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Would You Use The Same Company If They Let You Down

If you have worked for a company over 4 years and that company is purchased Am i owed my vacation time still?

Ok, let's see...I have several questions about your situation.

1- Have you lost any vacation time? Did they eliminate any accrued vacation time? If not, why would they pay you for it simply because the company was purchased? A change of ownership doesn't necessarily warrant this.

2- Are you saying that the new owners have eliminated paid vacations going forward? There's no law stating that an employer has to offer an employee paid time off.

3- Has the new owner restated any policies (which is their right to do) as a take over of new management? If not, what was the previous owner's policies? If so, are these new policies in writing and have they presented then to all employees?

4- Are you unionized? Based on what you're saying so far, I'd think not. This would be illegal based upon your collective bargaining agreement unless the union voted to accept it.

In any event, Twenty-one states do not have laws requiring employers to treat accrued holidays and vacation days as wages and don't have any court decisions saying that accrued vacation time has to be paid as wages. In those states, therefore, employers are on safer ground in not paying the terminated employee for accrued vacation time. The 21 states are: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Whatever the policy, they need be make sure that it is applied consistently. They can easily get into legal trouble if they pay accrued vacation time to one employee but not to another. If they pay one employee for accrued vacation time, they're probably committing to paying all the other ones too.

And one more piece of advice: Talk to a lawyer to be sure that they're complying with your state's laws. It could well save you a significant amount of time and money in the long run. Good luck

Do you think WWE refuses to let anyone replace HBK?

I know it sounds like a strange question... but, it seems like WWE has a few guys in the back that have potential to be the next Shawn Micheals like superstar, however, as soon as the fans get behind these guys and reconizing their talent, WWE then decides to tone down their "move-set" and push them farther down the roster.

Its almost as if WWE dont want an athletic, charismatic, younger talent to surpass the image that is "Shaw Micheals is the greatest superstar ever". Some guys who have the talent just never get that push to begin with. Heres a list of guys that had the potential to be the next HBK, but was suddenly held back when they began to get "too popular", or WWE just never wanted to push...

- Brian Kendrick

- Billy Kidman

- Christian

- John Morrison (We all knew he'd make this list)

- Daniel Bryan

- CM Punk


- Shelton Benjamin

.......just to name a few recent ones......

Now you might argue that many of these guys had the "skills", but not the "charisma" to be a Shawn Micheals level superstar, but back in the early 90's, neither did Shawn Micheals. WWE "pushed" him. Sometimes thats all a wrestler needs, is for the company to get behind him. Its annoying, but you know as well as I do, that "casual fans" will cheer for anyone that WWE pushes.

My point is, they have the HBK skill, but when it comes time for an HBK push, WWE tends to drop them down to mid-card level. O.o In fact, its almost around the same time that fans begin to compare them to HBK that WWE ends their push and drops them. Why does WWE do this to guys who could have been big stars? I believe that WWE just refuses to let any "new guys" become the next Shawn Micheals.

(Note) HBK, wasnt the "Show Stopper" that hes today until WrestleMania 12, 6 years after he joined the company. So dont say, "He just had it and they dont". Because Shawn made it big after one big WrestleMania match, and all the guys I mentioned have what it takes to have pulled off that very same match, and get the same push from WWE.

So long as the employee is not buying or selling based on information or knowledge that he or she is obligated by contract or law to keep confidential it is likely to be legal. Many companies have policies that employees are supposed to acknowledge in writing that describe when and if they can and cannot buy the company's shares.So an assistant to the chief financial officer of a public company is nearly always going to be prohibited from buying or selling company stock because he or she is nearly always going to know privileged information that is not available to the general public. And, a person in such a position could be prosecuted for passing on inside information if it is used by friends, family members and so on to make a fast buck.It gets interesting when you speculate based on information that is not necessarily privileged. If, for example, you're a truck driver making deliveries from a company's principal warehouse and you are suddenly being asked to work overtime and more product is flying off the shelves, you might, based on experience, conclude that the company is doing pretty well and the stock might go up and you tell your drinking pals they ought to buy the stock. But then again, you might be right about the company but then the economy falls apart or some macro event intercedes.Or, suppose you are an executive with Company A and as the plane you're on passes over the main factory of your competitor, Company B, you notice it is engulfed in flames. If your competitor can't produce their widgets, everybody's going to have to buy your widgets and your company will make more money and the stock price will presumably rise when the fire is reported on that evening's news. Can you buy your company's stock without getting into trouble?In general, very few people understand what insider trading is and what's legal and not legal. That's because Congress has never defined it and it's been left to the courts to sort it out. As I learned the hard way (Carpenter v. United States 484 U.S. 19 (1987)), trying to make a fast buck this way is not easy, doesn't always work, and can get you into a world of trouble.

My husband and another girl...?

My husband has this collegue whom he works with, and they are both on the same IT team at work....From what I got to know through my friend, my husband and that girl are very close..They always flirt in the office..make jokes, laugh together..My friend also told me they go for long walks together and she saw them hugging and god knows what else..I got to know this is true..they have done romance and stuff.. But now my husband and that girl have both moved to seperate Teams in their office... So they wont be working in the same team,but still they are in the same company, together for the next year or so! SHOULD I BE WORRIED THAT THEY ARE STILL WORKING AT THE SAME COMPANY? Yes or no?

Can you use the same coupon more then once at Chucky Cheese?

I can give you a coupon for 12 free tokens and it says it can be used 3 times per visit so 36 tokens per visit and if there is someone else at the desk after a few hours you can try it again 36 free tokens one day and another 72 free tokens and you can then use another one that doesn't expire for a while buy 40 tokens get 60 free I will give you both and help you more if you choose me as best answer

DuckDuckGo (DDG)'s main selling point is they don't track you. From their website:We don't store your personal infoWe don't follow you around with adsWe don't track you. Ever.Google on the other hand tracks you a lot. Considering they own Gmail, YouTube and many other big platforms they can collate a lot of information about you by your browsing habits.For them, this is a good thing - they can give you more of what you want and less of what you don't.For users, this can be a good thing too. Google knows I like (say) Arsenal FC so they surface more content like that to me.On the other hand, you get:Targeted ads following you around, based on your online behaviour(ever looked at new shoes online then had ads for those same shoes (and similar) showing to you for days? This is that in action.)You can get an 'echo chamber' effect - if you have political views of one strand, you're more likely to see things you agree with, rather than jave your views challenged. Could be seen a good - I think this is bad.The machines haven't got this quite right - yet. If your wife/husband/kids use your device you get shown ads for the things they looked at.But they're getting better at this.At the end of the day you have to decide how comfortable you are exchanging your data for things/services.Lots of surveys show people are, generally, happy to share their data if it means they get a better, more personalised service.Some aren't. Those people probably use DuckDuckGo.The irony is, a lot of them probably use it via the Chrome browser. And guess who owns that? ☺And no, going “incognito” doesn't have the same effect.

You ask a thoughtful question certainly. You can use the same tactics but they won’t have the same impact because you are not a narcissist. See related Narcissists Victims as Mind Control Handlers. When or IF you manipulate a narcissist, you fall into a role as his mind control handler. Just as you see narcissist Hollywood stars with managers and handlers, ordinary narcissists can have handlers who perpetuate the narcissistic values/hedonism/self-worship/desire for fans/fame/money.A Hollywood handler promises his client fame and wealth. You can promise the narcissist fans as well. You can help him secure narcissistic supply/attention. But it’s all manipulative. It’s all gaslighting because your real goal is to keep him around and dependent on you. But the good person gives people free will. The good person wants love that isn’t achieved by one person having power over another. If you try to hold onto a narcissist, you are asking him to cheat on his true love. Himself. You can’t change him. All you can do is walk away and be free. That’s a tactic he will never try.

Can I install Microsoft Office on more than one computer using the same product key?

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As many have mentioned for best speed compatibility yes same model + brand.As others have mentioned You can’t put DDR3 in DDR4 (different slots).As others mentioned you can if you want mix and match for an Ideal mix and match: Same Speed, Size and Latencies (basically same RAM different brand).You can Mix different sizes not recommended. It’s also not recommended to mix chips on both sides with chips on 1 side.It is recommended to have same Speed same Latency, and should have the Same Voltage, Even with my ultra expensive EVGA X99 motherboard it’s recommended to have same voltage on the RAM.So if you want to guarantee them working - runIdentify RAM type, speed & memory timings or CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID click on memory tab. This will help you know the current Speed, Voltage, Latencies, then just buy ram that is the same.Fun info about latency: Memory - RAM Performance: Speed vs. CAS latency | Crucial.comIf you're getting RAM after it’s setup I recommend an overnight run of Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool or at least let it do 2 different memory passes.Also 100% of Quality RAM comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so if it does go bad you can just RMA it and get a new one (which is why I always recommend buying memory in pairs!)