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Would You Personally Give Up More Of Your Salary For A Raise To All The Hard Working Politicians

I'm a nanny. Can anyone give me advice on asking for a raise (and more respect)? **Very long post**?

ok : to begin with, I don't know your country's current labour rates : perhaps you should start there. In my country, South Africa, we have a predetermined labour act which puts out very clearly minimum payment for each event (overtime, extra hours, etc) + the basics conditions of employment - hours, meal intervals, sick leave, maternity, etc...: I'm sure your country will a similar policy too . Perhaps do your homewotk on this first before you address any of the other issues you have with the family.

I would take this info and request a meeting stating quite clearly but nicely that you are not a slave, neither will you tolerate being remunerated and/or treated like one. You can use your labour act in this regard to back you up : the best prize scenario is to determine rules on BOTH sides of the equation : yours and theirs so that no-one loses. The family will then see that you are quite serious about working things out and giving them the opportunity to do the right thing. i.e. you're not calling a meeting just to complain, but that you have thought it through with a plan of action...

Your point 4 is sound of mind but, unfortunately, some people don't see things the same way. You also need to make a decision and tell them - you either be treated with respect on the agreed terms (no grey areas) or you will find someone else who is appreciative of your services. They are not the only family on the planet who would KILL for your attention...

What government services would you personally give up for lower taxes/pay more taxes to get?

People seem to be missing the "THAT YOU PERSONALLY USE" part of your question.

I think I'd cut the Post Office, or at least privatize it. Too many other businesses (UPS, e-mail) have shown that they can do it better that the US Government.

I'd get rid of the subsidies to the oil, gas and coal companies for exploration. As it turns out, I use oil and gas in my car. If the prices go up, it encourages expanded growth in renewable energy markets.

I'd drastically reduce subsidies to farmers, privatizing the risk. I understand that a lot of smaller farms would go out of business, but the current economic model has been demonstrated over and over again to not work, and they go out of business anyways. As it turns out, I eat as well. I think prices would increase dramatically for a while, but then come back down to what they are now if not lower.

Having some experience with the industry and having occasionally been contracted by them, I'd say that the US Government needs to DRASTICALLY re-do the way it does information technology. Clearly it can't ditch it all (for security reasons), but equally clearly it pays billions of dollars to get inefficient, out-of-date technology (such as the VA). It appears to have no interest in technological standards until something goes wrong, etc.

Fact: No sane, hard working person wants to pay more in taxes, what say you?

If you live in a society and you enjoy the benefits of that society, then you are obligated to pay your fair share of the cost of that society. I have done many tax returns in my life but I have yet to have a rich person say wow, I paid so little in taxes that I think I will go hire a bunch of poor people and put them to work. To those that much is given, much is required from. Right now the tax code is structured to give huge benefits to the ones that need them less. These rich people that are asking to pay are just contributing their fair share. Restructure the tax code to make it fair for everybody, not loopholes for the rich and nobody else.

Why do Republicans raise taxes on the middle and working class Americans? But give the wealthy a break?

Let's say you and three of your friends go out to lunch at the same place everyday and your meal costs roughly the same amount.

You earn the most money, so you pay 80% of the bill each day. The next biggest earner pays 12%, the next, 8% and the lowest earner pays nothing...or maybe he leaves the tip.

One day you're eating lunch and the manager comes over and says "Hey guys! You know, I've looked over your bills and realized that for the last year, we've been overcharging you by 10%. We need to give you some money back."

Now...who should get the most back? The guy who pays nothing? I mean, he doesn't have much money so that would be the nice thing to do. How about the guy who is paying 8%?

The FAIR thing is for you, the person who paid the most, to get the most back. That's why the rich, wealthy people get a tax break.

But realize this: the wealthy also create most of the jobs and they also pay for most of the subsidies that people take for granted. Not only that, they also contribute vast amounts to charities and non-profits to help people get on their feet.

How to negotiate raise-anyone ever do it?

I have negotiated my salary on more than one occasion. First of all, don't start out by talking about needing more money or compare your salary to those of your coworkers. That is an issue with discussion but only after you have made your case on what you bring to the organization and what you have done to show you are worth the money. I usually make a list of accomplishments I have made while in my position and why they are important for my employer. I follow that up with my desire to fully commit to the organization or employer over the long haul and why I would be hard to replace. At that point, it can be a good idea to have a realistic (not emotional) conversation about the cost of living and your financial goals. I worked in mental health for non-profits for years and am well aware there can be a big discrepency between what people in the same job are paid. Turn over is very high and I found it was usually because despite the fact that staff were encouraged to "take care of yourself" too often the salaries paid don't really allow staff to that. In my case I decided I was tired of working a second job on top of carrying a pager for my 40+ hour a week mental health job and switched career. My salary increased by $13,000 in less than 4 years and my level of stress declined markedly. I am not suggesting that you threaten to leave your job immediately but you can and should remind them that you took a pay reduction with the understanding that you could negotiate your salary at 3 months. If you supervisor supports a raise for you don't be shy about asking him or her to put that in writing and in your personnel file. Be honest with yourself about setting and meeting goals that deserve reward and if you meeting them and don't see a raise at six months, start looking around for a better salary. Don't let a good heart blind you to the fact that you are working in a high stress field and deserve to make a decent living. You already knew you wouldn't get rich but you didn't take a vow of poverty either. Too many people in social services, especially women, don't try negotiating salary and it hurts the profession because the best people eventually leave when they realize their own needs aren't getting met. I can almost promise you as well, male peers with like experience and in like positions will be making more than you - partly because they are more likely to negotiate. Good luck.

What percent of Americans make $250,000 or more PERSONAL income per year?

They'll get a tax break alright...alot of middle class citizens won't have to pay any taxes at all under Obama. People who become unemployed aren't required to pay taxes. Wait. Unemployed? What do you mean? I mean, when they start raising all these corporate taxes and taxes on small businesses, and the large companies still have to be accountable to shareholders for certain profit do you think companies cut expenses and continue being profitable??? THEY CUT PAYROLL AND RAISE PRICES. Just ask Jimmy Carter who got us into 22% inflation and over 10% unemployment way back in the 70s. When all those middle class citizens start getting laid off and aren't paying their share of taxes (you do agree the middle class will still pay SOME taxes under Obama right?), who's going to make up for those losses to the government. The people who are still fortunate enough to have a job. When those people are unemployed and not spending the money they're use to spending in stores, how many more retailers do you think will go under? And the companies who supply them if they have fewer stores to sell their products to? Do you honestly think the super rich aren't going to start wiring their money to the Cayman Islands where they pay NO taxes to avoid the much higher taxes on them under Obama? Honestly, how do you think Obama is going to PAY for all his "wonderful" plans when those earning over $250K are already paying 60% of ALL taxes collected in the US? When US corporations are already the highest taxed corporations in the industrial world? Do you think foreign corporations are going to continue investing in this country when the taxes in their own countries become THAT much lower than ours? Any politician can say "I'll give you a tax break" but how is he going to follow through with that if he's also promising a multitude of social programs? Bottom line is...its not possible without raising taxes on the middle class. Wow... one more question? Why is working hard and earning alot of money an evil concept to Obama supporters? If I work hard for my money and I earn over $250K (which I don't...I'm FIRMLY in the middle class) why can't I choose who I make donations to instead of having it taken from me and "spread" around by the government?

Food, Clothing, Shelter and Health. Its simple. Mix up one more thing - that is the art to deal with fools - starting with yourself. More simpler. Wake up in the morning and go to bed at night; in between do whats best for you. Simplest.During this year I have sacrificed a high paying job at a bulge bracket bank; earned nothing from there on. Not earning money has helped me. Has made me much more gentle, humble and honest.Over the last century or two, our society has imprinted on our brains that happiness is in having things money can buy and has rather neglected to teach us the happiness in not having things.To change your perspective, to enjoy what you are doing, you have to add good habits. Do 1% change everyday. It can be as small as eating 1% less calories or waking up 5 min earlier.And here's what I would tell my 20's something self:Start taking yourself seriously and at other times make fun of yourselfInvest in your skills; its not too easy to catch up after 30sResponsibilities are good - mostly they make you happy; that doesn't mean you follow the herd while choosing themSleep on time and eat right food at the right timeLearn to prioritise and say NOTakes time to be a master at something; invest when you need, otherwise intermediate is still ok most of the timesFind ways daily to bring a smile on people's face and be spiritual even if for a few minutes (by reading spiritual text, meditation, etc)Do not take feedback personally, give it only the small importance it deserves; ignore if not constructiveFind Love and start learning on how to make a healthy relationshipListen, keep an open mind and do what you feel rightForgive people and their actions; obviously stand firm when necessaryNothing will mostly end the way you planned; heck even your plans will also die/ alter soon

How can I convince my boss to give me a pay raise?

enable me first make a observe from you question. you're an extremely valuable and committed worker who fairly has aspirations to do greater and is prepared to grant of a few time and skills to help improve the enterprise. inspite of the undeniable fact that, that being reported, do no longer flow into the improve talk with a greater suited than every physique innovations-set. this could be unfavourable on your end result. that's okay to debate your dedication and loyalty to the enterprise. that's relatively on your benefit to debate your abilities and achievements during the final months. exhibiting your nicely worth to an company is fundamental on your objective. in case you're considered by skill of your enterprise as you spot your self, you ought to have not got any significant obstacles to beat, different than you innovations-set. you ought to be valuable and able to handle themes that arise during the interview. do no longer come off because of the fact the only one waiting to run the enterprise. undergo in innovations, you're a factor of the enterprise and it takes a team to run it. There are reliable gamers and weaker gamers. I used to tell my friends that there continuously should be the suited, the sturdy, and those that would desire to enhance in each and every enterprise. All are no longer the comparable. it relatively is the way you recognize the adaptation between all of them. If no longer, you may all be the comparable. Employers understand who's who and make judgements in accordance with their observations of an friends overall performance and nicely worth to the enterprise. It would not injury your subject in case you point out what you think of you're nicely worth to the enterprise interior the way of pay, yet undergo in innovations they have the handbag and could administration how plenty you get. tutor your nicely worth to the handbag. Shoot for greater if the situation is open to it. in case you have become an improve on a destiny improve, undergo in innovations whilst that improve era comes up, you won't get it. Shoot for the celebs, yet settle for the moon. wish this helped. sturdy success. enable me understand the way you made out.

In your opinion....what should be the federally mandated minimum wage?

This is a catch 22 question. On one hand I agree with you. There should not be any minimum wage, and the free market should dictate that if a company doesn't pay enough, they get a bad reputation, and no one applies there. Thus they cannot find employees to work and bump up their wage off of their own accord. Thats the way the system is supposed to work. But on the other hand you would them have unions sticking their commie noses into the matter, people would be much more eager to vote for a union then the company is coerced and blackmailed into paying insane wages the workers are not even close to being worth. The idea, and as is typical its a Liberal touchey feeley one, of the minimum wage is to guarantee a worker gets what the government deems a fair basic hourly rate for their work. But this has not happened. If they are going to force this onto the businesses at our expense, then at least make it an amount good enough so that people can afford all of the basic needs to survive such as housing, transportation, utilities, and food for where THEY live. That would place the number at about $12 per hour for MY area.