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Yahoo Mail Olympic Coverage Popup. Anyone Else See This

Does anyone know 1500 words relating to anything about homestar runner?

Hi peoples, I need at least 1500 words relating to anything about homestar. I need it to create a new wordlist for ISketch on If you can't think of 1500 think of as many as you can think of. Please have one per line.

king of town
etc etc.....

It can be about anything. like characters or things relating to the characters. Please, i am very greatful.

How has Obama done so far in office?? (Rational, unbiased answers please!!)?

well, he's definitely helping out the people that help bring down society and illegals. (all democrats) .. free health care's coming into effect, illegals and people that don't need it are on our welfare system leeching off of it -now even worse, he's turning us towards communism, promises he made before his election failed to follow through, put us worse into debt, jeopardize our security, etc.
those are just some of the negatives. i'd list positives, but i turned against him so quickly by hearing the first few negatives that i've completely over-looked any positives.

you're going to be saying it's a good thing now, but how do you think we're getting this mandatory health care? and if you can't see that he's clearly turning us over to communism, you must be either blind or retarded!

Are there any good alternatives to Google Groups?

if you're managing members of a community, my company Mobilize ( combines CRM+messaging+community+member directory+events in one place.It's like replacing Google groups, Mailchimp, Facebook groups, Google registration forms, spreadsheets, events, Doodle polls, group SMS, and file sharing, all 9 rolled into one, plus built-in analytics.1st ever platform designed for group communication and member engagement, from independent groups to associations to enterprise networks.Good for replacing a list serv, professional communities, associations, alumni networks, developer communities, partner communities, program members, startup ecosystems, volunteers, and other nonprofit communities.Mobilize's community platform is helping clients (Microsoft, Google, Etsy, Prezi, Seedcamp, Salesforce, Dermalogica, thousands of small groups, & even Special Olympics parents community!) to organize and contact members or partners, in far more sophisticated way than Google Groups.Members can participate via email without registering.Link here to sign up or send me a note, michelle [at] mobilize [dot] io :)Quick preview of the community space:On the database side, you can have unlimited fields and labels, which are embedded into the email system:You can also get analytics across the entire network (great if you have multiple sub-groups)Mobilize: Your all in one community platform

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Pay off college debt.

Pay off my mom's house and car.

Build two big fancy houses on a ton of acreage.

Buy myself a nice small SUV and a black F250.

Build a barn and riding facilities suited to my needs (big indoor, big outdoor, nice pasture with gorgeous fencing, good barn, separate building for hay, indoor heated wash stall, heated tack room.)

Inground pool with a rock waterfall and a hot tub.

A grilling patio...fancy with the grill(s) built into the stone patio area.

Buy myself a few really fancy WBs (preferably weanlings/yearlings from a farm out in California that I really like.)

Buy myself a really nice OTTB (with a WB-y build--not one of those scrappy ugly little things you see at CANTER.)

Buy myself top-of-the-line everything (breeches, boots, half chaps, tack, etc.--all custom.)