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Would Trayvon Be Alive Today If He Hadn

Is it true the autopsy revealed that Trayvon had abrasions on his knuckles and THC in his system?

yeah Zimmerman attacked his fists with his face

Was Trayvon Martin standing his ground?

If anyone had a "stand your ground" defense in this situation it would appear to be Martin. He was a teen walking down the street and being stalked by a strange man.

Edit: Some people who criticize the “trial by media” seem to forget that if Martin’s parents hadn’t sought media attention there would have been no further action concerning their son’s death. Think about what you would have done as parents in this situation.

LiberaIs, if this conversation had taken place between Trayvon and Zimmerman, would Trayvon be alive today?

Zimmerman: Hey you!

Trayvon: Huh?

Zimmerman: What are you doing here?

Travyon: I'm visiting one of my relatives in the area.

Zimmerman: Are you here for any other reason?

Trayvon: No.

Zimmerman: Can I see your ID?

Trayvon: Here.

Zimmerman: Alight. Sorry about any misunderstanding.

Trayvon: No problem.

Zimmerman: Take care, young man.

Trayvon: You too.

Both walk away.

Trayvon Martin Shooting (February 2012): How can George Zimmerman's use of lethal force be justified?

Zimmerman armed himself and hunted and killed Martin.  It wasn't just a murder, it was a murder for sport/fun.It was "justified" because the only direct witness/victim was executed by Zimmerman.With no conflicting testimony, the only conclusion is to believe Zimmerman when he says he got lost less than 1 block from his home on streets he regularly patrols, and got out of his car, walked to another, different street to read off the street sign to give  a location, and just coincidentally cornered Martin on a dead end alley, when Martin, being stalked by an armed aggressor acted to defend himself.Note, that's Zimmerman's story (with facts by Zimmerman, and embellishment by me).  And that story got an acquittal.  Had I been the prosecutor, I'd have argued that we should believe Zimmerman and his story was correct, and it was still a murder by Zimmerman.But the prosecutor didn't want a conviction.  Like the prosecutor that illegally presented defense evidence at the Michael Brown grand jury hearing, the prosecutors are told by mayors and governors (people who can fire them) to make sure they lose.  Winning causes riots.  But so does losing.  But the winning is perceived to be a worse result for public peace, so the prosecutors are ordered to lose, and even go so far as to break the law to do so.This isn't about stand your ground, but a separate legal standard doesn't exist for poking the tiger.  If you find a tiger, corner it, and poke it until it bites you, then shoot it because you are in fear for your life, your murder of the tiger is 100% justified, and the admitted assaults of the tiger up to that point are irrelevant to the murder of the tiger.The question should be, why is it legal to poke the tiger?  Putting yourself in deliberate harms way in order to encourage an other party to escalate violence due to your perceived escalation shouldn't be a defense in murder trials.  Had Zimmerman not hunted Martin down with a gun, Martin would still be alive.  Zimmerman was safe in a locked car and Martin out of sight, then Zimmerman followed Martin, trapping him in a dead-end alley.It's also hard to get a murder conviction.  Juries don't like to sentence a person to death.  And murder is considered death, or life, both of which are death in jail, one taking longer, and the other costing more taxpayer money.  A jury verdict isn't always strictly on the law, but related to the psychology of the jury, as well as the skill of the lawyers.

Why did Treyvon Martin call his girlfriend?

I don't understand one thing about the behavior of Treyvon Martin. Most reports suggest that Treyvon Martin attacked Zimmermann because he was threatened by the fact that Zimmermann was following him.

If Treyvon Martin really felt threatened, why did he call his girlfriend and not his father to report the fact that somebody suspicious was following him? He was visiting with his father and his father was at home in the vicinity. If he needed help his father was more likely to provide him with more effective and timely help. Why then would Treyvon call his girlfriend instead of his father? Could it be that he was not threatened by Zimmermann's pursuit thereby proving that his attacking Zimmermann was foolhardy and not out of self-protection?

Why do liberals refuse to believe that Zimmerman acted in self defense?

Simple - Zimmerman was TOLD by the 911 dispatcher to NOT follow that kid, but he did ANYWAYS. That shows Zimmerman's arrogance; if he had held back, that kid would still be alive. Martin had no burglary tools or weapons on him at the time. Why is that so hard for conservatives to understand?

Zimmerman is NOT a member of the REAL "Neighbourhood Watch." He appointed himself to that position. He's a cop wannabe - and violated a cardinal rule of Neighbourhood Watch, by carrying a weapon. Zimmerman was not "watching," he was CHASING, which was a violation of another cardinal rule of Neighbourhood Watch.

Zimmerman also had a history of abusing the 911 system - he called 911 on one occasion to report garbage in an alleyway. This guy is arrogant, immature, and totally irresponsible. I think packing that 9mm gave him a sense of bloated importance and power, and he went out that night intending to use it at the slightest provocation - he was looking for trouble.

If Trayvon Martin had stayed at home that night, he would still be alive. It would have been a different night when some kid was killed, the name would just have been different. But it would still have been Zimmerman doing the shooting.

Now it turns out that Zimmerman has been lying - he told the 911 dispatcher that Trayvon looked to be a teenager, but told the court at his bond hearing that the victim looked to be around his own age (28). He hid assets - @ $200k - saying he was broke.

Chasing a kid down while packing a 9mm weapon, after being told NOT to do so, is definitely not self-defense, and the fact the kid was running away, tells any thinking person that Zimmerman was NOT in imminent danger. Therefore, Zimmerman cannot claim self-defense.