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Would You Go Out To A Party If Your Mum Was Sick In Hospital

Birthday presents for my mum in hospital?

Yesterday my mum was put onto a psychiatric programme that will last nine months in total. Sad because her birthday is on Saturday and we won't be able to see her. However in three weeks time she will be allowed out for a few hours and we are having a small party for her. I already have plans to get some cakes/buns etc and present them nicely on a stand for her party but would like to be able to get her a collection of gifts - like a hamper, something special to let her know I miss her as the past few years have been very difficult for us all. The things I get her will have to be appropriate for use in the institution she is currently in, so obviously I can't get her any plants or stuff for the home etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you. :-)

Have big new year's plans, but dad is sick in the hospital...what do I do?

I can't decide on this and I need an objective point of view. I've had plans to visit some friends for New Years 6 hours away. I was going to leave tomorrow morning and come back on Monday. Well yesterday my dad who has severe asthma was hospitalized. Turns out he has a pulmonary infection, pneumonia and some other complications. They don't know when they are going to let him go home. Both of my parents say I should go on with my plans but I feel terrible. My mom would be all by herself in the house and I'd feel guilty. On the other hand, I really want to see my friends who I have not seen in a long time and not spend new year's doing doing nothing.
What do you think?

This is a stressful situation for everyone. I've been there. First, try to be as logical as you can be. If it helps, make lists. One list for your dad, one for your mother, one for your husband, one for you. For your dad: What is the prognosis? Ask hard questions. Don't accept any evasions from the doctors. They should be taking time to answer your questions. Also, make friends with the nurses. Think about what would help your dad be more comfortable now. Write out any unresolved issues you feel you have with him. Maybe you don't have any. If you do, this exercise might help you be more objective. It's great to love your dad and worry about him, but you need to be objective. For your mother: What does she need now? What will comfort her? How do you/others make sure she is eating and sleeping? Whatever else occurs to you. For your husband:What are his issues with illness? Does he have a traumatic association with hospitals? Is he uncomfortable with emotion? Is his instinct to take care of his own family materially when faced with crisis? Add in anything about him that crosses your mind. What does he do for work?For you:Who is taking care of you? Do you have friends you can speak your fears to? Write your worries down. Think about worst case scenarios. Sometimes fears are worse when you don't think them through. Last year my father died. It was a hard time for the whole extended family. Everyone had his/her own way to handle the stress and sadness. My husband seemed cold to me. So, I made a list of things I expected him to do to support me. He's an engineer; giving him a list of requirements was the perfect solution. He fully lived up to the requirements and then some. I translated my needs into terms he could understand, with the knowledge that he was hurting and sad too. I hope this rambling answer helps. I wish you peace in this difficult time.

If your back goes out from twisting or lifting then there really isn’t any reason to go to the ED or your primary care at all. There really isn’t much they can do for you. Muscle relaxers have not been shown to be better than just some good old fashioned exercising and stretching for resolving back problems. It has been shown that staying in bed with a bad back is actually worse for you than getting up and moving around. Some other the counter anti inflammatories will help but overall exercise and stretching will do wonders.ED’s are pretty expensive with copays and if your situation isn't a life or limb threat then they may deny your claim altogether.

Im really sick right now,but i have to go to a party?help?

in case you have a computing device convey it with you. convey your pastime boy or whichever hand-held pastime equipment you have and each pastime you have. Do you examine plenty? convey numerous of your sought after books. in case you do crosswords or different be conscious stressful circumstances convey a number of those books too. in step with risk convey a board pastime you are able to play with mom or Dad or perhaps even yet another youngster who's in the scientific institution.. right this is your enormous call and that i'm hoping you experience extra effective actual quickly.

Would you leave your 3 1/2 month old in a hospital?

There are a lot more important reasons for staying together than love! In any case, love changes over time. A couple of years after you get together with someone, you don't feel the same way about them, that doesn't mean you should leave! Life becomes pretty meaningless for those people who go through life searching for the thrill of those feelings that you only have when you first meet someone. Truly happy people tend to be the ones who have been in a relationship for many years and have learned to take the downs with the ups. I am not suggesting you stay with someone who you have learned to hate because she treats you so badly - merely that not being "in love" is not a good enough reason to walk out. Good relationships don't just happen, you have to work at them - all the time! If you behave as though you are in love with your girlfriend, the odds are you will fall in love all over again. The fact your son is not biologically yours is a whole different matter. You are just going to have to wait and see what happens. The other guy may drop the whole thing. Or he may demand his rights as the biological father - but that doesn't mean you can't be the "Dad" your son grows up with. But if you do leave your girlfriend, there is a good chance she will meet someone else and, being realistic, how many "Dads" do you think she will want her son to have?

How to get out of going to a party you already said you would go to but your mom is forcing you to go?

try to fake sick, I suggest looking up the best ways to fake sick before attempting, I know it sounds dumb but it really helps, and if that doesn't work just tell her your not ready for parties yet and to please not pressure you, because you probably get enough pressure from your peers and school....but when explaining yourself make sure not to be defensive, be sincere the second you appear defensive your mom will most likely shut off and just make you do it her way.

How to go to a party without mom knowing?

First be nice to your mom buy her flowers or clean up a little.
Tell your mom that your best friend....or any friend that's going to the party you and him are studying for a test or schools work......another way would to have one of your friends mom call and say that there letting there kid go so you should let yours go to the party to.
Last way would be having your mom go to a book club or go shopping and you just get back before she gets home.
Or you could just tell her you want to go.

Hope this helped.

How soon after Chemo starts will my Mom be sick?

It really depends on her body, the cancer type (ovarian), the cancer stage, and the chemo type. I was told that most people who lose their hair start around the 3rd week. I'm taking chemo orally and doing radiation for brain cancer and I started losing my hair around the third week bc of radiation.....I can see where the beam goes in and where it comes out all over my head. I got sick the first few days until I timed my nausea medicine correctly and then it didn't happen again.

My family and friends tried to help out and offered to help so much at first, but at first I really felt fine...just tired....then went I started to feel more tired I relied heavily on my mom and husband bc I wanted to still be strong....and now that I'm down to 6 treatments I'm very very very exhausted and wish I'd taken everyone's help sooner. Dinners premade have been the best help of all.....I've had people come over and entertain my 18 month old son so I can lounge on the couch and rest....people have taken my son to the park and out to eat so I can take an extra nap. Just ask...Im sure she'll tell you when she's ready. It sounds like she's got a great daughter.

It depends. If contagious then yes, it is impolite as well as insensitive and inconsiderate. If you’re feeling horrible then why would you want to inflict that on someone else? If you can’t avoid going out, such as on your way to the hospital or doctors surgery then that’s an exception. However, if you’re contagious and decide to go out to the mall, or to somewhere with lots of people such as out for dinner then that’s just selfish.If you have diarrhoea and vomiting then I can’t understand why you’d want to go out in public in the first place, that’s not going to be pleasant for you or other people.If you’re anti vaccine (aka pro disease) and have caught a vaccine preventable disease then you shouldn’t be out in public, but then again if someone’s anti vaccine then they’re a selfish, impolite idiot who I don’t expect to listen to this in the first place.If your child is ill and you’re going somewhere with vulnerable people such as being around people with compromised immune system or elderly people then do NOT take the child. That’s selfish and could lead to them dying, which would make you responsible.If you’re not contagious or making it incredibly uncomfortable for others (such as having foul smelling bad gas, or vomiting constantly) then stay out of public until you recover. If it’s just a headache etc then do whatever makes you comfortable.But do not put others at risk because you feel like going out for a bit while contagious.