Would You Be Willing To Take A One Way Trip To Mars

Why is it a one way trip to mars?

Its far easier and cheaper to send someone on a onevway suicide trip than it is to bring them back safely. Ethical issues aside, If you have a willing subject to send one way it makes putting a human on Mars it would be possible to happen far sooner than a round trip mission.

Technical issues and planetary alignments mean misson lengths of several years for a round trip flight.
Such durations of manned space flight require life support issues that are well beyond the current state of the art. A faster method of space flight would need to be developed to make a more pratical short duration trip possible for a two way trip.

Valentina Tereshkova is now about 76 years old and as the first woman in space probably also wants the noteriety of being the first person on mars. As well as the first person to die on mars. It could be possible for her to be resupplied routinely or send supplies ahead so that she could spend an extended period on the surface.

If you had to take a one way trip to Mars, what items would you take with you and why?

Duct tape (it saved Mark Watney, so it's #1 for me!)My Pink Floyd Meddle CD — Echoes would sound awesome in Valles Marineris … even wearing a diaper in a stinky spacesuit.My Swiss Army pocket knife. It's not very sharp, so it would take a lot of hacking but needs must when suicide calls.A mirror (see #5)A still from the Schwarzenegger version of Total Recall: the one of him rolling around waiting for the air to thicken. So I can use the mirror to compare reality with fiction if my air lock goes all Mark Watney on me while I'm not wearing my spacesuit.That's it. Five items and I'm happy.

What are 5 things you would take on a one way trip to Mars?

An artificial gravity, atmosphere, magnetosphere creating generator with an infinite power source. An AI terraforming machine and a human stasis pod with a thousand year timer.

How long would it take to travel 20 light years with our present technology?

You guys are all thinking way too scientific-y... All you need is a a space shuttle capable of long distance travel over numerous generations.

If a shuttle can effectively hold enough food and fuel for this trip, you will need a couple willing individuals (100 people or so, 50 females/50 males that are fertile) to procreate throughout the voyage. They have a couple kids... Then those kids have a couple kids... All the way, until this colony reaches it's destination.

This way we can go today with our current technology.

Are you going to join the Mars exploration one way trip?

There is no Mars exploration one way trip. Mars One was an unworkable idea that soon turned into an outright scam. It recently went bankrupt.No reputable public or private space agency would ever send people to Mars just to promptly die there. What would be the point?As one NASA administrator once said adamantly, “We always bring our people home!”While many dream of going to Mars, the reality is that we are not technologically or financially capable of such a trip at this point.While you’re waiting, you can look forward to virtual visits to Mars while still enjoying Earth’s air, gravity, and radiation protection.

If you could take a one way trip to Mars with 100 settlers, would you go and why?

Keith Roe Has a very good couple of reasons why we should SettleMars, asteroid strike and nuclear war.Here’s a few more: water and air pollution, global warming causing Sea levels to rise flooding coastal cities, Global warming causing tornadoes and hurricanes destroying cities and towns,communicable diseases, making nuclear, coal and petroleum electricity generators illegal thus destroying economies and people’s incomes. Our destiny is Mars. Forget the moon.If you want to know why, read The Case for Mars by Robert Zubrin.The more interesting question to me is how to do this with 100 settlers. I have been doing a lot of thinking about the answer to how. SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket, the BFR, will carry 100 passengers, that’s why 100 is important. You could take two BFRs with 200 settlers, a bad idea, here’s why. Food production takes time to grow to a stable equilibrium. NASA experiments have proven we can grow food on Mars. Now we need to prove it.Hopefully, the proof will not cost lives. All the pioneers will be willing to die. If they are not, they won’t go. It’s a simple as that, we are going. There’s absolutely nothing that week minded cowardly people can do to stop it other than kill Elon Musk. Fortunately, cowards do not kill, normally that is.Answers to the question of how 100 pioneers are enough to jumpstart colonization of Mars will be in my forthcoming book, self published on Amazon like two other of my books. Self publishing is a bitch but I have done it! If someone asks the how question, I might tear myself away from writing to answer.

Why can't astronauts go to mars?

No their bones will not break / no there are no aliens there - it is the cost that is slowing things down. But in the very near future of 20 to 30 years man will walk on Mars. We have the technology but we don't have the funds. It will be a massive undertaking and may take many lives before it is accomplished but there are plenty who are willing to take that chance. In the end we will leave our system eventually or perish when the sun swells to a red giant.

If you were given a one-way ticket to Mars, would you travel? If yes, why?

Yes!The pleasure and pride that it’ll give me will be immense. For different people the answer will be different but for me space travel and adventure associated with it is everything I want to do in my life. The space travel to Mars, the struggle to sustain life on Mars and most importantly touching down on a completely different celestial object for real will be a dream come true.The one way ticket will obviously be a tough decision to make, but for someone their passion is everything, a soldier sometimes doesn't get time to come back and see his family for years and he still does his job for a purpose. In the similar way if I’m willing to do anything to get on Mars then this one way ticket won’t bother me much. I’ll simply take the leap of faith and board the flight.