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Would you rather questions?
My friend and I were playing would you rather and we ran out of questions is there any that you could come up with...... And they have to be ones that you wouldnt want to really do either but you have to pick from worse and worse.

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He didn't want to be a drain on her, his suicide made all her efforts redundant. WHY ARE YOU WAITING TO ANSWER YOUR OWN QUESTION WITH ONE OF YOUR OTHER ACCOUNTS, K? Rochelle Jerome Erica wendall jade Emily james Sarah Olene eric Rachelle nena mitchell mary Ketie Beverly Therese Robert viola

What are some dares in the movie would you rather?

In Round One, one of the players is given a buzzer with two buttons: one button is a self-inflicted shock, and the second delivers a shock to the other player
The second round begins. Iris is given the choice of stabbing someone in the thigh with an icepick, or whipping Travis three times with a sjambok.
The third round involves making a decision between the known and the unknown. The known requires one to have their head held in a barrel of water for two minutes. The unknown carries an unknown fate, in the form of a card: it can be deadly or it can be relatively harmless. Peter goes first, and after contemplating, chooses the card. After opening it to see his fate, Peter is forced to light a firecracker and blow his hand off. Peter reluctantly complies, but dies as a result of a Heart attack. The turn goes to Lucas, who is forced to slit open his eye with a Razor blade. Lucas manages to do it in a split second after contemplating about what to do. Iris chooses to challenge the barrel, and manages to survive the two minutes. It is later revealed that Iris would have had all her teeth pulled out if she had chosen the card. Amy decides to go with the card, but the card reveals that she has to spend four minutes in the barrel. Amy is unable to hold her breath and drowns.
The fourth round begins and Iris has the choice of sparing Lucas, and letting the two of them leave empty handed, or she has the choice of killing Lucas with a Duelling pistol and taking the money to save her brother's life

Banh mi sandwich, gyro with home-grown tomatoes, parsley, cucumbers, chips and homemade salsa, beer, ice cream bars or milkshake (strawberry banana, please), corn dog… I love food. I’ll eat anything I can sneak in, but usually we eat before we go to a movie. And I do love popcorn. Like, I’ll have a giant tub gone before the previews are over. But I make it at home much healthier—rosemary, salt, and olive oil drizzled over it instead of butter.

Would you rather watch an xrated movie with your parents or starring your parents?

I would rather watch it with my parents. God forbid I get hot and bothered. email me at my screen name I would like to talk to you. BTW...only 10 years?

Would you rather...? question from the clique?

Never really thought about this

Thank you for the A2A!I love this question! It really depends. If it is an author I am familiar with, I tend to read the book first, then go and see the movie to compare the adaptation. Throughout the years I can only name a handful of movies where the script and the movie were close to 90% of being the same (The Exorcist is one of those book to film movies that is a 90% to me). I think most book authors who get a movie option are happy if they can see 70% of their vision on the screen as there are SO many hands in it making decisions on how things need to get done. I also think that is why in some cases Director’s Cut was formed as an option.What has happened is that I find in recent times is a movie will come out and THEN a book is written. I am not a fan of that. I think the movie has more substance in that case than the book because it makes me feel as if they’re trying to get more traction from the film, and I figured I’ve gotten the gist of it enough.Then there are the comic book adaptations. It has been a 50/50 prospect for me and not in a bad way. There are those I know like the back of my hand like Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man, The Hulk, X-Men, Black Panther and their nemeses; and then those that I never read by “heard” about like “Wonder Woman”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Dr. Strange” and just go to the film to enjoy it and never pick up the comic.

Not much of a dilemma here…. unless you are fantastically projecting a good sized role in a “sure thing” movie - one that guarantees a decent fair amount to you for acting through royalties in TV showings and Digital / disc sales. Say a Marvel movie, even the lesser ones seem to rake it in.That also potentially opens the door (if you’re good and a little more lucky) to more opportunities in future films and/or other media in entertainment. Then I’d jump at the film.Now on the opposite end of the dream scenario…….If you’re just implying being in any random movie - of which the vast majority are mediocre or worse…. and then also not being specific about a large / important role… which is the majority of acting bits, of course….. that vastly different scenario won’t ensure much (if any) of a payout or potential future in the industry.Then I’d consider anyone who didn’t take the 500 thousand a vain buffoon. The few exceptions who might possibly still prefer any role in a film would be the extra rich. You know, the type of wealthy blue bloods who would think half a million pounds ($640,000 US) is merely play cash. Anyone who wanted to be in a movie more than taking a sure solid amount of money would be the kind of person who didn’t need an extra half mill in their account.How many are that lucky? Not me. Cash before you could blink if you’re talking about the second vague scenario.

Usually yes… and the grade of annoyance depends on:The subjectivity of the dilemma. Silly comparisons annoy me like nothing else. It shows a lack of decisiveness and crowd outsourcing your opinions. Matters of preference needs to be subjective and personal… things like movies, music, food, etc all come in this area.The complexity of the dilemma. I prefer questions that deepen upon thinking… where each fork in the road leads to its own nuances. This leads to answers that can contribute to some serious knowledge sharing… and welcome them. Psychology, ideologies, strategy, ethics, etc fall in this area.