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Young Mom. Someone Help

Young mom and wife, but I am a free spirit! HELP!!!?

I just turned 26, but feel so lost, even though I have a wonderful husband and daughter , I am not happy. I just always felt that I am not a family oriented person . I have been married and been a mom since age 19. Well the issue is,... That I never really wanted to be married, nor be a mom, as horrible as it sounds. I have always been a free spirit, and feel so trapped in this family lifestyle. Recently I took a trip part solo and with my childhood girlfriend to Japan. I have never felt so blissful in my life, and realized that what truly makes me happy is to be free and to travel. I am seriously considering leaving my family for my dreams. I am so frustrated and don't know what to do. My husband doesn't seem to understand and I have been very depressed since I got back from my trip. In fact, I was never happy even before my trip, and my husband could tell.... Please help!!!

Why would someone date a single mom?

We see cases of this from the 'most honorable' to 'least honorable' sides of the spectrum.My own brother (who is now, sadly, deceased) harbored severe doubts/reservations about fathering a biological child -- he was concerned about learning disabilities, respiratory conditions, etc.  But I think, under the right circumstances, he might have considered becoming a father to someone else's child (i.e., a single mother).One sometimes hears a similar opinion voiced by divorced men who have already had their own (first) families -- I wouldn't mind having another family, but, man, I don't think I can handle raising a(nother) baby, perhaps a partner with already-partially-grown children who still require parenting, but not so much late-night rocking and feeding.  I've actually heard this progressively more in recent years, as the number of divorced families and "blended" families has continued to grow.And, lastly, there are more selfishly-motivated types who "want the woman" without desiring (or connecting with) the child(ren).  Elements of this appear in the (in)famous 1994 Susan Smith case.  (Susan drove her car into a South Carolina lake, drowning her two young children;  her own mental illness featured prominently in this tragedy, but her boyfriend Tom Findlay had notably informed her he "only wanted her, not her kids" some time prior, which apparently played a part.)Even the 1996 film Jerry Maguire (gently) pokes at this idea -- Tom Cruise's sports-agent character makes an impulsive play to keep his single-mom girlfriend close at hand by marrying her, arguably putting that potential-relationship ahead of the child's welfare (though he comes to love the child as much as, possibly more than, the mother).  Though that story has a 'happy ending,' many similar stories do not.My own single-mom friends follow a shared unspoken protocol.  Though they do not let the child(ren) intrude too early in the course of a new romantic relationship, they don't hide or minimize their kids' existence, and, some (short) time into the dating routine, the topic "I just want you to know, I'm not an *I*, I'm a *we*, you have to take this into account and respect it if this is going to go much further" is broached.  This seems to 'work,' more often than not, in the examples I see firsthand, though of course I don't have multi-year statistics tracking their ultimate 'success' or 'failure.'

I want to be with my mom in heaven. can someone help me ? Im suicidal.?

The death of a loved one, especially a parent, is probably one of the worst tragedies in life. You are obviously sad, because you were so happy with her and miss her dearly. Please try to think of the happy times that you have had with her and especially the times when she made you laugh. It is really difficult at first, but if you write down all the funny things she did and said, eventually you will be able to laugh and feel good when you think of your mom. Plus you will always remember. A scrapbook of the fun stuff your guys did would be nice tribute for you.

On the other topic, please try to remember that if you do anything to yourself, the rest of your family and friends will be destroyed. Suicide is impossible for anyone's family and friends to get over, please try to think of them.

Best of Luck
p.s. if you are really freaking out, please feel free to IM me...

My mom is dating someone my age. Help?

My mom is a young mother. She had me when she was 17. Currently, she's 36 and I'm 19. My boyfriend, who I've been with for two years is 20. Today my mom said she wanted to be honest with me and told me about the guy she's seeing. She says he treats her well and is very mature and nice and all these things. Even that all her friends like him. She saved for the end that he is, in fact, twenty years old. He's 6 months older than my boyfriend and just barely one year older than me. I sent her a message describing how if I were to date someone her age, she'd be outraged and how uncomfortable the idea makes me. I just graduated last year and even though I work hard in college and at my job, I still live with my mom. If I lived elsewhere, I maybe could ignore it. But I don't. And I really feel weird and uncomfortable about it. I don't know what to do or what to say that she won't be totally defensive about.

Please don't be gross with your responses. This is honestly something I'm struggling with and I'd truly appreciate legitimate answers and advice. Thank you.

My Mom is Dating a Young Guy ?

My mom is in her earlier 40 and she is going with my friend brother which is 27.. is that a good thing or a gross bad thing? I mean when they are together I can't tell who's older. They say that age does not matter. It's like were did she pick him up at the playground? I know you guys maybe think she need's to get someone her age. (Right) well I tryed that already.

How can I stop missing school? Someone please help.?

Ever since I was young I ve missed school. My mom has M.S. and was a single mother back then so it was hard especially getting to school. I feel pathetic. 7th and 8th came around and I was just so used to not doing homework and being absent. Last year was ninth, I failed almost every class. I was never there. Now I m rolling into the first term of 10th. I have only been to my A1 class 2 times. I feel like giving up. I want to be at school but for some reason when I wake up I have no motivation. Nothing. My parents try, they yell at me but it s like nothing can reach me. It s really hard. I m crying almost every week. I just break down. It s all my fault and over some stupid voice inside my head saying stay. I m not shy or anything, I m pretty social. I don t have any disability. I m just a piece of ****. I want to presue my dreams. But now whenever I miss a day I become so discouraged. If I miss one day I miss another. I hate it. Now I need to catch up, but what hope is there? It s so hard. I just want to get up and go to school like a normal kid. What s wrong with me?

What age would you consider someone a teen mom?

A TEEN who is pregnant.

I got pregnant at 19 (nineTEEN) so I was a teen mom even though I was a few months shy of 20 when my daughter was born.

I was married at 18. My husband & I are still together & married 19yrs now.

I've always looked young. Even now at almost 38 I'm still mistaken for a teenager. I'm only 5'. I got very dirty looks when pregnant with my kids. A number of people thought my husband was my father. At times they still do. lol My husband is 8yrs older than I am.

None of this matters to me anymore. Even though I was a teen mom my husband & I did not rely on anyone but ourselves to support you children.

Not all teen moms are bad there are many responsible ones.

My mom is dating a younger man.....?

it is kind of bothering me but he seems to be very nice to her. He is 14 years younger than her and 5 years older than me.....I know him and out of respect for me my mother does not bring him home (as I still live with her....unfortunately, I am 24 in college and still living at home). She has never dated anyone younger before and she has been a very hard working and caring mom. However, I do wish she was would date someone older, what do you guys think?

If your mother died when you were young?

my mom died when i was 16 yrs old and a freshman in hs
i have a sister who is 2 yrs older
she took on a care taker roll early in my life
my mom was sick most of her life and my sis had to make
sure i wasnt putting a fork in the light socket or trying to eat glue! she and my aunts have been there for me in their own way. i had a few good friends throughout the years that kind of made me feel that "mom like" vibe
although ive never found a replacement or anyone that could come close. my mom has been gone for 20yrs i still miss her
and wish that she could have been around to watch her grandchildren grow.