buy something today for well over $20. VCRs were still relatively new in 1982 (what's a VCR, you say?) - the cheapest one was around $800. The first Sony Walkman was somewhere around $100. Early computer systems were in the thousands. Electronics are dirt cheap today in comparison. You pay more for some things and less for others. You'll get by. Incomes keep going up, too.

Would it be too expensive to use Uber to go to a job interview?

not if you get the job

Does expensive mean better quality?

The short answer is No. The long answer is that price/quality/market position can be explained by well established marketing theory. In Bowman's Strategy Clock, Cliff Bowman considers competitive advantage in relation to cost advantage or differentiation advantage.Bowman's Strategy Clock represents eight possible strategies in four quadrants defined by the axes of price and perceived added value.Bowman's Strategy Clock

Does cheap vodka get you as drunk as expensive vodka?

Your assumption is partly correct. Vodka is alcohol and water. However pure is not a word I would use to describe the alcohol. When alcohol is distilled more then just ethanol comes out. These extra things taste bad (they are called fusil oils and conjoners as a whole). In fact it is is those conjoners (things like ketones and aldehyde) that account for the major part of your hangover.

The more expensive vodka is distilled many times over. Each time it is distilled more of the product is lost (called the heads and ends). It is quite typical for 1 gallon of 15% ABV to be distilled into less then a cup when done.

Technically the cheaper vodka has the same amount of alcohol as the more expensive vodka. It will get you drunk just as quickly. Good vodka will not give you a massive hangover the next day like cheap vodka will. It will also taste very different (or that is to say good vodka has a very subtle taste).

Good vodka I drink straight. Bad vodka I don't drink.