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Would You Rather Know Everything Or Be Able To Do Anything

Would you rather know everything or nothing?

'knowing nothing is better than knowing at all'

so what if it's lyric from an emo song...
i guess it's emo. the Used...

i think maybe i'd be a happier person if i knew nothing,
but, i think, maybe, knowing everything, in an unhealthy way, could make one happy... knowing everything there is to know and all...

depends on your favoring of happiness, i suppose.
i'd rather know everything.
self contradictory, much?

Well, your question made me thoughtful and I went to interrogate myself and I found that I would like to know one thing about everything.I never believed in the proverb Jack of all trades and master of none because I am just the opposite in my life. I am Jack of all trades and master of everything I do.No one can be knowledgeable about everything in life. There is a learning process going on every moment and everyday in your life. Every interaction, experience, discovery, relationship, friends, situation, circumstances, most importantly nature teaches you something or the other daily in life.Take each learning in your stride and apply them to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and humanly possible. Keep your eyes, ears, mind and heart open to receive any information and knowledge which will help you to grow.For example, I would like to write about this experience I had in the train fifteen days ago. I never knew about Quora. I didn't know that there are many people on this platform who asks questions and write answers. Luckily I always interact with people of any age group during my travel.I met this goung man of 26 years working in Accenture observing me talking to a lady of my age on various topics and blogs. I write blogs. He came to me, and asked me a few questions and loved the way I answered them.He and his friend then read an article of mine in the blog. After reading it, he said very few people know about this blog and it reaches only to a few people. Why don't you write on Quora and answer questions? I had absolutely no knowledge about this. He explained and downloaded this app. That's how I got this awareness and started getting involved seriously.Age is never an obstacle factor to learn anything. You have to learn whatever you can in this fast moving technological world. So it is better to know one thing about everything and learn more about it and make them useful in your life.

Would you rather know everything or know nothing at all?

if you know everything your unhappy because people don't like you and you can't share your knowledge yet if you know nothing your unhappy because your rile on to many people also you can't get anywhere in your life yet the thing is every one who says everything knows nothing and those who say nothing know everything
no offense to any one who said everything.

Depends on the definitions … without those, you just have a bit of semantical mumbo jumbo.Taking knowledge to be “justified true belief” I am not sure that it is possible to have knowledge of anything… though I could have knowledge in the softer sense that I can have such a high degree of confidence in my belief that it would be world altering to discover that I was wrong.Bearing that in mind:If I believe X, I mean that I accept X is true.If I know X, then I believe X, I am justified in that belief, and X is in fact true.If Y is the set of all X… then knowing nothing of Y suggests that I may still know something about some X. Just not about all X see? ie. it means I have incomplete knowledge of the contents of Y.I know some people will disagree - they are just working off different definitions.In this case X would be “a thing” and Y would be the set of all “things”. Since Y is a thing, then Y contains itself too. So X = “Y contains itself” would be a member of Y that I know.That is the thing with these absolute sweeping generalisations.If I know everything about Z, then I have justified true beliefs about all there is to have justified true beliefs about Z. In this case Z is nothing … which has not been defined. Parsing the word, Z is no thing … or not a member of Y.If W is the set of all Z, and no Z is a member of Y, then we may have to say that W = not Y.There is a potential contradiction if we want to say that W is a thing (a kind of set) … the trouble here is that the word “thing” has potentially different meanings in different parts of the question.That is why you want to be careful about clever seeming word constructions … they are probably nonsense.Off the above, the question can make sense if I consider it to be abut Y - the set of all things. It is asking if I would rather have incomplete knowledge of Y or coplete knowledge of not-Y.Considering I have no example of anything that is a member of not-Y, ie a thing that is not a thing (and the statement looks like a contradiction) I cannot evaluate what use complete knowledge of not-Y would be.So it is looking like I would prefer to have incomplete knowledge of Y.In fact - this is what I have.

Would you rather know everything...?

Everything that has happened; I'd acquire interesting information that I may not have known. If I knew everything that was going to happen, I'd be too anxious or agitated, and I wouldn't be able to learn from or enjoy my expierences in life.

I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING IS…EVERYTHING. Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sad for not being able to live multiple existences and do all sorts of things professionally/at an expert level. But if I knew…everything…Enticing.Do I get to keep my face? I’m not celebrity level pretty, but they do say the line between attractive and gorgeous/very beautiful is very fuzzy and that many people are just a nip or tuck away (some minor, but tasteful, cosmetic procedures) from that kind of beauty. So, eh.This is kind of an interesting thing to me…that a lot of us can go from pretty to gorgeous if only we had enough cash.Take a look at a few examples. I kind of have fun seeing if I can point out the little nips and tucks that bring people from cute → gorgeous.Meghan Fox: Cute → gorgeous. Lip filler? Cheek implants? Eyebrow lift?Miranda Fox.. Cheek implants to make those dimples pop. A nose job (just a small one of the tip of the nose) to define it better. She’s always been pretty gorgeous, though.Selena Gomez: Lip filler? Tiny nose job to fix the end of her nose.The fact that many faces are just a leeeeetle off of the perfect proportions makes it all the more amazing the people who were just…BORN that way:Emily DiDonato…like whaaaat. She’s looked like that ever since her first campaign for Calvin Klein (yeah, she got her first contract with a huge designer because she was just born gorgeous…and all she has to do is look at the camera with her face like ^ that to sell a product). Crazy lucky, that lady!But even if you made me the hunchback of Notre Dame like…gimme all dat info.