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Would You Rather Not Eat For Months Or Save A 2 Year Olds Life

I'm 27 years old have $20,000 saved so far also have 20,000 in student loan debt. I just gradated college and

quit showing off...

donate it to charity you greedy person

Would you rather save a petri dish containing 100 fertilized zygotes or a 2 year old?

Would you rather save a petri dish containing 100 fertilized zygotes or a 2 year old if both were in a fertilization clinic that was on fire? I got this off of The Young Turks and I'm curious to hear your opinions.

I'm 22 years old and I want to become a millionaire by 35. How do I do this?

First of all congratulations on your goal!Second of all, $1M does not take 13 years with proper guidance and can easily be achieved in under 2–3 years (if a person is mature enough and ready)Couple thins to consider:What do you enjoy doing?What are your strengths?Where are you wasting time?The reason why I am bringing this up is because when you know what you like (even a slight direction for now because it can be developed) then you are able to structure your life around your passion.Education (I am not talking about school) is very important! Once you get an idea of what you want to pursue, you will then need to become the expert in the field. There are countless # of books out there and if you are a slow reader (like myself) then go for Audible..Next.. Begin branding yourself or your project and START NOW! Having an online presence is more important than you think *and don’t go cheap on this)Depending on your “service” which you need to figure out.. Begin getting clients that you will serve and provide the best possible service. The testimonials and connections will help you a ton in the future.As you begin making money, take a portion of it and save it (pay yourself first) and then take another portion of it and invest it into something that will begin to create automate monthly revenue (subscription plans, membership, or even coaching on your craft if you are great at it)The method is pretty simple but not short and easy..Step 1. Invest in yourself (education)Step 2. Brand yourself and create a reputationStep 3. Invest your money into things that make more money (auto)Step 4. Repeat step 1–3The goal here is not to just make $1,000,000!It should be to create a system of at least 5–10 streams of income that way you don’t always have to “trade your time for money” since we only have a limited supply of time..Good luck!

21 year old buying a new car.?

That you like to eat, too?