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Would You Rather Name Your Son Francis Or Your Daughter Frances

How do you spell the name Francis in French ?

The same, unless it is a girl's name.
Whoever gave thumbs down to Hilmar just does not know French. He has written François correctly, with a cedilla under the c, and Françoise is also correct for a girl. Without the cedilla the c would be pronounced like a k.
However both Francis and François exist side by side in French and Nuni was correct too. Francis was a commonly given name to boys up to 50 years ago and the feminine version is Francine.
I should know, as I am French. My grandfather was called François, my uncle is Francis, my mother is Françoise, and my elder sister is Francine. They all are variations on the same name, the root of which meant "French", and they were very popular names following the invasions of France by Germany during the two world wars. My grandfather must have felt very patriotic in the 1920s when he named his two children Francis and Françoise! My brother has continued with the tradition and called his son Francis, my sister has called her daughter Marie-France, and I have called one of mine Françoise after my mother.

You can check Francis and François on the following website:

PS: Thank you East-West. What a charming compliment, all the more appreciated because you are an expert answerer yourself .

If the French monarchy had never been abolished, who would be the current king/queen?

There are at least 3 different claimants to be the pretender of the french throne ever since french republic was formed until the modern day. The first and foremost royal house would be the bourbons which had its ancestry tied to the first capetian dynasty of France from its beginnigs as a small mayor in Paris since medieval times. The current pretender to house of bourbon is Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou. He can traced his lineage back to Philip V of Spain, grandson to King Louis XIV of France. He would become King Louis XX if France was again a kingdom.The second claimant is from the house of Orléans. Orléanist were a branch of the house of Bourbons who can traced their ancestry back to King Louis XIII of France. During the french revolution of 1789, then duke of Orléans, Louis Phillipe Joseph wanted to inherit the french throne from the bourbons therefore elected himself as Phillipe Égalité in order to gain support from the revolutionalist but later guillotined. Later in 1830, Louis Phillipe I was selected as a constitutional monarch but forced to be abdicated.The current pretender is Henri d'Orléans, Count of Paris.The third claimant is from the houde of Bonaparte. Napoléon Bonaparte declared himself as the emperor of the french after the battle of Austerlitz and was forced to relinquished his title after the battle of Waterloo. Napoleon III regained the emperor title after he established the second french empire but lost it again after the battle of Sedan. The current pretender is Jean Christophe Prince Napoléon.

What are some softer, more refined boy names?

It seems that many people are trying to sound as butch as possible with the boy names. I'd rather have something that suggests a softer image - an English gentleman strolling the countryside, or a farm boy posing as a pirate so that he may one day earn the hand of his beloved.

I am not seeking girl's names for my son (nor boy's names for my daughter!), but I don't want the first compliment out of anyone's mouth to be, "Wow, how masculine/macho/butch!"

What do you think about the name Brooke Naomi Grace??? BNG!!!?

I love ANY name with those initials. ;)
Note -- It would only let me include 10 links, so I had to get rid of the ring, the cake, and where I was getting married. :(

1 -- Can I go to CGNU? Crazy Go Nuts University? haha
a -- I'll use my real. Amy Elizabeth Bailey.
b -- He is from... Scotland.
c -- Callum Donald Frasier

2 -- YAY Scotland!
d -- We are getting married... um, in Scotland. Outside. In the mountains. -- wedding dress
e --
f -- We go skydiving in ireland

3 -- It's a boy!!
g -- Raoul Michael -- Raoul after the guy in the Phantom of the Opera, since it is definitely by favorite play. Michael after the NYC Mayor, Mayor Bloomburg, who recently publically thanked his project manager, JoAnne Bailey (MY AUNT! :D) for her amazing job.

4 -- They're both boys. Wow.
h -- Kyden (narrow little fire) Rupert -- Rupert is French... I'm 1/4 French, and lots German, but I stuck with French in Origin. :)
i -- Rupin (handsome) Strom -- Strom is German, and also happens to be my best friend's last name. :)

5 -- What do you know... it's another boy. :)
j/k (haha) -- Lathan Pierre -- Lathan after my brother, Nathan, and Pierre... French again. :) I also have a little second cousin named Pierce.

6 -- GIRL :) finally!
l/m -- Morgan (#46) Hattie (#71)

7 -- Bring on the boy! I'm a pro, by now. :)
n/o -- Maverick Bailey -- Bailey after my last name. hehe

8 -- YES I'm up to 2 girls! yeah baby baby!
p -- Iorwen (AIR-wen, means blessed, fair lady) Greta
q -- Tiergan (TEERG-in, means strong willed) Graham

Raoul --
Kyden --
Rupin --
Lathan --
Morgan --
Maverick --
Iorwen --
Tiergan --

This was GREAT!! I really loved it, and I definitely hope you make more. Very well done, and very fun.

-- Amy

Do narcissists tend to give their children unusual first names?

My name was not unusual for the times, though it wasn’t common either. Most of us in Australia who have my name were born between 1945 - 1955, and there was another period where it was popular again and seen as a ‘barmaid’ name.My sister had an unusual name, and so did youngest brother.My mother placed a weight on middle names. Mine was after one of her friends (a lovely and gentle woman I adored). Three had Scottish names, either first or middle. I have no idea where my sister’s middle name came from. It has a Biblical connection, but she was not a biblical person.Edit: as to the other few narcissists I know, the children of one all have unusual names; of another, both have unusual names; the third, one has an unusual name.