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Would You Mind Helping Me To Find Some Theories Or Views Of Sociology By Karl Marx And Other Famous

What is the importance of sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of the society .Founded by Auguste Comte,it is the mother of all social science now .Hence the subject touches almost all subjects coming in the category of social sciences .When talking about the importance of the sociology ,well the subject is of great importance .The subject studies the development , structure and functioning of human society ,scientifically . Therfore when the subject came into being for the first time in 1938 , it was like a remedy to the malaise of the French revolution (1789). Whenever the society was to be mended sociology turned up to be of great help .Today in modern sociology ,the subject matters are of varied types centering on humans , it's society and their interconnection. Wide variety of social institutions such as family and kinship ,religion and property ,Educational and legal aspects ,aesthetic and expressive institutions are studied here. Fundamental processes such as cooperation , competition , accomodation ,assimilation etc are also studied .Through these one gets the present scenario of our social system and the beauty , relation s and hidden variations and differences within it. The subject studies the problems that our society is facing today . Problems like Illiteracy ,Poverty ,Unemployment, Child labour and abuse ,Casteism and various Crimes are studied here. Thus providing a deep insight of these issues and spontaneously creating awareness and making its readers to generate necessary measures. Sociologists are also concerned with the tasks of formulating concepts ,theories and propositions. It has also placed high premium on the methods of research and now providing more rational and empirical idea.Thus sociology as a subject is of great importance .The subject centres on the past ,present and future of human society and tries to figure out the minute details ,both good and bad .Today the society we live in ,is of chaos and confusion .Wars are raging in some corners while cold wars in the other .Many countries are hunger striken while most of them in poverty . Tribals fighting for identity while some groups competiting with one another . Lives are in danger and peace prevails almost no where .In such a worse condition our society needs a subject called sociology .A promising subject that gives the overall idea of the origin ,development ,network ,institutions and it's problems . So that we can all collaborate and find the solution for a peaceful society .

What is the importance of sociology of education to a teacher and why?

The importance of sociology of education to student teacher cannot be overemphasized. It exposes teachers to the fact that the school is a microcosm of the larger society.Furthermore, it teaches that all activities of the school are dictated by the societal needs at a point a time. The course also makes it known to teachers that the learning process does not end within the four walls of the school but extends to the child`s home and his or her interaction with the larger society.The importance of the course is endless and the knowledge of it is what a teacher needs to properly manage the interactive effects of the society on a child`s education.

What were Herbert Spencer's contributions to sociology?

Herbert Spencer is often referred to as the second founder of Sociology (Auguste Compte being the first). He is most famous for his assertion and belief that society shouldn’t ‘help’ the poor because that led to the survival of the weakest. He coined the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’, which was later seen as being the purview of Darwin (Spencer having posited this first). Accordingly, Spencer’s ideas are often referred to as Social Darwinism, even though these ideas were first applied to society rather than biology.Spencer’s ideas about the poor were controversial in his day, and continue to provide a more conservative view of society than many in the field.