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Your Favorite List Of The Saddest Films

A list of sad movies?

My favorite sad mmovies:

DYING YOUNG: Julia Roberts and Scott Campbell. A young working-class woman answers an ad for a nurse for a rich young man who is dying of leukemia.

STEP MOM: A terminally-ill mother has to settle on the new woman in her ex-husband's life, who will be their new stepmother.

TERMS OF ENDEARMENT: Aurora and Emma are mother and daughter who march to different drummers. Beginning with Emma's marriage.

THE EVENING STAR: Continuing the story of Aurora Greenway in her later years. After the death of her daughter, Aurora struggled to keep her family together.

A WALK TO REMEMBER: Shane West and Mandy Moore star. The story of two North Carolina teens, Landon Carter (West) and Jamie Sullivan (Moore), who are thrown together after Landon gets into trouble and is made to do community service.

THE NOTEBOOK: The movie starts in a nursing home with Duke reading to an older woman, whose memory is slipping from her more and more every day. Duke reads the story of two lovers who meet in the south at a carnival. Allie was 17. A city girl from money, and Noah was a country boy. The two spend the whole summer together but Allie is forced to move and go to college although she was willing to give it up for Noah.

ONE TRUE THING: A career woman reassesses her parents' lives after she is forced to care for her cancer-stricken mother. Stars Meryl Streep, Renee Zellweger and William Hurt.

Saddest movie of all time?

Let it be known I tear up extremely easily in movies, so I tend to avoid 'tear-jerkers'. I hate crying in public, and when ever I see an upsetting movie it sticks with me for quite a while. For example, do you remember that Jet Dry commercial that came on in the late 90's? The one where the woman starts using the liquid dishwasher, and the powdered detergent is alone crying. I use to have to change the channel because that messed me up so bad, so let it be known that's where I stand. Here are a few movies that tear me up.

-Saving Private Ryan, I only watched till the scene where the young soldier is crying for his mother, with his intestines hanging out. Then I walked out of the theatre...blubbering so much, I had to wait 30 minutes before I could call someone to pick me up.
-Titanic. cheesy yes. But the first time I saw it I was gone.
-The Lion King-the whole Mufasa in the sky part.
-Grave of Firefly, this movie is heart wrenching, it made me feel sick for a few days.
-Schindlers List. I had been avoiding watching this movie for some time, but we watched it in my world history class and I had to leave to throw up, I watched the whole thing a few years later by myself in my dorm room, I honestly don't know how.
-Up! Why why why would they do this in a kids movie? I did the whole embarrassing hiccup breathing thing.
- Kung Fu Panda 2 The part with the mother panda, I was ok, but then this tiny kid in the theatre yelled "Where he mama go?" Gone.
-The Champ- The ending, that kid can act.
-The Green Mile. Didn't watch it to the end. Too much.
-Dancer in the Dark- most depressing movie ever.

I know there are a lot of 'tear jerker' movies I left off the list, but that's because I probably haven't seen them.