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Would You Have Judged Me To Be Creepy

I'm fed up of creepy/weird guys hitting on me - what can I do?

wow you definitely are marriage material, thats awesome that your real about it and cut through all the B.S. which is what 90 percent of all people are made up of including their behavioral patterns but it can also be an age/maturity factor for the boys. What your looking for is a real man who can show his love in a kind way and be genuine about it. Yes all boys do have a penis and its hard sometimes not to get worked up but as long as your being consistent with the type of person you want to find true love with, he will show up eventually and you will know. I agree that God has a time and place for everything including something special like that. You see some girls basically grab the next guy they see and try to make something work out of desperation or social status but again its about maturity and knowing what you want in life. Be patient, continue growing, and be an example maybe to others out there and you'll do great and find someone great as well. best of luck to you

I wanna add that I didnt believe it was possible for a good looking or "hot" girl to be selfless and not use her looks for vain purposes but reading stuff like this gives me hope because I would like to have an attractive wife that looks nice but more important would be those good qualities.

Creepy Guy won't Leave me ALONE?

Okay so there's this ugly/creepy guy that won't leave me alone. I can't ****** stand him I have told him straight up to leave me the hell alone because I don't like him for **** but he won't listen.
He acts like he's so tough when in reallity he is so soft and he won't do ****. He also thinks he can get any girl but he clearly is blind because he is UGLY like his head is to big for his Damm body he looks like a ****** bobble head. he's freaky looking like if you were to find him in a street at night u would be scared because he looks like a rappest.!!
I'm so tired of seeing him he is always trying to talk to me and even when I ignore him he still won't leave me alone. And I hate how he's always staring at me like omqosh I jst want to kill him!! I don't know what to do anymore I have tried everything I told him I don't like him I talk **** to his face I even embarrass him in front of the class and he won't leave me alonee.
Please help me what else should I do??
Give me ideas of things I should say or do to him so he can jst leave me alone!!

Creepy guys staring at me at the gas station?

I recently got a car this month and I have been getting used to driving on my own. Today I went and filled the gas tank by myself.

I pulled into the gas station and to my right there was a truck of older men just sitting at a gas pump, not getting gas. They immediately just started staring intensely at me. I glanced at them a few times and they were just blatantly staring at me, and not looking away. So whatever, I get out to pump my gas, their windows are down, and they're talking, while still staring straight at me. I thought they were talking to me and I got nervous so I asked, "Sorry?" and the one guy said, "Oh no, I was talking to him!" pointing to his friend in the back. I said oh OK sorry, and I started pumping gas, and I think I overheard one guy say, "Just trying to have a simple conversation."

They stared at me the entire time up until I drove out of the gas station.

My younger brother was in the car with me and said he saw them laughing. Now I'm not sure if they were staring and laughing because I was doing something wrong, or if they were just super creepy. Either way, it has left me very uneasy.

Does stuff like this happen often? Should I be concerned?? I know I am definitely not going to that gas station again...

Do you think Mormon's niceness is nice or creepy?

Anyone who fakes niceness is living an inauthentic life. It's like Adam in the Garden with a fig leaf running around, hiding when he could be enjoying a walk with God. Let's all loose the leafs, metaphorically speaking. Let's walk in the light, seeking no longer to get people to think about us in certain way but be who we are. It's wonderful to drop pretenses. Saves a lot of emotional energy for other things.

Inauthentic niceness shows up in many ways in the Mormon culture. They need to look the part at church or they'll get an interview with the Bishop. Or be judged in other ways for lacking in spirituality. Proselytizing with niceness only until the person rejects you is another obvious form of shallowness.

When I left Mormonism, I was amazed at how quickly my good LDS friends, yes the same ones I served with, loved, helped move, wanted nothing to do with me. Why? I dared question the sacred stories. No adulty, no bombs, just questioned the lie they hold. But that told me everything I needed to know about our friendship. It was thin at best.

Will a girl think im weird or creepy if i say hi to her?

First of all, no guys really know how girls think.
But even that statement is false on its own.
To say that girls think a certain way, is like saying all blacks think a certain way; or handicapped people think a certain way. It's a mistake to assume if you found out how one girl thinks, you know how all girls think. You're a guy, and you think, right? My screensaver has a pick of an old acquaintance. Do you know what I'm thinking now? But it's not about proving my point. It's about projecting a mood, because people react to them.
If after you introduced yourself to her, and you consistently said hi to her, she will think you are a personable person.
If you make eye contact with her and then look away and don't say anything, she might think you are shy.
If you did that a little too often, she might think you are creepy.
If you never say anything to her, she might think you're a snob. She might also think that if you only acknowledge her and no one else.
People who are successful in social interactions, are ones who treat everyone alike, respectfully, and politely.
Think about how you deal with people who you aren't shy or nervous with, and talk to girls the same way- just use etiquette. There's a difference between shy and scared. Shy is how you come about to everyone. Scared is how you come about to certain people, and like both of them, those people can detect it.
Being this late in the school year, and sharing that much classes with her, and you not talking to her at all, kind of puts you in the negative. She might think your weird for not talking to her.
But also remember you're in high school. Everything you do is judged by each of your peers. Though a lot of high schoolers like to tell their parents that they aren't kids anymore, just look at how politics in school affects your every move. The fact that if you associate with an unpopular person will make you look bad, is proof in the pudding.