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What is wrong with the Indian education system?

9th standard:PTA meetingPhysics Teacher: Your son is very smart. He is hardworking too. Dad: Thanks sir! He studies well. He is passionate about physics.Physics Teacher: Yes. He has what it takes to be an IAS Officer. Prepare him for Civil Services. He would be a great officer.Dad: That's good to hear sir. I am just a 9th standard guy. All I knew was that I loved applying physics to daily life activities. I knew I loved Maths too. But I did not know about my future. I did not know what I would be or what I wanted to be. I approached my teacher the next day.Class - the next day:Me: Sir. I like physics. What is its future.Physics Teacher: The future of physics is full of possibilities. There is infinite scope for exploring the field.Me: Then why did you want me to be an IAS Officer.Physics Teacher: Its a very stable job. You get security. You can get others to do your work for you. You will have many servants. You can earn very much. Even though the salary from government is less, you get lots of gifts (not so subtle). If you pursue physics, you can't earn much. Home:Mom: How did the meeting go. Dad: Great! His teacher told me that he has what it takes to even crack Civil Services.Mom: He's too young. Let us give him a few years before we push him towards his goals. (My mother is a professor. I am lucky. Not all are lucky to be afforded this freedom.)Conclusion:I tell my teacher I like his subject. He tells me it has good future. But money is the ultimate objective and it has less scope to earn money. He tells me to pursue another field. I feel there is something fundamentally wrong if we educate our younger generation that one field has more priority over another. All are equal. It just depends on one's passion towards a field and a drive to pursue it.As someone said: "Where would they be if Lata Mangeshkar picked up a cricket bat and Sachin Tendulkar became a singer."