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Would You Apply For Mars One

One way ticket to Mars!!?

I found about it few days back. Don't know if you already knew or not, the organization Mars One is gonna establish a human colony on Mars. It's almost free for the applicants, anyone healthy and above 18 can apply, but the thing is once there, these people won't be able to come back to earth! So do you think this is gonna work, and will you apply for this one way trip to Mars, why & why not?

Is there any chance to apply for a Mars One mission now? If yes, how?

I believe its been a while that the applications have been closed. And had it still been open, you should seriously consider reading this article before doing so: All Dressed Up For Mars and Nowhere to Go

How can I apply for a Mars One mission now?

You could apply. But you’d likely be better off in going to college, graduating with aeronautics or aerospace degrees and finding work with an actual space agency.Mars One is a private space initiative with four employees. It has no affiliation to any national space agency.Its funding to reach its goal of Mars colonization includes selling documentaries of its own work, private donations, crowd-sourcing and from “astronaut candidates” that pay an application fee. Other funding sources once included attempts at getting the production of a TV reality show.Mars One has no real capital to fund a single launch vehicle, much less the resources needed to colonize a planet.Many critics believe Mars One to be…less than credible.You should probably consider their opinions.

Why do people apply for the Mars One suicide mission when they know they won't come back and will die eventually?

I don't think people that apply for Mars One believe they will actually go to Mars any more than the women that apply to be on “The Bachelor” believe they will end up happily married to that season’s titular douchebag. It's an experience.But if Mars One were real, they would be part of something momentous. Your question could have been asked about the Mayflower, almost four-hundred years ago. It was easy to see that as a suicide mission. Five people didn't live to touch the shores of America and 45 of the 102 immigrants died during that first winter. But, they did something momentous. Names like Myles Standish, William Bradford, William Brewster and John Alden are remembered today.We all eventually die, but there is some comfort in being part of something that means you will not be forgotten.

Have you considered applying for the one-way mission to Mars?

Definitely not. Some reasons are: 1) I hate to be confined permanently inside unless I wear a $2 million space suit. 2) If I fall and tear the space suit, I will die. 3) If someone farts, I like to be able to open a window for fresh air. 4 ) No toilet paper. 5) Drinking water will be made using recycled urine. 6) If Musk’s supply ship fails twice there is a good chance that everyone on Mars will die fast. there are plenty more reasons

What do people think about the "Mars One" project?

I was initially extremely enthusiastic about it, and applied for a position. In fact, I was one of those who got through to the second round:However, I voluntarily dropped out shortly after. Others have highlighted some good reasons to be skeptical; no realistic funding model (despite most of their efforts being directed at selling merchandise), no specifics of their planning, not even a proof of concept. This isn't surprising; look at the core Team they have and their backgrounds:Bas Lansdorp, Science (MSc)Arno Wielders, Science (MSc)Norbert Kraft, Medical (MD)Suzanne Flinkenflogel, Communications (MA)Bryan Versteeg, ArtistKC Frank, MarketingOnno Groen, Multimedia (BICT)Kristian von Bengtson, Architecture / Science (MArch, MSc)Half of the core team has absolutely no relevant scientific training. I suspected the venture was doomed when I applied, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. What set alarm bells off, though, and caused me to drop out, was this passage in my selection email:Read that again: finalists for the mission will be judged on their ability to be evangelists for this project.This is eerily similar to the way network marketing scams operate, and I bailed out, unwilling to get caught in a psychological trap that would lead me to handing over more money.However, even if they are genuine, this is a ridiculous way to select the best astronauts for the mission. I always understood that Mars One would seek to make money off hype they built up around astronauts, but actually selecting astronauts based on their hype potential is absurd. Even if I stood a good chance of success, I wanted no part of such a venture.Since then, Mars One has continued to disappoint me. For example, regarding submissions for payloads for their 2018 Mars lander: It even sounds like there'll be more of this in future:In short, not only are the astronauts subject to a popularity contest, but now the actual technology is too. Who comes up with this?!My current opinion of Mars One is that they are well intentioned but hopelessly inept. I hope they never get to launch, because I suspect it would end disastrously.

How many people have applied to take part in the one-way trip to Mars? What is the selection process like?

Around 202,586 hopefuls from 140 countries initially signed up for the Mars One project, which is to be partly funded by a television reality show about the endeavour. This has been whittled down to 100 people during the third phase test. They were selected from a pool of 660 candidates after participating in personal online interviews. During the interviews the candidates had a chance to show their understanding of the risks involved, team spirit and their motivation to be part of this life changing expedition.After the five-day third phase of tests, it will be trimmed further to 40, of whom 24 will eventually be chosen for the one-way trips to the red planet, scheduled to start in 2026. In order to trim the number of selected candidates to around 40, further selection rounds will focus on composing teams that can endure all the hardships of a permanent settlement on Mars. The candidates will receive their first shot at training in the copy of the Mars Outpost on Earth and will demonstrate their suitability to perform well in a team.As they will not be returning to Earth, those selected must be capable of living in small groups, finding water, producing oxygen and growing their own food.Unlike Nasa's plans to go to Mars, these astronauts will only be offered a one-way ticket, and they'll need to survive by any means possible.In a recent video, the company asks some of the mission hopefuls to discuss how willing they would be to become cannibals in order to survive.Reference:The Mars 100: Mars One Announces Round Three Astronaut Candidates - Press Releases - News - Mars One

Can people live in mars?

The Oxygen on mars is very little. The atmosphere is made u of carbon dioxide (95.3%), nitrogen (2.7%), and argon (1.6%). If you attempted to breath on mars, Your Blood vessels would Boil and then Burst. Nice eh?
The Company "Mars One" Aims to send a crew to Mars in 2022. Robots would probably go there first to build houses for the Astronoughts wanting to go there. Also, there have been nearly 80,000 Apllicants wanting to go to mars
Unfoughtounatly the bad news is even if the people on Mars could return to earth, They would not survive as the Gravity on mars is 38% Less on Mars which means the Gravity would be too strong on earth as they would lose Muscle and Bone density.
Hope this helps, Took me ages.