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Would You Like To Make A Video Games

Do you play video games?

This may come as a surprise to many people who read my answers but I DO NOT PLAY VIDEO GAMES.Here is a list of things I do instead:I slay dragonsI lead rebellions against ruthless monarchsI actively hunt down terroristsI investigate global conspiracies (usually at gunpoint sometimes at knife point)I explore the universeI hunt for mythological artifacts and placesI routinely save the planet (sometime the galaxy or universe too) from some extravagant threatI combat rogue machines by tunneling through wormholes.I build and conquer empires.I travel through timeI defy Gods and DemonsI go way out of my way to save some princess I don’t even know, or barely knowI collect and build some of the most obscure weaponry and tools to ever be used to foil Nefarious plots.………… or you could say I play video gamesEDIT:Wow, thanks everyone. I had no idea this answer would get so many upvotes over such a short amount of time. I read through some of the comments and since so many people are curious as to what games these are I figure I’d post a listStarting in order:Skyrim (it’s a promotional image rather than an in game image)Far Cry 4Splinter Cell: BlacklistDeus Ex: Human RevolutionMass Effect: AndromedaUncharted 2: Among ThievesMass Effect 3Portal 2Civilization VQuantum BreakDiablo 3Super Mario Save PeachRatchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

What video game would you like to see as a movie?

I would love to see a film adaptation of dark souls. They could play with the idea of the hero being reborn again and again after dying sort of like they did in the edge of tomorrow. for a director I Would go for someone with a knack for gritty imagery perhaps whoever filmed cormac mccarthys the road or maybe the guy that made pans labyrinth and hellboy 2 ( Cuaron the Mexican director I believe)Now as to the lead character we would need someone whos on the older side, a sort of anti hero who can project the whole semi-undead whos a couple deaths from going insane idea. But who can also manage a action oriented role.Perhaps Viggo Mortensen after losing some weight, it could also be someone like Benicio del toro or maybe a scruffy Keanu reeves.

What video game would you want to be in?

At first, I thought to myself, Morrowind, of course! I played the crap out of that game, I know it like the back of my chitin-armored hand. Hell, I could make the walk from Seyda Neen to Balmora all the way to Ghost Gate without relying on my map and instead just going by the sights.Then… I thought to myself… wait, what guarantee do I have that I’d be the Nerevarine? What if… what if I’m someone like Fargoth?[1] I resent the implication that I am insignificant… and while we’re on the subject, have you seen my ring?Or, knowing my luck, I’d wind up a victim of corpus.[2] This is not what I signed up for!So, no, Morrowind is out. I have no intention of getting Dagoth Ur’s fingers crawling into my brain.No, with my luck, I won’t be the hero, I’ll instead be an NPC, so I need something where NPCs are mostly safe.With that in mind, I thought to myself, what about some JRPG or the other? Those NPCs typically just stand around most of the time, saying their one line without ever having to do anything else.That’s the life for me, standing around, saying my one line to the hero, then moving off to do my own thing. The story doesn’t revolve around me, it’s only the hero who’s affect—[3] —ed…No… actually, you know what? I don’t want to be in a JRPG world.Sure, NPCs just stand around all the time, not really doing anything, and usually, usually nothing happens to them. But when the hero walks through town? Expect him/her to rifle through your drawers, steal your life savings, and pretty much bring death and destruction along for the ride as Mystical Destiny™ always follows close behind. I also have no idea if I’ll be one of the safe NPCs, or one of the plot-doomed ones.No, I need something where if I’m going to become an NPC, I need to be unkillable, while doing something fulfilling that fills me with joy.Wait…hang on…An NPC who can’t be killed no matter how much the player wants to?Where that NPC is safe from absolutely everything in the game?One where the NPC takes pride in his duties, always having a good time, laughing everything off?I’ve decided.I’m getting reborn as this guy:[4] Your tears sustain me.Footnotes[1] The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)[2] Morrowind:Ash Creatures[3] Tales of Phantasia - Wikipedia[4] Dog (Duck Hunt)

Why do men play video games?

Let's face it, most men have short attention spans. TV and video games seem to have a different effect though where attention spans are concerned. There is the constant scroll of the TV screen or computer screen, but you can't tell it visually unless you're close up or the screen is tilted. It's more subconscious & takes a different form of concentration. I think that's why most guys are addicted to them and TV.

Are video games considered art?

I'm doing some research for an essay I'm writing exploring the above topic so I'd like some opinions. :) Personally, I'm a big gaming geek and I think that they are, but I can't stretch "yes" into a 10 page essay. Soo..... thoughts? Opinions? I'd love to hear from gamers and non-gamers alike. And of course, why/why not instead of just a "yes" or "no" always helps. :)
Thanks for reading this and have a great weekend! :)

How many people does it take to make a video game?

hav u ever been to a manufacturing co. 4 electronics or video games........there r separate departments 4 every stage of probably not lower than a hundred......