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Yesterday I Moved Emails To A Folder And Today That Folder Is Empty. Where Are My Emails

I moved hundreds of emails from the inbox to a sub folder, and now there are two labels. How do I remove the inbox label for all the emails in the sub folder all at once?

Assuming this is a question about Gmail (the question doesn’t say), first visit the subfolder, then select All from the drop-down menu, click where it offers to select all the messages with the label (otherwise it will just select the first 50), then select Archive from the Actions (three vertical dots) menu. That will remove the Inbox label from the selected messages.

Why is my yahoo mail sent folder empty?

Click on "Gear" icon in top right corner of email page. Next click on "Settings", then click on "Writing email". Put check mark in the box after "When sending messages" and before "Save a copy of the message in the Sent folder". Finally click on "Save" on bottom of page.

How can i dete saved folders in my yahoo mail?

Go to your mail there will be this tiny little font next to where it says Folders it says over on the right hand side.....ADD or EDIT. Click edit, it shows all over your folders including folders you have created. Next to those created folders there will be a delete option, this font is very small look closely. Click that.

Why my new emails goes to trash folder?

All of my new emails goes to Trash folder automatically. I don't know how can I fix it!?
I must select all of my new emails in Trash folder and move to Inbox everyday . Because after 2 days my Trash folder is empty automatically.
Thank you

Mail counter says 99+ but I have no unread emails, empty trash/spam folders, and different browsers show 99+?

Mail counter has continually increased up over past 2 weeks. It is now stuck at 99+. I have emptied trash and spam folders. I moved everything out of inbox into different folders. There are no unread emails in any folder. I was using Firefox 29, then upgraded to 30.0. I tried using Internet Explorer 11 which I never use so it opened up yahoo mail for the first time ever and the 99+ counter appeared after I logged in. I tried using a different computer. I get the same 99+ counter regardless. So this is something on Yahoo's end and not cookies or something on my computer.

When my inbox is empty, if I mouse over the 99+ counter, a balloon opens saying "You have no new messages in this account." So the website knows I have no emails, but displays 99+ anyway.

First question, that number 99+ *IS* supposed to represent the number of unread emails I have, correct? If so, then the second question is how does one fix it to make the counter correct?

Please offer a solution or fix the problem at Yahoo.

How do I delete a folder in Yahoo Mail?

Check this video out

How do I recover accidentally deleted 5 month old yahoo mail?

You can restore your mailbox to a previous state from a backup copy, recovering your lost messages whether you accidentally emptied the Trash folder containing an important email To rescue messages that have disappeared from your Yahoo! Mail account during the past 24 hours or undelete messages after you have emptied the Trashfolder:Download all messages received yesterday and today at your Yahoo! Mail or forward them to a different email address automatically or manually.These messages will otherwise be lost forever.Fill out the Yahoo! Mail Restore Help Form (or the Yahoo! Mail Classic Mail Restore Help Form).While you wait for Yahoo! to return your Yahoo! Mail account to the state at the desired time from a backup copy, make sure you continue to forward or download any newly arriving messagess

Why can't I delete a folder from my Yahoo! mail?

I made a folder some time ago, deleted all emails in it, folder's empty but I can't delete it. I tried right-clicking on folder and clicking on delete and I tried highlighting the folder, tapping the delete key on keyboard - and I get the same error 14 "We hit a technical glitch" message. Its been going on for a week now! I really hate seeing this empty folder - I can't even rename it! Any other suggestions? I think I have the Classic Mail look - where "My Folders" are on the left side.