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Y Do I Keepgetting Bumped From My Pinochle Game

What is the best sex game?

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Did the school principal of Forrest Gump have sex with Forrest's mother in the movie, Forrest Gump?

Yes because she didn't want him to have to go to a special school or be home schooled and when she went to his office she could already see that he didn't want her son in that school. Also I think she enjoyed having a man's company/relations for the night cause I believe she hadn't been with a man since her husband passed. And here is a good question did he pass away or did he leave cause his son was special and was embarrassed. Another good question did she know who Forest's father was and if she did know who he was and was still alive did Forest ever meet him?

If you have ever been arrested, how did your encounter with the police happen and were you shocked? (In case you have been arrested more than once, just consider the first time, since that might have been the more impactful one.)

The first time I was arrested, I was 16 years old. To be honest, I am not sure if I was truly arrested or not.My hometown had a flooding problem and I was headed home with a friend after school. The water was deep and my car wasn’t doing well. Not knowing what to do, I turned off the road up onto a raised parking lot to rethink my route. There was no way I could continue in the same direction. I turned around and went back into the water and came to a stop sign. Next thing I know, a police officer opens my door and throws me in the back of his car leaving my buddy in the passenger seat.I was completely confused. Apparently, the city passed a law that you could only drive 3 miles an hour through the flood waters, the week before.The law made sense, once it was explained to me. People with big trucks were running through the streets throwing wakes into peoples’ houses.Now I am sitting in the back of a police car and getting the finger from some lady on her porch while she is yelling, “You got one of the bastards!”What the hell is going on?This was back in the days when you had to call a pager and put in a number for a return call. I am in a room at the police department and I have to call my Dad then enter the police station number. I know this isn’t going to go well. He called back and came to pick me up with my reckless driving ticket just in time to make it to my high school basketball game.That cost $700 bucks in lawyer fees to make it go away. Story of my life, six months probation and don’t do it again. Also, I did 16 hours of community service (I have a story about that as well, but I am not sure it is appropriate for any site.)Was I arrested? Not sure. The only reason I think so was because I asked a police officer if I was being arrested on a different issue and he said,”If you are here you have been arrested.”

Why do we have kids when they most likely will have to slave away in an office for 40+ hours a week only to die of either heart disease or cancer?

We have kids because we are wired up to want the whole complex of traits that go into reproduction:  most of us have strong desires for sex, intimacy, kids, and families.  Not everyone fits that mold, but most of us do, which is a good thing, or the human race would have vanished long ago.People have kids because they want kids, or because they want sex and don't take steps to prevent pregnancy.  And I can't imagine anyone taking your objections as serious reasons for NOT having kids.  At best they sound like rationales from someone who just doesn't want kids and wants to convince other people to share their feelings.You do realize that having a 40-hour workweek, a relatively safe vermin-free home, indoor plumbing, and complete food security is something most humans in history would have killed for, right?  And that even a modest white collar salary in the West makes you richer than 99% of all human beings who have ever lived?And while we're on the subject, where did you get the Dickensian idea that working in a nice safe job in an air conditioned office leads to ill-health and a horrible premature death?  Would you be happier of your kids grew up to be coal miners?  Most kids born today in most Western countries will live past 70 in good health, another thing that makes them insanely rich and fortunate by historical standards.So why all the angst?